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Welham School Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehadun

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, schools have also started to provide admissions on the basis of entrance exams to select the best of students into their schools. This procedure is conducted because of the limited availability of seats in every school. There is a correlation between age and class for which admissions are pursued. This correlation is an essential qualification for admissions into any school. Moreover, in-class XI, the admissions are given on the basis of class ten Board Exam results along with the entrance exam (Proficiency/ Aptitude Test). Get the finest Welham School Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehradun at Truemaths.

The Welham Girls’/Boys’ School

The necessity rose of excessive prestigious schools in India during British rule, the rest of the countries across the world were rapidly heading to the modern aura of education. The Welham’s School is one of the premium brands of schooling from the 19th century to till date. The Welham’s Schools educate pupils exceptionally underneath the true fundamentals of the standardized educational system. The Welham Girls’ and Boy’s Schools both are supposed to provide an unparalleled education to maintain the standard of teaching.

The Welham Girls’ School was established in 1957. It has some very notable alumni including Priyanka Gandhi, Tavleen Singh and Meira Kumar. Extracurricular Activities The school is a host for various competitive events throughout the year. It also offers life-skills programs and career counselling. Students also volunteer at local charities. Each student has to take up two activities each term. These include activities like vocal music, Kathak, folk dances, craft, dramatics, sitar, table and photography. The students are made to take part in various sports like basketball, swimming, table tennis, athletics, badminton, lawn tennis, aerobics and karate. There are also various clubs and societies for the girls to choose from in accordance with their interests. These include Quiz club, Nature Club, French club, etc.

 The Welham Girls’ School

The foundation of The Welham Girls’  School was led in 1957 after  20 years of our independence. The concept of Welham Girls’ School had been brought to educate girls like the boys. It was really great of the founders of Welham Girls’ School as they established the school in such a lovely city like Dehradun which is an incomparable hub of education and coaching centre for competitive exams.

Welham  Schools Entrance Exam  Coaching Centre In Dehradun

To make your child a valuable part of this prestigious school, your child really needs a dedicated tutorial and coaching to crack The Welham Girls’ and Boy’s Schools Entrance Exams. True Maths is one of the premium tutorial centres for The Welham Girls’ and Boy’s School Entrance Exams in Dehradun.

Truemaths ensures to transform your child into an ultra-confident pupil during the tenor of his/her entrance exam coaching at True Maths Academy, after all, we deeply believe at True Maths that a girl too gives her valuable contribution in building a strong nation.

Let’s make the nation stronger than ever by educating our girls along with the modern tools of education.

Affiliation to Board

The Welham Girls’  School has an affiliation to I.C.S.E and I.S.E board, from class IX  to class X there is a pattern of I.C.S.E board and the I.S.E board is applicable for class XI and XII.

Availability of Courses at Welham Girls’ School

The Welham Girls’ School has classes from IV to XII, the yearly course of study is conducted from the very next year in March. English, Hindi, Maths, Social Science and Science are the mandatory subjects for the classes from VI to X. But it is mandatory for all pupils to opt one of the skill-based subjects for the Council Examinations.

Three streams of courses are available at The Welham Girls’ School like- Science, Commerce and Humanities. The Science students can opt for Physics, Chemistry, Hindi, Biology and Maths but English is a compulsory subject as it is the primary medium of language throughout all school. The Hindi language can opt as the secondary language and the rest of languages can opt as a third language like- Bengali, French, and some other tribal languages of India.

The Welham Girls’ Schools Entrance Exams Syllabus

The admission opens in The Welham Girls’ School for class 6th, 7thand 11th standard only. There is an aptitude test for class 6th and 7th. The syllabus of the entrance exam is thoroughly based on the previous class syllabus of the student for class 6th and 7th but there is no entrance exam process to take admission in class 11th because the aggregate marks obtained in class 10th does matter.

Aptitude test for class 6th and 7th is given to candidates for the entrance exam in three subjects such as English, Maths and Science.

