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Stonehill International School Admission 2023, Fee Structure, Alumni

Stonehill International School Admission 2023, Fee Structure, Alumni

Sending their kid to a prestigious school is a dream of almost all parents. They are ready to move mountains to give their child the best education. You must be one of them. That is why you are here. We can understand your struggle of deciding the best for your child. Giving him the brightest future is on the top of your priority list right now. Fair enough! Stonehill International School is one of those Top Schools in India. One of the best Boarding schools in India. To prepare your child for such reputed school, you need to be very sure about your preparation strategy for written exam and for the interview.

For now, choosing the best school for him must be your number one preference. Stonehill International School is one such Private schools in India for the students aiming at excellence.

Foundation Course
Foundation Course

About Stonehill International School

Stonehill International School Bangalore is a co-ed day boarding school. It is a day school for primary students and boarding facilities start from class 6. The school offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. Stonehill provides Primary Years Programme (PYP) for Nursery to Grade 5. Middle Years Programme (MYP) to classes 6 to 10, and the Diploma Programme (DP) to the students of grades 11 and 12.

Stonehill International School Bangalore is recognized by the Council of International Schools (CIS), and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The school is also a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA).

Stonehill is serving students of more than thirty nationalities. The school provides them with academic opportunities along with technological innovations.

Stonehill International School Bangalore

How to Contact Stonehill International School?

Stonehill International School Bangalore is located in the north of Bangalore on the way to Kempegowda International Airport. A two-story facility purpose building on 34 acres of land.

Address: 259 / 333 / 334 / 335 Tarahunise Post, Jala Hobli, Bangalore North 562 157, India

Call: 91 8043418300, +91 7026666911 / 8494922100


Stonehill International School – Facilities and Infrastructure

Stonehill International School Bangalore is spread over 34 acres. The campus is spacious, purpose-built, safe, and conducive to learning. The school campus features extensive sports fields and facilities. There is a building dedicated to major subjects. It includes Science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics.

The school has its own exclusive Arts Centre, three boarding houses, a multipurpose sports hall, a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, and an astroturf football field.

The students here get the privilege of India’s premier horse riding school. They can also become a part of the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence. The school offers students individual excellence.

Stonehill International School – Facilities and Infrastructure

Stonehill Residential School

Stonehill International School school has a residential area designed to extend the learning of a student. The school focuses on the fact that a healthy child needs a good school as much as a loving home to grow and learn.

Stonehill hostel facilities will keep your Your child will be safe, healthy, and happy here in the sunny rooms where healthy food is served. There are twin and quad sharing rooms, a common lounge, and a study room. Meanwhile, the residential campus has a cafeteria, a fitness center, and a 24-hour medical center.

Your child will get love and affection from experienced house parents, tutors, and service staff. They very well take care of children and their needs. Boarding students are allowed to choose after-school extra-curricular activities. Like, swimming, horse-riding, etc.

Along with this, the school arranges weekend activities outside the school campus for students.

Stonehill International School - Facilities and Infrastructure

Stonehill International School Admission Process

For parents seeking admission of their ward in Stonehill International School, visiting the school campus must be on the to-do list. You may do the campus tour between 9.00 am to 3.00 pm from Monday to Friday. For this, you have to book a prior appointment through email or call. You may also fill out the enquire and visit form available on the official website.

Once you visit the school, there is a team of admission experts who will give you all the information. It includes a curriculum overview, facilities, and fee structure. If you have taken the decision to get your child admitted to Stonehill, then fill out the enrollment form. The form is available on the official website of the school.

This will be a five-step admission form. In the first step, you will have to enter the personal information of your child. Along with this, they will ask for a student’s passport-size photo. In the second step, the guardians’ information has to be filled in. Fill in your own personal details.

In the third step, there will be some extra information asked. This includes language preference, schooling history, etc. The fourth step has recently introduced after the outbreak of Coronavirus. Here, you have to submit a confidential medical record of your child. In the last step, review all the information you have filled in and get on to submit the form.

The process might get tedious for you as there is a lot of information that you have to fill. Minor details of you and your child will decide the admission in the school. So, instead of taking risks, you can take our help. Truemaths has a team of experts who will guide you throughout the process. Right from admission to registration.

