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Sherwood College Nainital Admission 2024, Fees, Alumni

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 8 May, 2023    11 min read

Sherwood College Nainital Admission, Fee Structure, Alumni


Get set go to find out if you are able to secure the final selection to your Dream School or not!

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If ENGLAND is written as 1234526 and FRANCE is written as 785291, how is GREECE coded?

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3. Imagine, you are a student at a top international boarding school. Your roommate comes from a different cultural background, leading to conflicts. What would you do to resolve the situation and foster harmony?

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4. You can see the doctor _____ 8 am and 12 noon.

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Pointing to a photograph, a woman says, "This man's son's sister is my mother-in-law". How is the woman's husband related to the man in the photograph?

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Your score is

The average score is 45%


About Sherwood College Nainital

Parents who are seeking their kid’s admission to a good school must have Sherwood College on their search list. You must be searching for the Sherwood Fee structure or might be curious about the school alumni. We have got you sorted. After all, this is a crucial decision. The school you choose for your child right now will decide most of his life in the upcoming years.

The more you focus on finding the best school, the more it will benefit your child in the future. Here, we have one of the best schools in India, Sherwood College Nainital. You must have heard the name already. Here, are the other A-Z details.

Sherwood College Nainital – A Brief Intro

Sherwood College is a co-educational boarding school affiliated with CISCE and IGCSE. It was established in 1869 in Nainital, Kumaon, India. The campus is located in the lush green Shivalik ranges in a serene and peaceful atmosphere. So, no distractions for your child. This is also one of the reasons for such a high number of admissions to the school.

This 149-year-old school has set milestones in the field of education. Sherwood College is providing academics, co-curricular, and sports education to its students. The school will be the best for your child. Especially, if you want to see him excelling in life – academics as well as in co-curricular activities.

Sherwood College Contact Details

Sherwood is the center of excellence with the mission to educate the youth in a dedicated way. The school makes leaders for tomorrow by making them enlightened citizens.

Address: Ayarpatta, Tallital, Nainital – 263002 Uttarakhand, India

Call: +91 8477885599

Email: [email protected]


Sherwood College Fees

Now, that you have made a decision of admission to your ward in Sherwood college Nainital, you must be well aware of the fee structure of this high-profile school.

Application feeRs. 7000/-
Security depositRs. 10,000/-
Annual FeeRs. 6,20,000/-

It is a high amount to pay for your child’s education but worth it, indeed. Here in Sherwood, your child will get the deserving exposure. His personality will develop in all dimensions. Students of Sherwood excel in almost every field of business and work. So, give it a shot for your child’s better future.

This Robert Milman school is almost 150 years old. The Principal, Mr. Sandhu along with a team of more than 200 teachers has taken the school to such height.

The school has given toppers, amazing personalities, officers, entrepreneurs, and actors. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most eminent personalities who has gone out in the world to make a name for himself and his school.

Let’s have a look at Sherwood College Nainital Notable Alumni. This will give you a little more confidence in sending your child to school.

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is the most popular actor in Bollywood who needs no introduction. He has a fan following of millions. Even, after being in the industry for so many years, his charm is irreplaceable. His personality, his voice, and the aura he carries tell a lot about him as a person.

In one of his interviews, he told that the school Sherwood has played a part in his persona the most. The three years he spent in the school were so special that he can write a book on them. He says that when he looks back on those years, he feels them as the most marvelous years of his life.

The school has taught him to be fearless, loyal, and truthful throughout his life.

Major Somnath Sharma – India’s first recipient of Param Vir Chakra

Major Somnath Sharma is the one person who will always be remembered for his bravery and patriotism. He was awarded India’s first Param Vir Chakra in the Indo-Pak War of 1947.

He was commissioned into the 8th Battalion, 19th Hyderabad Regiment, in 1942. After this, he has served in Burma during World War II. He fought in the 1947 war of Indo-Pakistani. There he was martyred while repulsing Pakistani infiltrators near Srinagar Airport. For his sacrifice, he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra.