Fees Structure of The Welham Girls’ School


School Fees Rs. 6,25,000/-
Admission Fees Rs. 50,000/- (at the time of admission)
Security Deposit Rs. 3,12,500/- (refundable/adjustable)
Imprest Deposit Rs. 40,000/-
Uniform Deposit Rs. 20,000/-


The Welham Boys’ School

In 1937 the inception of Welham Boys’ School had begun with very limited infrastructure and a very few students by Ms Oliphent. It is assumed the most successful and appreciated step taken by Ms Oliphent in favour of young Indian boys. In late 1947 Ms Oliphent donated her all assets and properties to Welham Boys’ School Society So that millions of young souls of India can experience the prestigious and well-organized way of education to become extremely educated. The Welham Boys’ School is affiliated to C.B.S.E  Board and the admission is available for class 6th, 7th and 11th standard only.

Welham Boys’ School Syllabus for Entrance Examinations

Well, the syllabus for the entrance exams of Welham Boys’ is totally based on the previous year class syllabus of student’s class who appears in the exams. The admission process in Welham Boys’ School is similar to Welham Girls’ School entrance exam process. The Study Course availability in Welham Boys’ School is quite same as the Welham Girls’ School Study Courses. Truemaths provides the best Welham School Entrance exam coaching in Dehradun. Contact us for free counselling.

The admission procedure in The Welham Boys’ and Girls’ School

The admission of students is subject to the correlation between the age of students and the standard of classes. Let’s a have a look onto the table representing the correlation of age as per the level of class.

Classes Students’ age
6th Standard 10  ½ to 12
7th Standard 11½  to 13
8th Standard 12  ½ to 14
9th Standard 13 ½ to 15
10th Standard 14 ½ to 16
11th Standard 15 ½ to 17
12th Standard 16 ½ to 18


Application and Registration Form

 An application is to be submitted along with the registration form issued by the School’s management. Some requirements are necessary during the process of admission process:-

1) Three Passport size photos of candidates.

2) Birth certificate of the candidate issued by the municipal corporation of a district.

3) Transfer certificate and character certificate issued by the previous school of the candidate.

4) Migration certificate if the candidate is from the other board.

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The first and foremost key for candidates to crack an entrance exam is to be diligent and thorough in their present class. It is the syllabus of their present class that is going to help them in gaining admission to the next class. It is necessary for the candidates to clear their concepts for a better understanding of the topics. Candidates need to revise the syllabus of a class below to the one they are applying to and constantly practice questions, especially of Mathematics. Revision and proper practice should suffice for clearing entrance exams for schools.


The Welham Girls’ School and Welham Boys’ Schools are both a few of the most prestigious schools of Dehradun. They are traditionally boarding schools and are identified among the few top-performing schools countrywide based on their academic performances. They provide students with three streams for admissions into class XI- Science, Commerce and Humanities


The admission process in both schools starts with an application for registration. Students applying for class VI and VII are required to take the Aptitude/Proficiency Test. This Test is held in the month of November/December for the upcoming year. Students who get shortlisted on the basis of this test are called for the second round of the assessment that consists of interaction with the students. For admission into class XI, there is no mark-up as this depends on the Board marks result.

The syllabus and subjects for the entrance exam are provided by the school when one registers for admission. For preparing for the entrance exam, a student should revise the subjects and topics from the previous year as the syllabus will comprise of topics from the latest class attended by the student. The details of the schools and admissions can be found on the website: www.welhamgirls.com. Fee structure The registration fees charged by Welham Girls’ school is Rs. 20,000 and the annual fees is around Rs. 6,25,000. This fee is subject to review and change.


Address: Welham Girls’ School,
NO. 19 –Municipal Road, Dalanwala,
Dehradun -248001.
Phone No.: 0135-2657223, 2659690
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]


E-mail: [email protected]
Phone No.: 0135-2658605
Address: Admissions Office,
Welham Boys’ School,
5, Circular Road,
Dehradun -248001.

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