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How to Crack International Boarding School Entrance Exam Interview?

How to Crack International Boarding School Entrance Exam Interview?

The International Boarding schools of India provide world-class education. We have some popular boarding schools like The Doon School, Welham Boys & Girls, St. George School, Woodstock Boarding School, etc. These schools are not only popular in India but students come here from other countries as well. Every year many students approach these schools for admission. However, the admission procedure is not that easy, the students have to undergo a Boarding School entrance examination and personal interview.

Here, the question that comes to the mind of so many parents is ‘how to crack International Boarding School Entrance Exam Interview?’ We have the answer.

For the entrance examination, the candidates have to prove their mental skills to qualify, whereas, in the personal interview, the students have to show their interpersonal and communication skills. The qualifying personal interview stage is equally important to get admission to top boarding schools. Truemaths provides you an opportunity to improve your interpersonal skills so that you can perform well in the interview with total confidence. 

Master the Art of Speaking for Boarding School Entrance Exam

Mastering the art of speaking is not easy, especially when it comes to speaking in an interview. Still, it is a crucial step to select the students for admission to boarding schools. It can be said that interviewing the students is the process of narrowing down the options after interviewing many students. The personal interview gives an opportunity for the students to expand their skills beyond written application.

This is what Truemaths teaches you to be confident enough in the interview. Your confidence and positive attitude will help your interview to run smoothly. This is the best practice for crack Boarding School Entrance Exam interviews.

Crack International Boarding School Entrance Exam Interview

Scope of Interviewing

The word “interview” has many different aspects starting from appearance to the question & answer sessions. Interviewing the students for boarding school admission is a direct conversation between the two. The main purpose of the interview is to analyze the communication skills, attitude, and confidence of the students.

Truemaths basically works on the students’ communication skills to prepare them to face boarding school interviews. If you want to crack a boarding school personal interview then you should prepare for this. You can’t take the risk of going and sitting in front of the interviewer. 

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Do Not Overlook Interview Preparations

Preparation is the main component to get success in boarding school interviews. Do not be overconfident and overlook interview preparations. You will get the benefit of interview preparation by becoming smooth in handling those tough moments in the interview.

When you are preparing the answer to a question, you are proactive and choose what is important to answer. If you do not prepare, you simply answer what comes to your mind immediately. You can simply jot down some basic questions that you think may come across in the interview, such as

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Why do you want to join our boarding school?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What are your expectation from our school, etc?

You can prepare satisfactory and impressive answers to these questions. Truemaths has experienced mentors who will guide you on how to answer such questions with a positive attitude. You will get complete guidance at Truemaths Coaching Academy to achieve your goal of gaining admission to the boarding school of your choice.

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    Clarify and Solidify Expectations

    You can nail the Interview with a well-defined character and improved skilled personality of yours. Cracking an interview is not very hard until you have known how to prepare for it. Truemaths show you the right path to prepare you for the interview so that you can easily fulfill your dream of getting admission to a Boarding School Entrance Exam. We will help you to prepare the classic questions and answers that can be asked by the interviewers in the interview.

    Practice Meaningful Interview Questions

    Preparing for a boarding school interview does not mean that you will be asked questions from the books. The questions will be asked to judge your personality. You can prepare an answer for almost everything related to your personal profile. Practice meaningful questions. Be ready to answer in a well-defined and well-thought-out way to questions, like,

    • How do you determine your priorities?
    • How do you solve difficult situations?
    • How well do you work under pressure, etc?

    Ace the Interview

    You may have heard “Practice makes the man perfect”. The more you practice, the more smoothness you will be able to create in your performance in an interview. Truemaths will conduct various mock interviews for the practice of the students. Special sessions for personality development will be organized to improve the interpersonal skills of the students.

    Hardcore practice is very important to win the opportunity out of thousands. Truemaths makes this possible by providing the best guidance to students who wants to crack boarding school interviews.    


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      And our experts will help you to get through your queries and Crack the Exam



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