Major has completed his schooling at Sherwood College Nainital. After this, he got admission to Prince of Wales Royal Military College, Dehradun.

Kabir Bedi – Actor

One another famous personality on the school alumni list is Kabir Bedi. You must know him as an Indian film actor but the fact you might not know is here. He has worked in film, television, and theatre covering not only India. But the United States, and especially Italy among other European countries too.

After his education at Sherwood, he got admission to St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

Dalip Tahil – Actor

Best known for his films, Baazigar (1993) and Raja (1995), Dalip Tahil is a famous television actor. He began to perform on stage at the age of 10 in school. He used to take part in choir, elocution competitions, and concerts in his school days in Sherwood.

During his senior years at school, he won the Kendall Cup two times for being the best actor. The first is Joseph in the play My Three Angels and the second is Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Sherwood has declared him the best actor for a record third time in 1969. This was his final year at school.

Ram Kapoor – Actor

Who does not know Ram Kapoor from Bade Acche Lgte hai or Jai Walia from the show Kasam Se? The person who played such famous roles is none other than Ram Kapoor.

The major growth in his career came in the initial years he spent in Sherwood College Nainital. There he was introduced to acting. He even auditioned for the annual school theatrical production. He performed the lead role there. The actor found his career path and realized his love for acting in his initial days only.

A good School decides so much about you as a person but most of all, it helps you to realize your passion in life. The same happened in the case of Ram Kapoor.

Fateh Chand Badhwar – Indian Civil Servant

The Indian Civil Servant and the first Indian to become the Chairman of the Railway Board. Fateh Chand Badhwar. The man of honor received Padma Bhushan in 1955 by the Government of India. Not only this but there is a park in Mumbai’s Colaba area which has been named Badhwar Park in his honor.

Badhwar has always been a nature enthusiast and mountaineer. He has served as the President of the Delhi Bird Watchers Society. He also had an association with The Himalayan Club.

One of the most prominent alumni of Sherwood college. Fateh Chand has later studied Mechanical Science at Cambridge University.

Virendra Dayal – IAS, senior UN official

Virendra Dayal has been a part of the Indian Foreign Service and has been a civil servant in the United Nations. He served as Chef de Cabinet to Secretary-General of the United Nations for more than a decade.

Dayal got Padma Bhushan, the third-highest civilian honor in 1992. Virendra Dayal spent his early schooling years at Sherwood College Nainital. Later, he did his graduation from St. Stephen’s College at the University of Delhi in 1954. After this, he has done a master’s degree in History from the same college.

Dayal being a bright student was selected for the Rhodes Scholarship. Through this, he pursued his higher studies at the University of Oxford.

Rahul Johri – CEO of BCCI (The Board of Control for Cricket in India)

The first Chief Executive Officer at the Board of Control for Cricket in India. He took care of the functioning of operations. Built strategies for the promotion of Cricket.

Rahul has also served as Executive Vice President for Discovery Networks South Asia. At present, he is working as the President of Business. South Asia of Zee Entertainment Enterprises.

Rahul Johri has been an alumnus of Sherwood College, Nainital, Uttarakhand. The school takes pride in showing him in the list of School alumni on their main website.

Angad Singh Bajwa – Shooter

Angad Vir Singh Bajwa is an Indian shooter who holds the skeet finals World Record of 60 out of 60. He competed at the Tokyo Olympics Games 2020 where he has a score of 120/125. At the 2015 Asian Shooting Championship and at the 2021 ISSF New Delhi World Cup, Bajwa won the Gold medal.

Angad has completed his schooling at Sherwood College Nainital and then pursued BBA. He went to Canada for some time. There he represented the country in shooting competitions.

You must be wondering what has made these people so popular, so successful, and still so down to earth. And what is there which differentiates them from the crowd of students? Of course, there are so many components responsible. Upbringing is one of them. Home and school play an equal role in it. These two form the major foundation in the life of a student. Sherwood has well played its part in this process.

