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Scindia School Gwalior Admission Fees Alumni 2024

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 22 Jun, 2023    13 min read

Scindia School Gwalior Admission Fees Alumni 2023


Get set go to find out if you are able to secure the final selection to your Dream School or not!

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1. Imagine, you are a student at a top international boarding school. Your roommate comes from a different cultural background, leading to conflicts. What would you do to resolve the situation and foster harmony?

2 / 18


In a row of boys facing North, A is sixteenth from the left end and C is sixteenth from the right end. B, who is fourth to the right of A, is fifth to the left of C in the row. How many boys are there in the row?

3 / 18

3. How many triangles are there in the following figure?


4 / 18

4. Which one of the following gases is used in combustion?

5 / 18


Find the number of squares formed in the given figure:

6 / 18

6. Pick the right meanings of the idiom:

"At the drop of the hat"

7 / 18

7. Identify the figure of speech used in the sentence: "It was an open secret".

8 / 18


If ENGLAND is written as 1234526 and FRANCE is written as 785291, how is GREECE coded?

9 / 18

9. Count the number of triangles in the given figure:


10 / 18

10. How many squares are there in the following figure:


11 / 18

11. Find the number of Rectangles in the following figure:


12 / 18

12. The doctor gave me a prescription _____ my cough.

13 / 18

13. Can you count the number of Triangles in the given figure?


14 / 18

14. If '-' stands for 'division', '+' stands for 'multiplication',   ÷  stands for 'subtraction' and   ×  stands for 'addition', which one of the following equations is CORRECT?

15 / 18

15. When is Earth Day celebrated?

16 / 18

16. The bees were buzzing outside my room.

17 / 18

17. You can see the doctor _____ 8 am and 12 noon.

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Pointing to a photograph, a woman says, "This man's son's sister is my mother-in-law". How is the woman's husband related to the man in the photograph?

Your score is

The average score is 45%


About Scindia School Gwalior

The Scindia School Gwalior is a 125-years-old school providing quality education to young boys. Scindia is one of the top boarding schools in India. It tops the list of elite schools in India of every parent who dreams to send their boy to a reputed school. So, if you are among those parents then you have got our back. Here, there is every little detail about the school to help you make the right decision. Right from Scindia School admission to entrance exam preparation. We have everything here. Have a look carefully. After all, this is about the future of your child.

Scindia School Gwalior – Introduction

The school which is also known as the Sardars’ school is the most historical and royale School in the History of India. Scindia School Gwalior was founded by the great visionary HH Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia. In the beginning, the admissions in the school were only reserved for the sons of Indian Kings, Nobles, and Landlords. In 1933, it became the Public School for everybody having a Board of Governors, presently headed by Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Scindia School Gwalior is a public residential school for Boys located in the forts of Gwalior. Now, you must be thinking that how to contact the school for admission of your child. Here are the details:

Scindia school Gwalior is one of the top private schools in India.


Call: +917512480750

Email: Get on to the official website to mail the administration


Scindia International Students Fee Structure

If you are seeking to get admission of your child to Scindia School Gwalior, then your major concern must be the Scindia School fee structure of the school. This is obvious. Such a reputed school having such premium facilities must be charging a good amount from parents.

So, to clear all your doubts that whether you will be able to afford the expenses of the school or not. We have brought here the complete fees of Scindia School Gwalior. Have a look:

School Fee structure for NRI residents

a.Registration fee (Non-refundable) 23,500
b.Common / Scindia School Aptitude Analysis Fee including School Prospectus cost Rs. 500/- (Non refundable) 9,000
c.Annual Fee StructureTotal Rs.32,500
Sr. No.Fee HeadsAmount for FY 2022-23
 Admission Fee ( Payable with 1st Instalment) – Non Refundable2,00,000
 Caution Money (Payable with 2nd Instalment) – Refundable on Leaving the School)3,00,000
 Total Rs.5,00,000
 School Fee – Non Refundable10,30,700
 Total Rs.15,30,700

