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Woodstock School, Mussoorie

Woodstock School, Mussoorie:-

Woodstock School, Mussoorie is the best International School not only in Mussoorie but also in the whole of Asia. Woodstock International school is one of the finest schools in India. It is a co-educational boarding school located in Landour, a small hill station in Mussoorie. It is one of the oldest boarding school in Asia operating today as a private non-profit organization with Indian-Christian Minority Status.

It is an English medium school which is affiliated with the IB board. Woodstock School is established in 1854, 166 years ago. Its religious affiliation as Christian.


Location of Woodstock School, Mussoorie:-

It is located in Himalayan Foothills near the Queen of hill Mussoorie. It is just idol in terms of location And it’s a natural beauty which is surrounded with greenery all around. Situated between 2000 and 2300 metres (6500-7500 feet) above sea level on a south-facing slope, it enjoys spectacular views over the Doon Valley, the Tehri Hills and the ancient Siwalik range. From its highest ridge, there are views of the snow peaks bordering Tibet, just over a hundred kilometres to the northeast.

Located in the North-Indian state of India, WOODSTOCK has a massive campus covering about 280 acres of Protected forest land near the serene Himalayas, and the beautiful Hill station of Mussoorie.

So we are talking about Woodstock school is an international and a coeducational school located in Landour, a small hill station near Mussoorie, Uttrakhand, India.
It is one of the oldest residential schools in Asia.
Woodstock school motto is:- Palma non-sine Pulvere. Which means- “No reward without effort”.

It has been founded in 1854. In 2004 Woodstock School celebrated 150 years of its journey.

Woodstock School, Mussoorie Fee Structure (Fees Details):-

The annual fee includes tuition, textbooks, notebook’s, boarding and lodging basic, Internet facilities, field trips and laundry etc. Fee for 2020 – 2021 academic year is as follows.

Given is the fees structure of the Woodstock school:-
Grade 6 16,70,000 INR
Grade 7 16,70,000 INR
Grade 8 16,70,000 INR
Grade 9 17,28,000 INR
Grade 10 17,28,000 INR
Grade 11 18,53,000 INR
Grade 12 18,53,000 INR

In addition to the fees listed above, the following one-time fees are applicable.
The Institution Fee is 4,00,000 INR (non-refundable)
The Security Deposit is 3,50,000 INR (refundable).

Fees Payment method:-

  •  Online Payment
  •  Direct Bank Transfer


Woodstock School, Mussoorie Curriculum:-

Woodstock School is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, offering an inquiry- and standards-based approach in the Early Years, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in Grades 6-10, and Diploma Pathways including the IB Diploma Programme (DP) in Grades 11 and 12. The school also offers an ESL Programme (English for speakers of other languages) for the students which are the best programme for learning English and being fluent in it.

What is the Admission Process for Woodstock School, Mussoorie:-

The admission process is separated into two types of admission:-

  1. The admission is from class KG(Kindergarten) to class 5th
  2. Class 6th-Class 9th and Class 11th

The admission process for classes KG to 5th is based on the child mental aptitude test and Interview. They also have a Documents submission step.

The admission process for classes 6th onwards is based on an entrance exam which follows the syllabus of IB board. There is a certain age limit for candidates who apply for admission. Call on +8477885599 for checking the Age Limit.
E.g. If a candidate is applying admission for class 6th he must be 11 years old and born before 31st July.
Boarding schools are only from class 6th onwards.
The school provides financial assistance for the EWS students. The school also provides a scholarship for their student.

The candidate has to fill the application form which is available online on the school’s website and have to submit to the school along with a non-refundable fee of ₹7000-10000(Varies for different grades). There is an online payment method available to pay the fees.
Then the student has to apply for the entrance test from their respective centres.
After the student passes the test then his final selection is done based on an interview.

Why Woodstock School?

The Woodstock School is the finest institution not only in India but in the whole of Asia.
It ranks 3rd in India’s best school according to the sources of Education World(India’s finest magazine of education)


The Woodstock school has provided many great alumni such as:-

  • Rahulbhai N.Amin(Chairman and Managing director of Jyoti Group)
  • Dr.Bob Fleming Jr.(a natural history educator and pre-eminent Himalayan naturalist)
  • Jeet Singh(Co-founder Art technology group)
    And many more…

Woodstock school alumni are prominent in a wide range of professions, from music and art to science and business, from entrepreneurship to teaching, social service and development.

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Preparation for the Woodstock school entrance exam:-

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Woodstock educational system:-

Woodstock is the school Which is affiliated with IB board. It provides the best faculty which help the students to achieve their goals. Woodstock school provides quality education and excellence in Sports as well. It is a coeducational school which provides education to both boys and girls.

How to get admission in Woodstock school?

To get admission in Woodstock following conditions are there:-

  •  A proposal of conditional acceptance or A letter declining admission.
  •  A final admission letter.

The additional of the candidate to a waiting list. Candidates placer in the waiting list will receive a final decision by the end of the spring semester.

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If the candidate is invited then they will inform you of the date and time for the visit else if not invited then no admission. If the candidate is invited they will give you the school tour. Those who are outside of South East Asia their test an interview will be conducted online through Skype. This is another reason we prefer to have online classes in the same way.

As soon as the interview and the test have been completed, the following decisions will be made. The academic year starts in August and winter break is given in mid of December till January and the session ends in May.

Best stepping stones towards knowledge:- Woodstock school Mussoorie.

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Contact Woodstock School:-

If a student is interested in the admission in Woodstock School he/she can contact the school and follow their guidelines for the admission.

Woodstock School
Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
248179, India
P +91 (135) 263-9000

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