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Prepare for International School Interview – Top 3 Ways

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 6 Jul, 2023    8 min read

Prepare for International School Interview – Top 3 Ways

Every year, we come across thousands of parents who really want to see their child in the International Boarding Schools of India. These parents are so passionate about the admission of their children to these schools that they are ready to do anything for this. Pay attention to the competition for your child.

Is your child ready to appear in the Interviews of Top International Boarding Schools of India? We have got you covered. Our Tips will definitely take him to the next level. Keep reading!

Crack Top International Boarding School Entrance Exam

How to prepare your child for International School Interview?

Be it the written exam or the International School Interview, both are deciding factors to get your child the final selection. The parents who want their child in the International Boarding School must have a few specific things on their checklist. We have some powerful tips that will make cracking the international school interview a breeze. Scroll down to know.

Start with the Basics

Start with the Basics

You and your child are absolutely new to this preparation for International School Interview. There must be so many facts and processes that you are discovering for the first time. Don’t get nervous and start with the fundamentals. Start with telling your child about you and your profession, then the school that you are preparing him for. Tell him genuinely why you want him to be in that particular school. Create awareness in his mind about all the things that are happening around him.

Pro Tip: Develop a habit of reading English newspapers with him. Start with his favorite section, be it the editorial page or sudoku puzzles. Then, move on to the local, national, and international news section, then the economics, and sports section too. Slowly and steadily, he will develop this habit of reading the newspaper daily. This will definitely help your child to get the final selection to the Top International Boarding School of India.

Homeschooling will give the Final Selection

Homeschooling will give the Final Selection

When we talk about homeschooling, many parents start doubting their abilities. How are we going to prepare? We have no past experience. We know nothing of this sort, etc.

Who told you to do everything by yourself? You only need to spend some quality time with your child daily. It is very important to create a routine and set a time for learning for gradual improvement. Apart from this, have a good conversation with your child from time to time. Talk to him deeply. Ask him general questions and try to answer them as genuinely as possible.

Rest, leave on us. We have some amazing educators who can help you Crack the International School Interview. They have more than 10 years of experience with students preparing for the International Boarding Schools Entrance Exam.

Pro Tip: Make sure the teacher that you are relying on is aware of the school’s curriculum. Basically, he should work on the communication skills of the students. If your child is learning to interact and developing cognitive and academic skills, then he is on the right track.

Activities are Important

Activities are Important

Well said by Benjamin Franklin, ‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn’. Start involving your child in your day-to-day chores. Let him make his bed, serve his meals, etc. Let him talk to relatives and friends. He should develop his perspective. Life skills must go hand in hand. Your child should discover a new thing every day. Be lenient with your approach. Accept the fact that it is not a one-day thing. Go slow and step by step move ahead.

Pro Tip: Make sure you do not pressurize your child to develop these skills just a few days before the International school interview rather start these activities as a learning curriculum from the very beginning.

Stuck in Admission Process?

The Judgement Day

Don’t Be Late for the Interview

The most common advice and the most important as well. Punctuality shows how sincere you are. So, be punctual for the interview, and if possible, reach at least 15 minutes before the interview time. Reaching early for the school interview will also give you time to relax and buckle up your child that how he is going to present himself in the interview.

Practice Basic Etiquette

Being a student, you need to follow some basic etiquette. Try to be polite with any of the administrative staff (whom so ever you come across) as soon as you enter the school premises.

Common but essential etiquette is to greet your interviewer whenever you enter the interview room and thank them at the end of the interview. Make a habit of saying “Thank You”. This habit is going to help you a lot even in the International School Interview. It shows your courtesy and sincerity to the interviewer. Regardless of the result of the interview, be polite throughout the interview.  

Be Ready with your own set of Questions

The questions put across in the International School Interview will be centered on determining whether your child is eligible for admission to the specific program in the school or not. Sometimes, the interviewers provide an opportunity for the students to share their questions if they wish to. Although, this is optional if you get this opportunity you should ask appropriate, well-thought questions to make a strong impression.

Be yourself

Let your child be as natural as possible. Don’t train him to pretend something in the interview rather ask him to be as authentic as possible. Let him share his preparation stories with the interviewer (if asked). To keep the International School Interview smooth, let him be real.

Body language is the key

From day 1 of preparation, this must be your responsibility to make sure that your child possesses the right body language. Regularly ask him to keep his back straight, to stay calm, etc. Ask your little one to have eye contact while answering the questions. The interviewer will simply be judging your child based on his interaction. The way of your communication will be the deciding factor to get the final selection in International School Interview. The student must be passionate and engaged throughout the interview. And, this is only possible if he has developed this habit of communicating during his preparation tenure.