Stonehill International School FIVE-STEP admission process

Documents Required

Once we complete this five-step procedure for you, your work starts from there. Make sure that you have the following documents to attach with your application form:

  • Report cards of the previous two years.
  • A copy of passport or birth certificate (copy of OCI/PIO card, if applicable).
  • Vaccination Record.
  • An application fee of US$ 150 which is approximate 11,000 INR.

Along with this, the school may ask for some additional documents after reviewing your application form. You will get the regarding information on your mail-id.

Stonehill International School – Important Dates

Stonehill International School Bangalore starts in August and ends in June. A typical school day starts at 7:40 am and ends at 3 pm. On days of ASA (After School Activities), school ends at 4 pm.

Interview Selection
Interview Selection

Stonehill International School Fees

Hey Parents! As you are well acquainted with the admission procedure of Stonehill International School Bangalore, it’s time that you know the fee structure well.

One time payable fee at the time of admission (Non-refundable):

Application Fee11,000 INR
Development Fee (First or second child)1,83,425 INR
Development Fee (Third and subsequent child)91, 713 INR
Refundable Security Deposit2,93,480 INR
Refundable Security Deposit (Annual Fee Payment)22,011 INR

Following is the tuition fee, annually and semester-wise for different grades:

  Semester 1 Semester 2 Total Annual Fees
P1 – P3 (KG) 2,90,545 INR 2,90,545 INR 5,81,090 INR
P4 – P6 (Grade 1 – Grade 3) 5,44,772 INR 5,44,772 INR 10,89,545 INR
P7 – P8 (Grade 4 – Grade 5) 5,56,878 INR 5,56,878 INR 11,13,757 INR
M1 – M5 (Grade 6 – Grade 10) 6,05,303 INR 6,05,303 INR 12,10,605 INR
D1 – D2 (Grade 11 – Grade 12) 6,33,550 INR 6,33,550 INR 12,67,100 INR

Apart from this, there is some additional fee for different purposes. Have a look at that too:

  • Technology Fees: 14,674 INR
  • Cafeteria Fee (Optional – Not applicable to Borders): 43,000 INR per annum
  • Transport Fee:
    (a) Less than 60 kms radius from school (round trip) – INR 72,000 per annum
    (b) More than 60 kms radius from school (round trip) – INR 81,000 per annum
  • Boarding:
    (a) Weekly Boarding Fee: INR 2,81,250 per annum
    (b) Full time Boarding Fee: INR 3,03,750 per annum

Stonehill International School Scholarship

The school has a clear aim to cater to excellent students from different backgrounds. Be it sports or academics, if you are confident enough that your child will sail through this scholarship program, then go for it. There are three major categories of scholarships available. Middle Years Programme Sports Scholarship, Middle Years Programme Academic Scholarship, and Diploma Programme Academic Scholarship.

There are some eligibility criteria set by the school administration for the students to get these scholarships. Check whether your child is eligible for it or not.

  1. If you are seeking admission for your child in Grade 8 to 11 then you can apply for the scholarship program.
  2. If you are employed by a company that pays or reimburses their employees’ school fees, then only you are eligible to apply for an Honorary Scholarship.
Stonehill International School Scholarship

Your child can get the academic scholarship based on different grade levels:

Academic Scholarships are awarded at the following grade levels:

Grade 9 (M4) – Age 14+ (Max. age limit: 15 years)
Grade 10 (M5) – Age 15+ (Max. age limit: 16 years)
Grade 11 (D1) – Age 16+ (Max. age limit: 17 years)

In the Sports scholarship category, the grades are divided in the following way:

Sports Scholarships are awarded at the following grade levels:

Grade 8 (M3) – Age 13+ (Max. age limit: 14 years)
Grade 9 (M4) – Age 14+ (Max. age limit: 15 years)
Grade 10 (M5) – Age 15+ (Max. age limit: 16 years)

There are some other Stonehill Scholarship Details which you must make note of. They will help you decide that whether it’s right to apply or not.

  1. There are scholarships with a tuition fee concession of 100%, 75% or 50%. Along with this, there are scholarships with a boarding fee concession of 50%.
  2. Scholarships are determined at a fixed level set by the the Head of school and are non-negotiable.
  3. The number of scholarships vary from year to year depending upon the caliber of candidates who apply.
  4. Sport scholarships will be awarded to applicants showing excellence in both sport and character. They are also expected to take part in leadership roles for Stonehill sport teams.
  5. All scholarships are reviewed on a quarterly basis to assure the commitment.

