Woodstock School Mussoorie Admission, Fee Structure, Alumni

Woodstock School Mussoorie Admission, Fee Structure, Alumni

Woodstock School Mussoorie is the best International School not only in Mussoorie but also in Asia. If you want the admission of your child to this school, then you are making the right decision. It is one of the finest schools in India. The school is a co-educational boarding school located in Landour, a small hill station in Mussoorie.

The school is one of the oldest boarding schools in Asia operating today as a private non-profit organization.

Woodstock School Mussoorie is an English medium school that is affiliated with the IB board. It was established in 1854. This 166-year-old school has got its religious affiliation from Christianity.

Woodstock School Mussoorie – A Brief Intro

Woodstock School Mussoorie is located in the Himalayan foothills. It is just an idol institution in terms of location. A natural beauty that is surrounded by greenery all around. The school is situated between 2000 and 2300 meters above sea level on a south-facing slope. It enjoys spectacular views over the Doon Valley, the Tehri Hills, and the ancient Shivalik range.

Located in the North-Indian state of India, Woodstock School Mussoorie has a massive campus. It covers about 280 acres of Protected forest land near the serene Himalayas and the beautiful Hill station of Mussoorie..

The motto of the school will help you to decide that why do you need Woodstock School Mussoorie for your child. Palma non-sine Pulver which means “No reward without effort”.

How to Contact Woodstock School Mussoorie?

Woodstock is the center of excellence for your child. The school has a mission to make students ready to face challenges. You must be needing the contact details of the school. Here they are:

Address: Landour, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179

Call: 0135 263 9000

Website: www.woodstockschool.in

Woodstock School Mussoorie – Facilities and Infrastructure

Woodstock School is situated one kilometer from the outskirts of Mussoorie. It has a 250-acre campus that lies within a protected forest in a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

The school has a dedicated teaching and residential staff. They help students to develop as healthy, responsible, and excellent citizens. Woodstock bestows the students to live, learn and grow, within the beautiful surroundings of the Indian Himalayas.

Woodstock School Mussoorie - Facilities and Infrastructure

Learning at Woodstock

The Learning Resources Center (Library) of Woodstock has 21st-century information resources and tools. They have up-to-date computer labs and Internet-accessible resources for students to learn and grow.

The school encourages creative reading at all levels. They have a wide collection of popular books, newspapers, and magazines.

The school focuses on renovating the campus regularly to fulfill the present needs of students, faculty members, and staff. The aim is to provide the highest quality learning space to learners. Classrooms, common areas, infrastructure, and sports facilities keep improvised by the school administration.

There are counselors in school to listen to the problem of students and to guide them through difficulties.


Woodstock believes in the fact that the physical environment influences the learning pattern. So, the learning in school does not end in the classroom but it broadens in the whole campus.

A typical classroom in Woodstock School has approximately 20 students and that makes a total of 500. Although these numbers vary with the age and subjects. Woodstock offers various facilities to the students like they have spacious and smart classrooms, a library, a reading room, museum, science and computer labs, and a specified play area for different sports.

The newly made gym is a center of attraction for students. It has a basketball court, squash and badminton courts, a climbing wall, and a fitness center.

Recently, the school has improved the quality of the kitchen facilities and dining area. They have now a modern infrastructure in food preparation, catering, hygiene, and waste management.

Woodstock School Mussoorie - Facilities and Infrastructure

Woodstock School Mussoorie Admission Process

The Woodstock School Mussoorie promotes rich culture while adhering to discipline. The school was founded in 1854. In this segment, we will discuss in detail admission to Woodstock School Mussoorie.

The Woodstock School is an international school that follows the International Baccalaureate Curriculum. Under this curriculum, the school offers the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). Being an International School, the school has students from countries like Australia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, not to mention India. Recently students have started representing countries like Canada, France, and Germany as well.

The application forms should be sent together along with the documents to the Woodstock School Admission Office. You can email the required documents and the form to [email protected] or by postal service to the Woodstock School address.

Woodstock Admission Process

You have to submit the application fee along with the application. After reviewing, the form and supportive documents, the school will send an email to you. This will mention that either the application has been rejected or approved. The next step will be the admission test followed by an interview session.

There is an exception for students who do not line in South East Asia. These students will not be required to sit for the admission test.

Documents Required

The following stated documents are to be attached with the form at the time of the application submission procedure.