Scindia Indian Students Fee Structure

a.Registration fee (Non-refundable) 18,500
b.Common / Scindia School Aptitude Analysis Fee including School Prospectus cost Rs. 500/- (Non refundable) 6,500
c.Annual Fee StructureTotal Rs.25,000
Sr. No.Fee HeadsAmount for FY 2022-23
 Admission Fee ( Payable with 1st Instalment) – Non Refundable2,00,000
 Caution Money (Payable with 2nd Instalment) – Refundable on Leaving the School)3,00,000
 Total Rs.5,00,000
 School Fee – Non Refundable8,25,000
 Total Rs.13,25,000

School Fee Structure For Defense Personnel

a.Registration fee (Non-refundable) 6,000
b.Common / Scindia School Aptitude Analysis Fee including School Prospectus cost Rs. 500/- (Non refundable) 500
c.Annual Fee StructureTotal Rs.6,500
Sr. No.Fee HeadsAmount for FY 2022-23
 Admission Fee ( Payable with 1st Instalment) – Non Refundable2,00,000
 Caution Money (Payable with 2nd Instalment) – Refundable on Leaving the School)1,00,000
 Total Rs.3,00,000
 School Fee – Non Refundable5,50,000
 Total Rs.8,50,000

Scindia School Gwalior Alumni

The Scindia School Gwalior is a renowned school in the country only because of its successful alumni. The school has given such successful leaders, politicians, and army officers to the world, that we owe a lot to the school. It’s not only about the academic quality but the school has also worked for the betterment of the overall personality of its boys. The Alumni of Scindia School Gwalior have excelled in all fields of professional and personal life. Have a look at a few of them:

Salman Khan

Yes, the superstar Salman Khan is the product of Scindia School Gwalior, only. Not only, Salman but his younger brother and actor Arbaaz Khan also studied in the same school. After this, Salman attended St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai but dropped out in between and started his acting career.

And, the result is in front of you. We have a superstar. He has given such masterpiece movies to Indian cinema and is still, at the top of his acting career. Presently hosting India’s top show, Big Boss, he is always in limelight.

Anurag Kashyap – Filmmaker

The next on the list of Scindia School Gwalior Alumni is Anurag Kashyap. A brilliant filmmaker, director, writer, editor, producer, and actor who will also be known for his works in Hindi cinema. Eighth onwards, he took admitted to Scindia and completed his K-12 education from there. Not only Anurag, but his younger brother Abhinav Kashyap also did his schooling at the same school.

In his early years, Anurag Kashyap wanted to become a scientist and thus he went to Delhi for his higher studies and enrolled himself in a zoology course at the Hansraj College. He graduated from there but his destiny took him to the film industry.

Today, he is the recipient of four Filmfare Awards. The Government of France awarded him the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and letters) for his contributions to films.

Ananda Shankar – Musician

Ananda Shankar was an Indian musician, singer, and composer. He is best known for fusing Western and Eastern musical styles. He was the son of Amala Shankar and Uday Shankar, popular dancers. Also, he was the nephew of sitar player Ravi Shankar. Ananda studied in The Scindia School Gwalior. He learned Sitar from Lalmani Misra at Banaras Hindu University.

Rajendra Singh Pawar – Academician

Rajendra Singh Pawar is an Indian businessman and the chairman of NIIT. He is actually the founder of NIIT University, which is a not-for-profit university in Neemrana. After completing his school at Scindia School Gwalior, he graduated from IIT Delhi. Pawar was awarded an Honorary Doctoral Degree by the Rajiv Gandhi Technical University.

He was awarded one of the highest civilian awards given by the Government of India, Padma Bhushan. It was in recognition of his contribution to the growth of the IT Industry in India.

Vikram Misri – Diplomat

Vikram Misri (born 7 November 1964) is an Indian diplomat who currently serves as the ambassador of India to China.

Previously, he served as the private secretary to Prime Ministers Inder Kumar Gujral, Manmohan Singh, and Narendra Modi. and also as the Indian ambassador to Spain and Myanmar. Misri completed his early education at the Scindia School and then completed his undergraduate degree in history from the Hindu College of the University of Delhi.

Crack Woodstock Entrance Exam

Scindia School Admission

Scindia School Gwalior Admission 2024

On their official website, the school has mentioned something that caught our attention instantly. ‘If you are a keen learner with kindling curiosity and a sense of adventure, then the Scindia School is the place to be’. Wow! Don’t you think that Scindia is the right choice for your boy?