Finding your child suitable for this scholarship? Start preparing for the Scholarship Assessment Day conducted by the school.

Stonehill International School Eligibility Criteria

Elite reputed schools come up with the most restrictive admissions criteria. These schools accept even less than 30 percent of the applicants. Stonehill International School is one such school. It has a highly selective reputation to match. The school expects students with high excellence and brilliance to get admission.

Students who do not have their native language, English will be asked to take reading and writing language assessments. These will be held during the enrollment stage, and then upon entry to the school.

When your child takes admission to Stonehill International School, he will be placed according to his age. The school has its own way of assessing your ward. The first criteria are age. The second is the academic record of previous classes. The third is the entrance test taken at the time of admission. The fourth is classroom observation. That means evaluation will be continued even after the admission.

Stonehill International School Bangalore Admission, Fee Structure, Alumni

Stonehill International Entrance Exam Pattern

Stonehill International School decides your child’s eligibility to take admission in the school by various criteria. They have a whole set of benchmarks to take the decision. Right from your child’s age to previous educational records, they have everything set already. Meanwhile, Stonehill takes an entrance exam at the time of admission.

This exam comprises of two major subjects: English and Mathematics. This is to test the general ability and comprehensive power of students taking admission. The school has a clear agenda of taking only those students who actually fit in.

So, if you have made up your mind for Stonehill International School admission then, start preparing your child right away. Along with the written exam, the school also decides your child’s ability through his performance in the class. The way he talks to everybody, the way he treats his classmates, his gestures, everything will be evaluated.

So, make sure that you begin brushing up on your little one’s basic skills. Truemaths has experts to assist you in this.

prepare for Stonehill International School Entrance Exam
3 3
Register for the Interview

Stonehill International School Entrance Exam Coaching

Truemaths has a team of expert educators preparing thousands of students for the school’s entrance exam every month. We give parents and students the right guidance for admission to elite and reputed schools like Doon School, Welham, etc. Our insight is to make the admission procedure hassle-free for you and your child. We believe in the supremacy of sorting the task for you.

Our Latest Results

Our educators will prepare your child for the written exam as well as for the Stonehill International School Entrance exam Interview. With the right amount of mentorship, your child will accomplish the best.

Stonehill International School Alumni

If you are even 1% doubtful that whether Stonehill is the best school for your child or not, then you must see this. This 2008 established school has secured its position among the best international schools in just a few years. Stonehill has given such successful alumni to the world that you will be surprised to see their achievements.

The school has an innovative way to bring its alumnus back to school from time to time. There is a zoom series, “Talk College with Alumni” conducted by the school. This aims to bring Stonehill graduates back to School to guide high school students with their application process.

Matilde Foroni

Matilde Foroni – Stonehill Alumni

She has pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance at UNIBO, Italy. At the same time, Matilde was doing an internship at Banca Etica, a bank in Italy. Stonehill has helped her in so many ways. The school has taught her the cultivation of student-teacher relationships. which helped her later in university.

Stonehill allowed Matilde to interact with children from the government school. This engagement built a meaningful community service in her. The school has poured in the ethics and values in students to the extent that now Matilde is a proud volunteer at the Italian Red Cross.

Matilde Foroni - Stonehill Alumni

Alaina Madaya

Alaina Madaya – Stonehill Alumni

Alaina is in her second year studying Media and Communication at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Till now, she has met some very interesting people, heard some good stories, and worked on real-life projects. She also created a media campaign for the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra using storytelling.
She has also been a full-time intern with the account/strategy team at TBWA\NEBOKO, an advertising agency in Amsterdam. Having such huge exposure at such young age, she gave credit to her schooling years in Stonehill. The school was the perfect stepping stone to life at university.

Alaina Madaya - Stonehill Alumni

Terence de Meza

Terence de Meza – Stonehill Alumni

Terence de Meza is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. He joined Stonehill in 2014 and has been there for five years. Terence was an active student in sports during his time at Stonehill.

Now, he is the Head of Education. She is also a student council representative, with a national organization. It is involved with education in biomedical sciences in the Netherlands.