  • Entire 5 pages completed application form.
  • A copy of the birth certificate or passport of the student.
  • An application fee of Rs 6,500/- in demand draft in the name of Woodstock School. If you want to pay via bank transfer, you have to first email at [email protected] and request bank transfer details.
  • Passport-sized photograph of the student
  • If applicable, a copy of the PIO card or OCI card.
  • The Student Medical History form.
  • The signed statement of Understanding.
  • Official and scanned copies of previous report cards.
  • Parents’ Feedback form (optional).
  • Confidential Reference Form by giving one to either the Principal of the current school or to the Guidance Counselor. Another one is to be given to the present English teacher, and the one to the present Mathematics tutor at school. These reference forms are to be completed and sent directly, to [email protected] or sent in a sealed envelope to the Admissions Office.
  • Another important point is the sample portion. The student has to submit a written sample of their work without the help of anyone in the household or anywhere. This sample work will be reviewed and questions will be asked to the student from their work in the interview panel.
Woodstock School Mussoorie Admission Process - Documents Required

If your child gets selected, the school calls the students for an interview via Skype or on the telephone.

Important Dates

The academic year for Woodstock School begins in late July. The winter break is from mid-December till the early part of February. Each school year ends in June.

Woodstock School Mussoorie Fees

Now that you know the admission process and various ins and outs of the school, you must know the school fees as well. The fees constituting for applying for admission at the school as well as confirming the entry into the appropriate School Grade. This requires an annual fee, a security fee, along with these, and an establishment fee.

Annual fees include tuition charges, all textbooks, and notebooks. It also covers barding, lodging, basic laundry features, email and internet facilities, class field trips, and several extra-curricular activities.

The Woodstock School Mussoorie application fees: Rs 10,750/-

Additionally, with the above sum, a one-time fee is also applicable.

  • You have to pay a non-refundable establishment fee of Rs. 4,00,000/-.
  • You have to pay an another non-refundable fee for a Security Deposit of Rs. 3,50,000/-.

The annual fee includes tuition, textbooks, notebooks, boarding and lodging basic, Internet facilities, field trips, and laundry, etc. The Woodstock School Mussoorie fee 2021 – 2022 academic year is as follows:

Grade 615,90,000 INR
Grade 715,90,000 INR
Grade 815,90,000 INR
Grade 916,46,000 INR
Grade 1016,46,000 INR
Grade 1117,65,000 INR
Grade 1217,65,000 INR

Fee Payment Mode:

  •  Online Payment
  •  Direct Bank Transfer

Scholarships provided at Woodstock

Woodstock School Mussoorie also provides some of its students with scholarships. The Scholarships for Peace initiative is solely for students who belong to fragile states or conflict-affected parts of the world. For those who want to join the International community.

The age-old Scholarships for Peace provide financial support to a few of the deserving students who have the ability to demonstrate merit but are in need of financial help.

In some exceptional cases, the school’s scholarship has covered a total of 100% of the school fees along with covering some of their other expenses.

Woodstock School Mussoorie – Eligibility Criteria

Woodstock School Mussoorie accepts students from all backgrounds, nationalities, and Educational Systems. So, nothing can stop your child to become a part of this elite school, if he/she has the following qualities:

  • Academic achievements in previous classes.
  • Strong command of the English language.
  • A commitment to the school’s Educational Philosophy.
  • Life experiences and perspectives that can show your child’s openness to living in a global community.
  • An interest in outdoor activities.
  • A family background that demonstrates a strong commitment to leadership and service.

The school starts accepting students for boarding school from Class 6. To take admission, your child must be 11 years of age by 31st July.

Woodstock School Mussoorie - Eligibility Criteria

Woodstock Mussoorie Entrance Exam Pattern

You are ready with the funds to pay in school, but what about preparing your child for admission. This can be massive for you if you have not expected the entrance exam for your kid. The school will take a 2-phase exam before giving admission to your child.

The first phase will be of written exam which is set according to International Education Boards. It will be comprised of all the subjects right from Mathematics and English to Hindi and General Awareness.

The second phase will be of personal interview. In this session, they will ask questions to check the intellect, perspective, and leadership qualities of your child.

Woodstock School Entrance Exam Coaching

Woodstock prepares your child for the extreme challenges of life. But, who will prepare your child to get into Woodstock? After all, this is also a challenge. Truemaths does this. We nurture the potential of your child to prepare him for the biggest challenge. The entrance exam of Woodstock school.

We can prepare your child for both, written exam as well as the interview. Don’t delay and enroll your child in our entrance exam prep course right away. We have a team of expert faculty who prepare students academically as well as mentally. Along with this, we have sessions comprising seminars and webinars. This is to enhance the confidence and thinking ability of students.

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Woodstock School Mussoorie Alumni

The Woodstock School Mussoorie is known for its quality education and the development of its students. is known for its quality education and overall development of its students. The school has provided the world with many great alumni. The list has Rahulbhai N.Amin, Dr.Bob Fleming Jr., Jeet Singh, and many more.

