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10+ Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam Sample Papers

10+ Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam Sample Papers

To perform well on the JNVST Entrance Examination, you definitely require Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers and study material. If you want to crack this exam, the finest resources to assist you include reference books, example papers, model papers, previous year papers, etc. As they contain the whole exam syllabus, preparation materials for the relevant syllabus should be the first thing applicants read and comprehend. After finishing these books, students can move on to the Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers and practice papers for improved training.

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But, what is that one thing which can replace everything? The one thing that could get you the best results. Stop the guessing game. The clear answer is the Study Material. The right study material is the key to crack the entrance exam in your first attempt. And what if we say that along with the study material, there is a set of practice papers and previous year papers. Icing on the cake. Isn’t it?

This is what JNV Alumni have to say about us!

Nothing can replace good study material if you really want to crack the JNV Entrance exam. A good study material is the right combination of notes, mock tests, sample papers, previous year papers, and practice papers. Along with this, a mentor can be very helpful to guide you with these notes. So, we are coming up soon with the recorded video lectures by our experts. Because, of course, quick and better understanding of these notes are only possible if there is somebody to assist you through the process.

The right amount of preparation and guidance will be needed to crack JNV entrance exam. Nothing comes easy, you have to study a lot. But, having good study material will smoother your journey towards success.

Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers

Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers
Crack JNV Entrance Exam in your first attempt - 4 Steps

Books should be evaluated and then followed, and only after our evaluation are books recommended to you. Candidates must go through the materials and do practice tests every day in order to succeed on the test.

There are many JNVST exam prep books on the market that were written and published by various authors and organizations, but it is essential to find the appropriate one so that you can acknowledge all the concepts simply and effectively. Always use study materials and practice books that are simple to understand and cover every topic on the JNVST Syllabus.

Due to a shortage of quality study materials, many students fail to pass their exams. Our goal is to assist those students by our Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers. The entrance test book, which we will give to all prospective students at the end of this post, is one of the advised study tools for passing the JNVST. 

Since we live in the era of the internet, everyone can leverage it and reap benefits from it. The study materials that are available online in PDF format can also be used to be ready for the JNVST 2022. These PDFs provide the whole curriculum for classes 6 and 9.

You may find all the issues and questions for classes 6 and 9, including English, Hindi, Maths, and Science. Class 6 topics and questions include mental capacity, arithmetic, and language. We have Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers that have everything.

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    Get Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers

    Without self-evaluation, exam preparation is insufficient, which is why we offer the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Mock Test series.

    The Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti’s exam guidelines and syllabus are followed in our Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers. The test paper for the Navodaya Selection uses the same questions and scoring system.

    Our specialists specifically created these practice exams to help students prepare for their exams. Candidates can quickly identify the subjects that require greater attention and emphasis by taking this test.

    For a small fee, candidates can use our sample exams to start preparing for their Navodaya Vidyalaya entrance exams.

    Additionally, we have assembled previous year’s test questions because they make excellent study materials for revision and self-evaluation at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.

    On this website, a direct download link to the question papers from the previous year is available. Students can learn the actual degree of exam difficulty, the scoring system, the types of questions, and many other important aspects with the use of these question papers.

    Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers
    Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers

    Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers

    FOR CLASS 6th

    Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers include Mathematics, English and Reasoning papers.

    Mental Ability:

    • Odd One Out
    • Pattern Completion
    • Figure Matching
    • Figure Series Completion
    • Analogy
    • Geometrical Figure Completion
    • Mirror Images
    • Punched Hold Pattern-Folding/Unfolding
    • Space Visualizations
    • Embedded Figures


    Number and numeric system, Four fundamental operations on the whole numbers, Fractional numbers and four fundamental operations on them, Factors and multiple including their properties, LCM and HCF of numbers, Decimals and fundamental operations on them, Profit and loss, Simple interest, Distance, time and speed, Conversion of fractions to decimals and vice – versa, Applications of number in measure length, mass, capacity, time, money, etc., Approximation of expressions, Simplification of Numerical Expressions, Percentage and its applications, Perimeter, area, and volume.


    Grammar, Comprehension Passage

    Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers
    Navodaya Vidyalaya Sample Papers

    For Class 9th


    Comprehension Passage or Unseen Passage, Spelling, One-word substitution, Para-jumbled, Word and Sentence Structure, Tense, Speech, Modal Auxiliaries, Degrees, Use of Prepositions, Voice, etc.


    हिंदी वर्णमाला, शब्द रचना, वाक्य रचना, अर्थ, शब्द-रूप, संधि, समास, क्रियाएँ, विराम चिन्ह, पर्यायवाची शब्द, मुहावरे एवं लोकोक्तियाँ, वर्तनी, अनेकार्थी शब्द, देशज, विलोम शब्द, विदेशी (शब्द भंडार), अर्थबोध, अशुद्धियाँ, आदि |


    Number System, cube and cube roots, direct and inverse proportions, Square and square roots, exponents, and powers, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Loss, Discount, Proportions: Direct and Inverse, Interest: Simple and Compound, Algebraic Expressions and Identities including factorization, Data Handling: Bar Graphs, Pie Chart, linear equations in one variable, Probability, Organizing Data, Mensuration: Area of Plane Figures, Surface Area, Cuboid and Cylinder, Understanding Quadrilaterals: Parallelogram, Volume of Cube, squares, rhombus, rectangle, kite, etc.


    Food, Crop Production and its Management, Food Preservation, Microorganism, Materials I – Plastics, Synthetic Fibers, Material II: Coal, Petroleum, Fossil Fuels, Refining of Petroleum, Metal and non-metals, Living and non-living things, Combustion and Flame, the Various States of Materials, Cell Structure and Function, Conservation of Plants and Animals: Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks, various stages of human and reaching age of adolescence,

    Reproduction System: Asexual and sexual reproduction, Various Forces like Frictional and Gravitational force, Pressure and thrust, multiple reflections, human eye and its care, Light: Reflection of light, Sound, human ears, Loudness and Pitch, Electric current and its chemical effects, Electroplating, Audible and inaudible sounds, Pollution of Water and air, Natural Phenomena: Lighting, Stars and constellations, earthquakes, Solar system, Planets, etc.

    JNVST Preparation Books

    By offering very affordable study materials to Navodaya Vidyalaya students in Classes 6 and 9, we are assisting them. You can order books online on our website to save time and effort when looking for helpful books and study materials to pass the entrance exam. Your books are delivered on time by them.

    An in-depth study is done to develop the books by subject-matter specialists so that students can learn with greater accuracy. These books will train you in fundamental math, general reasoning, analytical skills, and other skills.

    Here we’ve provided a list of some key texts for classes 6 through 9 that are readily available on Amazon and Flipkart to assist you with this. I sincerely hope you will find these books useful.

    To Conclude with…

    Self-study is the most essential component while preparing for any entrance exam but some assistance in form of study materials, and preparation books will only amplify your chances of cracking the exam. That’s why we have gathered some of the best JNV entrance exam preparation study material. You may click the link on the article to buy our sample papers, and preparation books to crack the JNV entrance exam.


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