St. George’s College Mussoorie

St. George’s College Mussoorie

St. George’s College Mussoorie

St George’s College Mussoorie:-

St. George’s College Mussoorie is a boarding school situated in the beautiful landscapes of the Mussoorie hills of Uttarakhand state in India. The school is affiliated to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) council. The school is an all-boys residential and non-residential institution which is spread over 400 acres of land in Barlow Ganj, Mussoorie. The students from different parts of the world come to get quality education at St. George College Mussoorie. The school prepares the students to face the competitive world in any field of interest. The campus of the school has been ranked among the 20 best schools in our country.

Saint George’s School was founded in 1853 by the Capuchin Fathers and entrusted to the Society of the Brothers of St. Patricks (Ireland) in 1894. The school was started in a cottage known as Manor House. The campus is still known by this name and the students are known as Manorites.



St. George Mussoorie alumni:-

 St. George School Mussoorie has a great background in shaping the career of many eligible students since its beginning. here are some of the most well-known alumni of the school includes,

  • Six Olympic Gold Medalists in Hockey (George Eric Marthins, Willie G Cullen, Carlyle Carrol Tapsell, Michael Gateley, Ernie J Cullen, N Nugent)
  • Saeed Jaffrey
  • Father Patrick Nair
  • Manohar Singh Gill
  • Lucky Ali, Kanwaljeet Singh
  • General Shakar Roy Chowdhury
  • Air Chief Marshal D. La Fontaine
  • Justice Gopal Dass Khosla
  • Major Haripal Singh Ahluwalia, etc.

What is St. George School Fee?

 As the school is both boarding and day scholar, hence the St. George School fee differs in both the cases. An approximate overview of the fee structure of St. George School, Mussoorie is given here.


Fee structure for Day Scholar students
Particulars Approximate amount (In India Rupees)
Admission Fee (non-refundable) Up to 60,000/- for new admission
Security deposit (interest free-refundable) Up to,000/- for new admission
Tuition Fees From 50,000/- up to 90,000/- p.a (vary from class IV to class XII)
Student Development/ Care Charges (non-refundable) From 50,000/- up to 60,000/- p.a (vary from class IV to class XII)
Advance against notebooks, stationery, sports goods, etc. (adjustable at the end of year) Up to 50,000/- p.a
Fee Structure for Boarding Students
Admission Fee (non-refundable) Up to 1,00,000/- for new admission
Security Deposit (Interest Free-refundable) Up to 50,000/- for new admission
Boarding Fees From 4,55,849/- up to 4,98,745/- (vary from class IV to class XII)
Tuition Fees From 50,270/- up to 88,000/- p.a (Vary from class IV to class XII)
Students Development/ Care Charges (non-refundable) From 67,000/- up to 70,000/- p.a (Vary from class IV to class XII)
Advance textbooks, uniforms, stationery, sports goods, etc. (adjustable at the end of the year) From 67,000/- up to 77,000/- p.a (vary from class IV to class XII)
Documentation & verification Exp. (additional for overseas students only) Up to 20,000/- p.a


This is an overview of the fee structure of St. George’s School, Mussoorie. However, the fee structure may change as per the rules and regulations of St. George College, Mussoorie.


How do I get admission in St. George College Mussoorie?

 The students who wish to get admission into St. George College Mussoorie have to qualify for a mandatory entrance examination. St. George college Mussoorie admission procedure starts with registration in August. After the completion of registration, the students have to undergo the entrance exam which is conducted probably in October every year.

There are certain documents that are required for the registration process at St. George’s College Mussoorie. These documents include a Demand Draft for Rs. 10000/- (non-refundable) in favour of St. George’s College, Mussoorie payable at Mussoorie. Along with this, three recent passport size photographs, birth certificate, the latest progress report, copy of Aadhar card of the students are also compulsory.

As far as the submission of fee is concerned, it is carried out from March to November and March to February respectively for Boarding & tuition fee.

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St. George’s College Mussoorie entrance exam:-

 The entrance examination will be conducted for English and Mathematics subjects. The students completed their registration entitles the students to appear for the entrance test but does not guarantee admission. The admissions will be provided to the students completely based on their performance in the entrance exam.

The question paper of the entrance exam will be based on the topics studied in the previous class. The subjects for the entrance examination to get admission at Saint George’s School includes,


  • Subjects for class IV to VI- English, and Mathematics
  • Subjects for class VII to IX- English, Mathematics & Science


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