The school has prominently given students in a wide range of professions, from music, art, science, and business to entrepreneurship, teaching, social service, and development.

Chris Anderson – publisher owner, CEO, and Curator of TED

The owner and founder of TED, known for idea-based talks. He began his career in journalism, newspaper, and radio. Chris studied at Woodstock School Mussoorie before moving to England. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Oxford University.

In the beginning, Chris kept these conferences exclusive. Only for elite audiences including important thinkers, celebrities, and public figures. Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Isabelle, and Jane Goodall, are some of the people he pitched in the beginning.

Anderson, is a brainstormer, entrepreneur, global soul, and idea generator. Later, he started putting TED conferences on the internet rather than keeping them in the auditorium for the general public.

Chris Anderson - Woodstock School Mussoorie Alumni

Jagdish Sagar – Indian Civil Servant

Jagdish Sagar has served in the Indian Civil Service along with law and order, tax administration, personnel development, and planning for the power sector. He took admission to Woodstock School in Class 3. After this, he did his graduation in History from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

He has been a Chief Secretary of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Development Commissioner of Goa, and Administrator of Lakshadweep Islands. He was the first Lakshadweep Administrator to have his own helicopter.

From 1987 to 1992, Jagdish was Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, mainly in the Copyright Division.

Jagdish Sagar - Woodstock School Mussoorie Alumni

Tom Alter – Actor

Who does not know Tom Alter? Famous for his role as a British officer in the film Kranti, Tom Alter has played so many successful characters in Indian cinema. In 2008, the Government of India honored him with Padma Shri.

A versatile personality, Alter exhibited talent in theatre, sports, and literature. He has also been a sports editor in The Times of India. Not only actor but he was a great director too.

This is surprising to know that Tom Alter studied in Woodstock school Mussoorie from 1 to 12 grade. And later, became a staff member and a parent in the same school, Tom Alter is an integral part of the Woodstock heritage being a keen and involved alumnus.

Tom Alter - Woodstock School Mussoorie Alumni

Ruchi Narain – Film maker

Ruchi Narain is an Indian film director, screenwriter, and producer. She recently directed the Netflix original film Guilty starring Kiara Advani. The film has met with a lot of success. As a writer, he got famous for the acclaimed film Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. For this film, she also got the Filmfare award, Zee Cine Award, and Star Screen Award for the best story.

She attended Woodstock School Mussoorie for her early education. Later, she shifted to Mumbai for higher education.

Ruchi Narain

Pernia Qureshi – Fashion entrepreneur, designer

An Indian stylist, fashion entrepreneur, classical dancer, and what not. Pernia Qureshi is an inspiration for youth. In one of her interviews with Vogue, she admitted that she has never thought that she is building a fashion empire. Qureshi has launched an e-commerce website, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, in 2012.

This Woodstock alumnus has designed costumes for the famous Sonam Kapoor film Aisha.

Pernia Qureshi - Woodstock School Mussoorie Alumni

Nayantara Sahgal – Writer

Nayantara Sahgal – An Indian writer and a prominent member of the Nehru family. She is recognized for her lifetime achievement as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction work. Sahgal was awarded the 1986 Sahitya Akademi Award for her English novel Rich Like Us.

She attended Woodstock School Mussorie up to her high school. Later moved to the United States due to political conditions in the country. She graduated from there with a bachelor’s degree in History.

Nayantara Sahgal - Woodstock School Mussoorie Alumni

Woodstock School Mussoorie – Photo Gallery

Woodstock School Mussoorie FAQs

Why Woodstock School?

The Woodstock School is the finest institution not only in India but in the whole of Asia.
It ranks 3rd in India’s best school according to the sources of Education World (India’s finest magazine of education).

How to crack the Woodstock School Entrance Exam?

Your child can easily crack the entrance exam of one of the famous elite schools of India. Woodstock School Mussoorie. TrueMaths is there to help. It is the finest and the best coaching you can ever get for your child. TrueMaths has the finest quality of learning with proper guidance to the students. The educators here always show students the best path to success.

Truemaths provides enough study material for students and clears all their doubts to boost them for the entrance exam.

Woodstock School Ranking

In the Education World India School Rankings 2020-21, Woodstock School Mussoorie is ranked number 1 among international residential schools in India. In the international schools’ category also, the school has been ranked number one. No doubt, Woodstock is among the top 20 premium schools in India.

Our Advice

No doubt, the Woodstock School Mussoorie fee is sky-high. But, it is totally worth it. We will suggest you start preparing your child for the entrance exam right away. This will save you from re-exam and re-submission of the fees. Give the best shot the first time only. Reserve your child’s seat in the school and avoid the extra hustle.

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