Focus on the Right Tone

Make sure, that your little one maintains a friendly and engaging tone with the interviewer. He should not sound negative to any of the comments or questions during the International School Interview. Along with that, you must develop a habit that f at any point in time he is not sure about the answer to any question then he does not panic. He must be taught to relax for a minute to respond to the question and then communicate his best answer to the interviewer.

5000+ Students got through Interview with us. You too can!

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills- School Admission 2022

Interviews have become an integral step of the admission procedure in schools. Entrance exam scores and other application material give an overview of the academic capability of a student. Whereas, an interview gives you insight into the personality, values, interests, personal goals, etc. of a potential student.

The school interviews help to build a rapport with the student & their parents. It also allows them to understand what the school offers to the students. Interviews also help to judge the abilities and skills of the students to decide whether to select you for admission to the school or not.

Interviewing skills have changed a lot from the traditional school interview pattern. Now, the admission interviews are not limited to only those typical types of questions asked in the interview. The format of interviewing students for admission has changed a lot. The interviewer may ask different types of questions to judge you. For example:

  • What are the three favorite things about yourself?
  • What are the three things you want to improve in you?
  • What do you do when you come across a hard time in any subject?
  • What would you do if someone asks to copy your work?
  • What are the other schools that you are considering for admission?
  • What is that one achievement that makes you proud?
  • Who do you admire the most in your life and why? Etc.

You can prepare these sorts of questions to face school interviews. However, do not forget to prepare the traditional questions for the interviews. Try to make your answers ready in advance for the questions. 

How to face International School Interview?

International School Interview Tips

Interviews always need prior preparation, even if you are preparing for a job interview or a school admission interview. Proper preparation is required to face a school admission interview. You cannot just go and sit in front of the interviewer. Being parents, you can help your child to prepare and face the International School Interview with confidence. 

  • Be more presentable in the interview.
  • Take special care of your appearance. Wear neat & clean clothes.
  • Be on time for the interview, and do not be late. It shows how reluctant and careless you are.
  • Prepare well for the school interview.
  • Give preference to self-practice. You can also take help from your parents to prepare for the interview.
  • Be confident in front of the interviewer. Do not behave uneasy in front of them.   
  • Be honest in answering the questions asked in the interview.
  • Always try to give live examples related to any incident in your life.
  • Try to sound ambitious if you communicate about your goals, hobbies, and what is that you like to do in your free time.
  • Watch out for your body language. Stay calm and compost during the interview.
  • Answer the questions using the right tone, do not be in hurry to answer any question.
  • If you are not sure about any question then simply say sorry and leave the question instead of sharing incorrect facts.  
  • Be yourself and express the way you are actually.

In short, do not get tense, just be patient and face the interview in a relaxed mode.

Top 5 School Admission Interview Questions & Answers for students in India

It cannot be predicted what questions an interviewer may put across in the interview. However, there are some basic questions that an interviewer may ask in the International School Interview. You can prepare these questions to give your best in the interview.

Tell me about yourself

This is one of the basic questions that may be asked not only in a school interview but in most job interviews also. You can prepare an impressive answer to this question so that the interviewer will get interested in continuing the interview. You can share information about your hobbies, achievements, academics, your goal, etc.

Why do you want to get admission to our school?

This is another common question asked in International School interviews. This question is asked actually to test your knowledge about the school and to find out what motivates you to get admission to that particular school. You can answer this question in such a way that what makes you and the school perfect for each other and what are the opportunities you are going to get by taking admitted to this school. 

What are your academic achievements?

This is a very clear-cut question to showcase your academic achievements. Since this is an International School Interview and you are going to get admission based on this interview, so they must want to know your academics. It will help them to decide whether you are the perfect fit for the school or not.  

What do you like to do in your free time?

This question is asked to know a little more about your personality. Here, you can share information about your proactive hobbies like if you like to play any sport, reading, drawing & painting, etc. Also, communicate how you have learned from this hobby and how much you have improved in it. You can also add, your goal to your hobby (if you have any such plans).

How do your friends describe you?

This question allows you to talk about your personality. Although, “friendly, caring, good, etc.” sound quite good to the interviewers but they may be interested to know something else from you. You can say something memorable and meaningful while answering this question. You can portray yourself as a determined, motivated, natural leader, good collaborator, always keen to face challenges, etc. kind of personality. On top of everything, be honest in what you say rather than becoming dishonest just to impress the interviewer.

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?


We asked our Interview experts to give the best one-liner tip to the students who are facing the interview this year. Their answer was simple yet effective. ‘BE AUTHENTIC’. No matter what, the interviewer sitting over there knows more than anybody else in the room. So, instead of acting smart and confident, be as genuine and real as possible. In case you want personal counseling for your child, talk to our interview experts directly over a phone call.


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