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TrueMaths is created with the mission to strengthen the weak fundamentals of students in order to get them rid of the fear of maths. Join Truemaths Academy for cracking exceptional Boarding schools such as The Scindia School, Gwalior and The Doon School, Dehradun. We also provide coaching for other Competition Entrance Exams like CLAT and SAT and Army Schools (RIMC, Sainik School, RMS) in Dehradun. We work on the all round development of students and help them become global-citizens.

3 Boards, 10+ Competitive exams, I to XII Study Material, 10+ Teachers, 1700+ Videos, 8+ Centers, 10+ International Schools 90K+ Users.

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Every child has vivid approach to solve a certain problem and as a teacher it is best to evaluate to their approach of dealing with the problem instead of dominating them to solve the question in the teacher's style. And it is always fun and quite easy to learn through games and activities. We always try to engage students in such activities and fabricate International Schools' Maths and English curriculum in a more user friendly and interesting way.

Not enough?

Free live lectures on math’s fundamentals

We provide free live lectures on math’s fundamentals and Vedic math’s

1500+ free videos covering NCERT solutions

These videos cover all NCERT solutions from class 9th to class 10th & all Vedic maths’s techniques

24×7 Online support Instant solution to your math’s questions

You can ask us your math’s questions & we will provide Instant solution. Through whatsapp, Email & Social media platforms

Scientifically proven methodology

We believe every child has different approach to solve a problem. With 20+ years of experience we have built a system of learning where we correct their approach instead of teaching them traditional method

Real life approach

It is best to teach or learn math’s while you are playing or facing some real life situations. We tried to connect these real life situations with their school math’s curriculum.

Vedic math’s

Vedic maths contains mathematical techniques for faster calculations an it improve concentration.

International maths Olympiads

Our students have done wonders on international platforms of Maths Olympiads. All of their Ranks have improved drastically.

Focus on understanding rather than learning

We try to make maths as easy as possible and try to teach students through real life problems and implementations.

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Some of our Students and Their Parents giving some important feedback about Maths Tuition in Dehradun and getting good achivement in their academic study.

Avinash verma

Best place one can find for Woodstock school entrance exam coaching and interview preparation. I studied and prepared for the school with their tailor-made and beautifully sculptured course curriculum. 100% masterpiece mentoring and preparation for a glorious future. Mr. Deepak is very humble and I like interacting with him. I would also recommended the institute for Science and Maths Tuition in Dehradun.

Abhishek Chawla

No doubt they are one of the best online boarding school entrance exam coaching institute. I would like to personally thank all their staff for guiding me and teaching me so well. I am very happy as I cleared The Doon School Entrance Exam and The Mayo College Entrance Exam. The 6 months preparation was a rebirth in my life and it changed my personality a lot.

Martin Dass

I am very happy with the teaching methods of truemaths dehradun my nephew has improved a lot in mathematics and have obtained 95% in exams. So if you are searching for maths tutor in Dehradun then truemaths is the best institute in dehradun. They also provide premium maths home tuition in Dehradun.

Truemaths App Now Available

We have launched Truemaths App for your better solution about Mathematics Fundamentals and complete solution of NCERT/ICSE
We also provides online Maths Tuition for more details you can contact us.

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