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Why to Choose International Boarding School Foundation Course – Top 4 Reasons

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 17 Jun, 2023    4 min read

Why to Choose International Boarding School Foundation Course – Top 4 Reasons

We have noticed that many parents start searching for the topmost school for their kids the moment they are born. YOU must be in that category too! If yes, continue reading. The International Boarding School Foundation Course is primarily for your child. Here, we will open your horizon to all the possibilities that can take place if you are willing to get admission of your little one to the best boarding school. Our International Boarding School Foundation Course is a boon for that.

Crack International Boarding School Entrance Exam

Here are the Top 4 Reasons to Opt for International Boarding School Foundation Course

An International Boarding School Foundation Course is the best preparation strategy to prepare students to get through the entrance exam of International Boarding Schools. Why are we saying this has a lot of answers. When you start preparing your child from an early age, the chances of his selection increase 10 times.

Stuck in Admission Process?

The Reason

The reason is simple. International Boarding Schools of India do not take students only on the basis of their academic performance. Their main goal is to select those students who can bring prestige and honor to the school through their excellent performances in every field of life. You must be an all-rounder. Along with this, your confidence always counts. They always look for students who are confident about everything they write in the exam and speak in the interview.

They check whether the student is adjustable to change or not. They give different activities to students to see whether they are comfortable carrying out activities differently and be eager to a new lifestyle or not. So, what do you think? To prepare your child for all these challenges of the entrance exam can be a six-month event. Not possible! It is a journey altogether. Getting your child admitted to one of the top schools in India has to be difficult. It is indeed.

This will require years of hard work to inhibit that confidence and develop that attitude in your child that he can crack the interview in one go. This can only be done if you keep your child under expert supervision and guidance since he is in class 1 or 2. By the time he reaches class 6, he should be well prepared to crack the entrance exam.

International Boarding School Foundation Course – Why is it Best?

Why are we emphasizing a lot on International Boarding School Foundation Course? Why cannot a six months preparation will not give you the assurity to crack the exam in one go? What are we going to do in 5-6 years of extensive preparation? What is the strategy of our foundation course to get through the International Boarding School entrance exam?

We know that there must be countless questions like these in your mind. We have all the answers sorted for you in just four major points.

5000+ Students got through Interview with us. You too can!

A Parallel System with School

A Parallel System with School

When the child is in primary classes, every parent is concerned about his academic performance. So, this might come to your mind about how he will be able to cope with the foundation course. Here, we come into the picture. We have strategized the preparation in such a way that your child will get enough time for both things. On one side, he can score good marks in school and at the same time, he can start preparing for big International Boarding Schools like The Doon School, Welham Girls’, etc. International Boarding School Foundation Course is the key to getting along the curriculum of these schools.

We have a specialized platform that works on the principle of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Here, your child can learn, practice, and test, all at the same time. It is available 24*7 so that our students can learn in their free time.

Development Over Time – Growth is a process

Development Over Time – Growth is a process

First of all, understand the fact that to crack the entrance exam of International Boarding School is not a one-day event. These schools are the top schools not just in India, but abroad too. People around the globe come here for the admission of their children to these schools.

Hopefully, you got an idea of the competition that your child has to face while appearing in the entrance exam. Not just the written exam but there is an interview, too. Do you think that 6 months or 1-year of preparation will assure the final selection? 90% chances are still there but what about the remaining 10%?

You cannot take risks. Your child has got only once in a lifetime chance. So, start the preparation early to get the best results. International Boarding School Foundation Course is that one way to help you in the best way possible.

Overall Personality Growth

Overall Personality Growth

So, now when you enroll in the International Boarding School Foundation Course, we make sure that as time progresses, we work on the overall personality growth of your child. This cannot be developed in 6 months. Personality development is a process. It is about the small basic habits of an individual which can only be grown with time.

Our experts make sure that they focus on the child’s body language, gestures, the way he speaks, his answer writing skills, and even his handwriting. This can only be done with time.

Constant Contact with Experts

Constant Contact with Experts

We, at truemaths, not only focus on the written exam. But, our experts also actively prepare your child for interviews and group discussions. Throughout the International Boarding School Foundation Course of 3-4 years, we provide you with special sessions twice a month. These sessions include Group Discussions, Psychometric sessions, interview preparation, Maths tricks, personality development, and many more.

The best part of the foundation course is that the child remains under the guidance and supervision of experts for so many years. This flourishes his abilities of speaking, reading, and personality with time. The child is in direct contact with experts constantly, so become smart with time.

Along with this, we have a dedicated platform for students where they solve their doubts and ask questions 24*7. Our educators are there to assist them round the clock.

Bonus Benefit of International Boarding School Foundation Course

When you are in continuous contact with us for all these years, it becomes our responsibility to keep you updated. Our counselors and managers stay connected with you on a regular basis. They keep you updated with different schools, their curriculum, what these schools are doing for the betterment of their children, their latest procedure, and much more.

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?

In fact, we keep you updated with the fee structure of different schools so that you can compare to choose the best for your child. These years that we spend on International Boarding School Foundation Course remain truly dedicated to getting your child the final selection. In case, you are interested to know more:


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