Terence de Meza Stonehill Alumni

Daksha Ponappa

Daksha Ponappa – Stonehill Alumni

Daksha has worked as an intern for 6 months. She is also working as a full-time Program Coordinator in the same company. Daksha is planning to join Wheaton College, Massachusetts in September 2021. The time he spent in Stonehill has been the best years of his life.

She still misses the school’s art room and choir singing.

Daksha Ponappa - Stonehill Alumni
Know the Categories of the Interview
Know the Categories of the Interview

Stonehill International School – Photo Gallery

Stonehill International School FAQs

What are the average yearly fees in IB schools in Bangalore?

On average, the starting fees of a toddler in an International IB school vary from 3 Lakhs – to 5 Lakhs. This is only the tuition fees and does not include transportation, meal, stationery, and other extra charges.

The fees increase with grades. Offering a world-class curriculum, the IB schools in Bangalore charge a good sum but at the same time provide the best quality education.

Which are some good International schools in Bangalore?

There are so many excellent International Schools in Bangalore. They have such a world-class hold on academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities.

These are Treamis World School, Indus International School, Stonehill International School, Ebenezer International School, Greenwood High International School, Neev Academy, etc.
These schools work on the overall development of their students.

What is the dress code and school uniform of Stonehill School?

The school uniform of Stonehill School is navy and pale blue having Navy blue tunic, skirt, trousers or shorts. Pale blue blouse, shirt or polo shirt, Navy cardigan, jumper or school sweatshirt. Summer dress in blue. Pale blue t-shirt. Navy blue shorts. Plimsolls or trainers. Juniors may wear a track suit for outdoor games in the winter.
Here, in Stonehill school, children may also wear plain navy sweatshirts, jumpers and cardigans, and plain pale blue shirts or polo shirts.

Sensible shoes should be worn by both boys and girls. 

Tell us the important books to prepare for Stonehill School entrance exam?

Stonehill School is among the Top International Boarding Schools in India. The school gives admission to students on the basis of entrance exam having written exam and the interview. So, only very smart students get the final selection.

To answer your question, it is not possible to become this child by reading any book/books. To crack the entrance exam, the best way is to start with clearing your present class’s concepts, read more and more books, watch good shows and develop hobbies. The more you gain experiences, more you will have stories to tell over there. It’s better if you could connect with teachers who are already preparing students for such schools.

Truemaths is hub of such mentors who have more than 10 years of experience of preparing students for Stonehill School.

How to apply for Stonehill School Scholarship?

There is a dedicated Stonehill International School Academic and Sports Scholarship Programme which is absolutely wonderful for financially weak students dreaming to study in Top International Boarding Schools in India. The scholarship programme is to foster and celebrate excellence in academics and sports. Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic and sports abilities, based on aptitude and potential.

To get more details of this programme, you can directly talk to our counselor who will enlighten you on this.

What are the career prospects to study from Stonehill School?

Stonehill International School alumni fraternity have some amazing actors, writers, CEOs, politicians, sportspersons, etc. So, this is not even a question to ask that what are the career prospects after studying from this school. You can become anything you want. The school has got everything to cater your goals and dreams.

Stonehill International Ranking

The Stonehill International School Bangalore was established in 2008. In the Education world, C fore survey of the Most Admired International Schools in India 2012, Stonehill is ranked at No. 15.

As per the survey by the Annual Education World Rankings 2019, Stonehill school situated on 33 acres of peaceful countryside near Bangalore is among the top schools in the world under various categories.

There are so many schools in Bangalore that topped the ranking under the ‘International day-cum boarding schools’ category. Stonehill International School ranked at no. 6 among various schools like Indus International School, Greenwood High International School, Canadian International School, etc.

Stonehill International Ranking

Our Advice

We Suggest

After looking at the admission details of Stonehill International School Bangalore, you must have taken your decision already. So, if you find the school suitable for your child, then take the necessary step.

The first is to fill out the application form, the next is to keep all the documents ready and the last but the most important is to start the preparation for the entrance exam.

Dear parent, it’s not only your child appearing for the entrance exam, but it’s you too. After all, you are spending a whole lot of money for just one admission. Make it worth it. Talk to our experts today itself. We are happy to guide you at every step.


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