The admission procedure to Scindia School Gwalior is simple and can be easily stated in a few points. It starts with the
Common Aptitude Analysis and Scindia School Aptitude Analysis Test. This is exclusive to The Scindia School Gwalior.

You may choose any of the above tests for your child, either the CAA or SAA exam. This assessment comprises Mathematics, English, Hindi, and General Awareness. The test is conducted in five major cities of India: Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Lucknow & Gwalior.

Scindia School Gwalior invites shortlisted students for an Interactive Session of games & sports, co-curricular activities, and interaction with the Faculty. This will be a golden opportunity for you to experience the Scindia life.

Admission Procedure

  • First of all, you have to fill out the registration form.
  • The filled-in Registration Form and documents with the fee should be submitted online or sent to the school.
  • Documents include A copy of the birth certificate issued by the local Municipal Corporation and a Report Card of the previous class. Along with this, three self-attested passport size photographs, and an Aadhar card of the applicant.
  • Next, you have to pay an enrollment fee of Rs 25,000 (non-refundable). Modes of payment: Net banking, Credit Card, or by a bank draft drawn in favor of ‘Principal, The Scindia School’.
  • CAA is conducted every year on the third Saturday of November.
  • SAA is conducted in January/February every year for the session commencing next July.
  • SAA registrations for the Gwalior center are open till 28th March 2024.
  • Students who wish to take SAA at The Scindia School, Gwalior can also do on-the-spot registration on the date of testing.
  • The final result for CAA is usually declared by 20th January and for SAA by 15th of April.

Scindia School Gwalior Scholarship

Scindia School Gwalior strives to recognize outstanding, talented, and ambitious students to give financial aid. The school allows students to apply for Scindia regardless of their financial circumstances.

There is an annual allocation of approximately Rs. 1 crore for this purpose. There are three kinds of scholarships to encourage meritorious students.

The first category is Merit-cum-Means Scholarship. This is for new admission students based on their grades achieved in the Aptitude Assessment. The criteria are:

  • 85 – 89% marks in the Aptitude Assessment: 40% Scholarship
  • 90% and above marks in the Aptitude Assessment: 50% Scholarship

The second category is Merit-cum-Means Scholarship. This is for existing students based on students’ performance scores in Academics, Sports, and Co-curricular activities.

The third category is Purely Merit-Based Scholarship. This is for existing students to recognize the meritorious students for their excellent performance irrespective of their financial needs.

For the parents seeking admission of their child to Scindia School Gwalior, entrance exam pattern and syllabus is very important.

For class 6, 7 and 8, there are mainly two subjects: English and Mathematics. In English, there is functional grammar, writing exercises and unseen passages. In Mathematics, there are chapters to test the understanding of the previous class.

Stuck in Admission Process?

Best Scindia School Gwalior Coaching

The Scindia Entrance exam has been a concern for many parents and students since its rise. Parents search for quality and elite coaching academies for their children so that their children can get admission to reputed educational institutions and are not left behind.

The major challenge is not only the difficulty level of the entrance exam but also the availability of limited seats for admission.

Truemaths coaching Institute is equipped with spacious rooms and library facilities. This provides a conducive environment for all students and a comfortable learning experience. Not only this, after this covid-19 pandemic, we are all set to provide online classes to students sitting in any corner of the country.

There is a ‘Student Help Cell’ at our Dehradun branch that helps students to solve their questions and problems as quickly as possible. We educators are 24*7 available to give the best guidance for different boarding schools like Welham Girls’, Sherwood, Woodstock, etc. Preparation for Scindia School Entrance Exam will get easy with us.

We also provide special Grooming Classes and mock interview sessions. This helps students crack the Scindia Entrance Exam easily.

Not only are expert teachers, but we also prepare our students by providing them with various mock tests, practice questions, previous year papers, test material, and sample papers. We believe in time-to-time feedback so keep the parents updated with the progress.

