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Improve your mathematics with Vedic Maths Classes

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 17 Jun, 2023    5 min read

Improve your mathematics with Vedic Maths Classes

Improve your Mathematics with Vedic Maths Classes

Vedic maths is the traditional methodology used for mathematic calculations much faster. An Indian mathematician named Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji has discovered the technique of Vedic maths. The origin of Vedic maths Classes is our traditional teaching techniques known as Veda.

Skilify your child with PDPI classes

The main advantage of Vedic maths Classes is that students can solve the mathematical problem quite fast using Vedic maths techniques. The techniques of Vedic maths can be learned easily for quick calculations. Basically, Vedic maths acts as a tool used for efficient calculation of mathematics. Just imagine, how much time you can save using Vedic maths techniques. Vedic maths will also help you to improve your accuracy and time-management.

If we go in detail about the origin of Vedic maths then we will found that Atharva Veda is the basic origin of Vedic maths. Arathva Veda is the fourth Veda which teaches us different sections of our academics like Sculpture, Medicine, Mathematics, Engineering, etc.

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As we are discussing Vedic maths techniques in this article then we will focus only on mathematics. Vedic maths teaches you effective mathematics to solve problems of different parts of mathematics such as cube roots, calculus, simultaneous quadratic equations, compound multiplication, coordinate geometry, Squaring, simple quadratic & higher-order equation, theory of numbers, Cubing, factorization, arithmetical calculations, square root, partial fractions, algebraic operations, etc.

Vedic Maths Classes Benefits

  • One of the main benefits of Vedic Maths is that the students will be able to do the calculations much faster.

  • Vedic maths Classes help to create interest in students, thus students do not take mathematics as a burden.

  • Vedic maths help to improve your mental calculations instead of wasting time on finger counting or doing lengthy calculation work.

  • The concentration of the students will improve so that they boost up with confidence.

  • The basic fundamentals will be strengthened so that you can perform well in the future, understanding advanced mathematics concepts.

  • Vedic maths techniques will help to manage time properly during the examination.

  • An amazing fact about Vedic maths is that you can apply these techniques for numbers beyond 10 digits also.

  • The students can also take the help of Vedic maths classes techniques to cross-check the answer in a quick way.

  • Vedic maths also plays an important role in improving your logical thinking.

  • A remarkable change is seen in student performance in school, examination and eventually in results.

  • Vedic maths is an excellent method for those who have mathematics-phobia. Vedic maths techniques will help you to overcome this phobia to understand mathematics in a better way.

  • The techniques of Vedic maths are quite easy to remember and apply for quick calculations.

  • Last but not least, Vedic maths help the students to get a conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics.

Vedic Maths Topics Vedic Maths Classes in India

 Well, many students do not even have an idea that how powerful is the Vedic maths tricks. You can use these tricks for faster calculation in your exams like Board exams, JEE and even in any competitive exam.

There is no doubt in it that mathematics is a big problem for most of the students (especially average and below-average students). Now, mathematics will no longer be a big issue for these students because Vedic maths will teach you some easy techniques for faster calculations.

Here we have discussed some of the simple Vedic maths techniques that will give you an idea “how helpful are Vedic maths tricks”. The tricks are as follows-

Skilify - Vedic Maths classes with Truemaths
Skilify – Vedic Maths classes with Truemaths

Want to see your child calculating on fingertips?

Vedic Maths Techniques

Squaring a number having 5 as its unit digit

This technique is very helpful to find the square of any 2-digit number that has 5 as its unit digit. Whether you are a student of CBSE or ICSE Board, these types of sums are quite common in the syllabus.

Multiply any number with 5

This type of multiplication sums are not only faced by CBSE/ICSE students but the students of JEE, Olympiad, etc. also come across these types of mathematics problems. You can learn from this example that how to multiply a number with 5.

Multiplication of any two-digit number (from 11 to 19)

If you are a student of CBSE/ICSE or any other Board, you quite often come across this kind of situation where you need to multiply any 2 digit number from 11 to 19.

This example will teach the stepwise procedure to multiply any 2-digit number from 11 to 19.

How to divide a large number by 5

How long do you take while dividing a large number by 5? Well, it is a little lengthy method to do the calculation in a traditional method but using Vedic maths tricks you can do the calculation much faster.

Vedic Maths classes
Vedic Maths classes

Multiplication of any 2-digit number by 11

Multiplication sums are very common not only for Board exams but for many competitive exams. If you learn how to multiply any 2-digit number by 11, you will be able to do the calculation for these types of sums within a few seconds.

Multiply any three-digit numbers

The students get to learn these tricks, once you are handy with the multiplication of one and two-digit numbers. After this, you will find it much easier to learn multiplication of 3-digit numbers. Let’s understand the method to multiply 3-digit numbers from this example.

Maths can be a piece of cake for your child

How to find a square value

Squaring is also an integral part of CBSE/ICSE or any other Board syllabus. Vedic maths tricks also make the squaring of numbers quite easy. You just need to know the correct Vedic maths tricks to find out the squares of numbers on your fingertips.

This example will help you to understand it in a better way

Learn Techniques

Vedic maths techniques for addition

Addition tricks in Vedic maths are like basic mathematics that we use in our daily activities. Through Vedic maths addition can be learned  in a different method instead of the traditional method of addition.

For example- Vedic maths addition using a dot is a very handy trick to add digits. To understand it in a better way, just go through the example given here.

Vedic maths techniques for subtraction

Vedic maths tricks for subtraction also help to do our daily calculation in a fraction of second. The subtraction methods are quite easy that you can easily implement in your day to day activities.

To get little more clarity in Vedic maths subtraction we will go through an example. Just as an example we will do the subtraction of a number (let say 749) from 1000. You can also use this method to subtract any number from 100, 1000, 10000 and so on.

Vedic maths techniques for multiplication

Vedic maths multiplication helps to improve your mental mathematics for faster calculation of multiplication. You can use Vedic maths multiplication tricks for 3-way multiplies i.e. Vedic maths multiplication tricks for single-digit numbers, Vedic maths multiplication tricks for double-digit number and Use Vedic maths trick for triple-digit numbers.

Here we will discuss how to multiply single-digit numbers using Vedic maths multiply trick.

Vedic maths techniques for the division 

Shri Tirthaji Maharaj has invented the Vedic maths division trick to divide numbers faster to get a quick answer. He has divided numbers in Specific & General methods for Vedic maths tricks for the division.

The use of specific division methods is applicable where numbers satisfy few conditions such as divisor is a bit less than 100 or divisor is little greater than the power of 10 or divisor ends with a digit 9, etc. On the other hand, we can apply the general method for the division of any type of digit.

Best Vedic Maths Classes

As we discussed a lot about traditional teaching methodology called Vedic maths. You need an experienced teacher who has good knowledge about the techniques of Vedic maths. Vedic maths needs a detailed explanation that can be provided only by a teacher who has an in-depth knowledge of Vedic maths.

The students who want to learn Vedic maths techniques for faster mathematics calculations can join Truemaths Coaching Academy. Truemaths is located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. This is one of the leading coaching institutes that provide the best Vedic maths classes for dedicated students. Once you join Vedic maths at Truemaths, Maths Tuition in Dehradun, very soon you will gain a better understanding of the formulas, calculation techniques and simple tricks of Vedic maths to solve mathematics problems.


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