Preparation of the 11+ exam for Grammar schools

The 11+ examination or eleven plus exam is the entrance exam for all the grammar schools in the UK. There are currently 32,770 schools in the UK Of which, 4,188 are secondary schools. Out of these, some schools are selective and take their admissions through a different entrance exam, for all 11-year-old students, thus being called the 11+ exam. These selective schools or grammar schools are 163 in number and are fully state-funded.

Overview of the eleven plus examination

Under the Tripartite System of secondary education in England, approximately a fourth of all children were selected by the eleven plus exam for entry to grammar schools. This exam is a really important exam, as the grammar schools are a completely different league in themselves.

eleven plus entrance exam for grammar school

The eleven-plus exam is a part of the Tripartite System which assigns different kinds of schools for Different academic levels of students.

It is based on the elementary idea that “different skills require a different schooling.”

It is also known as the transfer test, and derives its name from the age group of 11-12 years. The examination tests a student’s ability to solve academic problems with traditional papers in verbal and non-verbal reasoning and is now being taken in the domains of Maths and English also. The eleven plus exam started out as a general IQ test but has evolved to test the whole curriculum taught in junior schools. It can be regarded as a correct measure of all the studies done by a student until KS2 and his primary school aptitude.

When and how to apply for the 11 plus exam 2021?

Most grammar schools will start their registration in the months of April and May and set the last date as the end of June or the starting of July for parents to register their child for the 11exam. Reach out to us through the form below to get complete guidance regarding the eleven plus exam.

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    Syllabus of the eleven plus exam

    The eleven plus examination has a really varied kind of syllabus and question types. The main question types in the Eleven plus exam are as follows

    Mathematics Syllabus of the eleven plus examination

    The aim of the 11 plus exam is to check the mental level of the students who have just passed primary school.

    • Basic Arithmetic Operations
    • Fractions
    • Percentage
    • L.C.M. and H.C.F. of 2 numbers
    • Prime and Composite Numbers
    • Bar/ Pie/ Line Graphs and Data Tables (Data Analysis)
    • Basic Algebra
    • Area and Perimeter of Squares, Rectangles, and Triangles
    • Problem Sums involving direct relation
    • Points and their co-ordinates
    • Symmetry
    • Dice and cube visualization

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    Syllabus of the Non-verbal Reasoning part of eleven plus exam

    The non-verbal reasoning of eleven plus examination is based on pattern-recognition.

    •  Find Figure Like the First Two
    • Complete the Series of 5 figures
    • Find the correct Figure To complete the given series
    • Odd One Out
    • Vertical Coding and Decoding
    • Completing the Grid (2X2 or 3X3)

    Verbal Reasoning Syllabus in the eleven plus test

    • Alphabetical Sequence
    • Alphabetical Sort
    • Coded Maths
    • Hidden words
    • Jumbled Words
    • Partial word
    • Numbers grid
    • Numeric sequence
    • Word connection

    English Syllabus of the 11 plus exam

    • Sentence structures
    • Vocabulary
    • Synonyms and Antonyms
    • Latin and Greek Root Words
    • Gendered Words
    • Idioms
    • 3 Tenses
    • Main and Subordinate Clauses
    • Pronouns
    • Prepositions
    • Determiners
    • Conjunctions
    • Modal Verbs
    • Verb Agreement
    • Active and Passive Voice
    • Subjunctive Verb Forms
    • Nouns
    • Verbs
    • Adjectives
    • Plurals
    • Suffixes
    • Compound words
    • Prefixes

    However, the exam also contains questions on Punctuations including Speech, Hyphens, Parentheses, Commas, and Full Stops.

    How to prepare for the eleven plus examination?

    The best way to be prepared for the Eleven Plus exam is to plan ahead and gradually prepare your child over time. Truemaths helps you in this aspect. We keep full track of your child’s progress and his academic strengths. We send him the worksheets and assignments every week. They are designed in such a way that the students understand them easily. We lay stress on the techniques of visualization and conceptualization of the eleven plus exam curriculum in a distinctive way. Our idea is to designate every student a different study path, that is unique to his study habits, merits, and demerits.
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