TrueMaths also conducts weekly mock tests and sends a detailed analysis report to parents. We send marks and ranking in the test which helps the students to help them know where they do stand from the competition’s Point of View. Also, they get to know where their concepts are lacking and how to manage them with the proper support and guidance of our Mentors.

TrueMaths makes endless efforts to teach the students and to help build their concepts. We believe in a strong foundation to help our students become the bright minds of the country.

We also have online videos to clear each and every doubt of our students. This takes their preparation to an advanced level.

5000+ Students got through Interview with us. You too can!

Scindia School Facilities and Infrastructure

Scindia School is a Residential School for Boys that offers admission from grades 6 to 12. The School has a CBSE board affiliation. The Scindia School Gwalior has a huge Campus and Wide diversity for the Students to understand nature.

The Scindia School Gwalior caters to students around the world. The school provides a well-structured educational environment for boys. The school mentors curious and creative minds to meet academic excellence. It focuses on a child’s development. Not only co-curricular activities but the school also integrates responsibility towards the environment into the learning process.

Though Scindia School Gwalior was founded in 1897, it has everything to fulfill the needs of new generation students. The school has done its share of growth throughout these years.

For classes 6-8, there is a skill-based grading system and for the Middle School level, there is a CCE pattern of assessment. To strengthen conceptual knowledge, experiential learning is encouraged in the school.

There are twelve houses in Scindia School Gwalior that follow similar norms. Yet manage to establish and maintain a very special identity of their own.

The Scindia School Gwalior has more than 14 fields spread across a 100-acre campus. In junior school, boys undergo training in Hockey, Football, Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Horse Riding, Skating, Archery, Shooting, and Swimming.

From Class 8, the boys are trained to get specialized in a particular sport. The students choose the sport according to their interests and suggestions from their expert coaches. This is the deciding time. Most of the boys develop special skills in one of the sports and continue it till class 12. Regular inter-house tournaments keep the boys encouraged.

Every student on average plays two hours of sports every day. There are exercises and yoga that keep the boys active and fit. Traditional Indian games such as Kho-kho, Kabaddi Pitthhoo, Gilli Danda, or kite flying are played in different events.

Adventure Sports, like white water rafting, trekking, rock climbing, and mountaineering are also given space to provide a lifetime experience to students.

This age-old school focuses a lot on the comfort and safety of students. Scindia School Gwalior has spent decades becoming the best and most refined ecosystem for its boys. The school administration always paid attention to inputs and feedback from students.

The Tuck Shop, Clothing Store and the Stationery Store, the Library, the Medical Store, the Telephone Booth, accounts, tracking of hobbies, awards, attendance, content delivery through model classrooms are some of the areas that work on technology. The school library has a massive and constantly expanding collection of more than 10,000 books.

Co-curricular activities are an important part of Scindia School Gwalior. These activities sharpen the softer skills in the students. These activities bring the aesthetic senses, design consciousness, sensitivity to feelings, the dignity of labor, and teamwork to students. The Scindia School embraced the co-curricular approach to make its students all-rounder.

Scindia School Gwalior encourages students by giving them opportunities to participate in community services. The school creates awareness among students to care for the underprivileged. It inculcates a sense of compassion in them.

Scindia School Gwalior provides a positive learning environment for students. The school curriculum is designed in such a way that it can meet the academic, physical, emotional, and social learning needs of students. The school counseling cell has a dedicated career counseling team, special education needs department, and a life skill educator. They ensure that the children in Scindia School Gwalior receive the right support at right time.

Note: Admission is granted to classes 6, 7, and 8 for which the applicant should not be more than 11, 12, and 13 years of age respectively as of the 1st of January. Admission may be granted to classes 9 and 11 to extremely meritorious students if vacancies are available.

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?

Scindia School Gwalior FAQs

Why is Scindia school so expensive?

This is one of the major concerns of parents around the country. As you know, the school was established in 1854 and so one of the oldest boarding schools in Asia. It is famous for its renowned alumni, who are famous writers, scientists, researchers, and successful businessmen. The school has been giving premium quality education for so many years.
So, do you think that there is any reason possible that they won’t charge you a good amount for facilitating your child? No doubt, it is one of the most expensive schools in the country due to its rich pride of 160 years. But at the same time, Scindia makes sure to educate children with not-so-good financial backgrounds by providing them scholarships.

How to get admission to a reputed school like Scindia School Gwalior?

To get admission to any reputed or elite school, a student must be brilliant not only in academics but also in other fields. Before selecting the child, Scindia takes the entrance test in the form of a written exam and interview. That is the major challenge for you. Once your child clears the entrance, it’s a piece of cake after that.
So, make sure that you start preparing your child for the exam. We have experts at Truemaths to help you out. We not only prepare students for the written exams, but we also make them confident to face the interview. Feel free to contact us anytime.

What is the dress code and school uniform of Scindia School Gwalior?

For Classes, there is a prescribed school uniform, for games, prescribed school kit
Astachal: white kurta pyjamas, sandals. Formal and special occasions: ‘National Dress’ or appropriate formal attire for boys.
For Trips, As indicated by school authorities. When representing School within the city or outstation: uniform or as indicated by school authorities.
While returning from or going for vacations: School uniform and for school outings, there is School uniform to be worn all times.

Tell us the important books to prepare for Scindia School Gwalior?

Tell us the important books to prepare for Scindia School Gwalior?
Scindia School Gwalior is among the Top International Boarding Schools in India. The school gives admission to students on the basis of entrance exam having written exam and the interview. So, only very smart students get the final selection.
To answer your question, it is not possible to become this child by reading any book/books. To crack the entrance exam, the best way is to start with clearing your present class’s concepts, read more and more books, watch good shows and develop hobbies. The more you gain experiences, more you will have stories to tell over there. It’s better if you could connect with teachers who are already preparing students for such schools.
Truemaths is hub of such mentors who have more than 10 years of experience of preparing students for Scindia School Gwalior.

How to apply for Scindia School Gwalior Scholarship?

The Scindia School Gwalior believes that investment in education is of the utmost importance. The School strives to recognize outstanding, talented and ambitious students every year.
So, irrespective of your financial status, if you have the drive to study and excel, you are welcome to apply to Scindia School Gwalior. Isn’t it amazing?
There is an annual allocation of approximately Rs. 1 crore for this purpose. The School offers three kinds of scholarships to enable and encourage meritorious students.
To get more details of this programme, you can directly talk to our counselor who will enlighten you on this.

What are the career prospects to study from Scindia School Gwalior?

Scindia School Gwalior alumni fraternity have some amazing actors, writers, CEOs, politicians, sportspersons, etc. So, this is not even a question to ask that what are the career prospects after studying from this school. You can become anything you want. The school has got everything to cater your goals and dreams.

Which Boarding school is better, Scindia or Welham?

Both Scindia School in Gwalior and Welham School in Dehradun are renowned institutions in India with strong academic records and notable alumni. So, it is almost impossible to compare both of them. Still, if you ask we would prefer Welham as for last so many years, it has evolved like no other boarding school has.

But which one is really better also depends on your individual preferences, such as location, and educational approach.

We will suggest that you should try taking entrance exams for both schools to see which one fits you better.

What are some notable achievements of The Scindia School?

The Scindia School, located in Gwalior, India, has a rich history spanning over 125 years and has achieved numerous notable milestones. Established in 1897 by Maharaja Madho Rao Scindia, The Scindia School has maintained a legacy of providing quality education. It is renowned for its rigorous academic curriculum and holistic approach to student development.

The school has given so many successful alumni who have excelled in various fields including politics, business, arts, sports, and academia.

Scindia School Ranking

Dear parents, you will be surprised to know that Scindia School Gwalior has been ranked as India’s No.1 Boys Boarding School in the annual Education World India’s School Ranking 2019-20. Among all the top boarding schools, Scindia school had also been ranked no. 3 in 2014 according to EWISR Ranking 2018-19.

The School that has a Student-teacher ratio of 10:1 will of course make the learning more personalized for your child. Scindia has facilitated digital learning in all the classrooms with the goal of Modern Education for the Students.

So now that you know all the ins and outs of Scindia School Gwalior, it’s time that you make the right decision for your child. We will suggest you visit the school once before getting the registration form. This will allow you to know about the school in depth. We can help you in scheduling the meeting. Call us right away.


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