Crack Sherwood College Entrance Exam

Sherwood College Admission Process

You want to get admission of your child to one of the best schools in India. Of course, it will need hard work and a lot of grinding. By you and by your child as well.
So, before getting admission in class III, make sure that your ward is of suitable age, that is 7+. Along with this, he must secure a good percentage in the previous classes.

Sherwood College is a co-educational residential school for class III to XII students. The school begins its online registration process in September each year. This closes by the 4th of December every year.

You have to register online as no manual procedure is available. The registration for admission in sessions 2023-2024 is open right now.

If you are interested to admit your ward to Sherwood, then this is the correct time. Don’t delay. Register online at Allow Truemaths to do this for you.

Once you are done with the registration process, next you have to focus on getting admission. Keep some of the important documents ready so that you don’t have to rush at the last moment.

  • Birth Certificate of your child
  • Aadhar card of your child
  • Your aadhar card
  • Child’s passport size photographs
  • Your passport size photographs
  • Residence proof

When you seek admission to a reputed school, the biggest fear is your child’s worthiness. Every parent gets in a dismissal that what if even after paying a huge amount of registration, the child does not get through the entrance exam. Don’t worry, this feeling is obvious. Truemaths will help you to deal with this confusion.

Enroll your child in our entrance exam prep course. We will prepare the ward for the written exam as well for the interview. Along with this, our seminars and webinar will boost his confidence.

As already mentioned above, if you are seeking to get your child admitted to Sherwood College. You can start the process of registration in the month of September. And make sure you do it before December. Keep track of all the dates on the official website so that you don’t miss any of them. We can also keep you updated. Let us know!

Stuck in Admission Process?

Sherwood Entrance Exam Coaching

To make the child a valuable part of this prestigious school, give him coaching. It’s important that prepare for the entrance exam. You can trust Truemaths for this. We are specialized in preparing the student for the written exam. Along with this, we ensure that your child becomes confident for the interview. We are right there from registration to preparation.

Sherwood College – Facilities And Infrastructure


Sherwood College Nainital can be the best destination for your child if you want to provide him with the best facilities. The school is widely spread on 45 acres, at a height of 6,837 ft. above sea level. The institution is a combination of old-style buildings, aesthetic windows, and oak-paneled walls, but at the same time, it has updated technology having all advanced methods of learning and teaching pedagogy.

The school provides its students with the best facilities and opportunities. They have big classrooms having giant white and green boards. Meanwhile, the school has a well-equipped resource area (library) potentially providing all sorts of books and information. There are subject-specific laboratories to cater to the inquisitive minds of students. Along with academics, they have dedicated infrastructure and playfields for all kinds of sports and indoor games.

The school provides the best coaches and trainers for sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Swimming, Athletics, Basketball, Lawn tennis, Badminton, Table tennis, Volleyball, Chess, and Diving, Snooker, and shooting. The campus also has the Audiovisual room, Pemberton Studio, and Conference room.

The campus is full-fledged with security cameras so that you don’t worry about your child’s safety while he is in school. There is 24/7 surveillance with well-trained security personnel at various locations in the school. They assure your kid’s well-being round the clock.

Not to forget the hostel facility. Hostels are the ideal place for students to feel at home. There are comfortable rooms which are separated for boys and girls. Meanwhile, there are some common rooms too where students watch television, play indoor games and relax a little bit. This is the best place for students to create memories and make friends

Dining Spaces

The three different dining spaces for teachers and students justify the fact that Sherwood college is one of the best residential schools in India.

5000+ Students got through Interview with us. You too can!

Sherwood College Nainital FAQs

Why choose Sherwood College Nainital for my child?

Sherwood College is one among very few schools in India that focuses equally on academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities. This will form the basis of your child’s overall development. When given equal exposure in all the fields, your child can easily choose the best option for himself.

Is Sherwood a co-ed school?

Yes, it is a co-ed school affiliated with CISCE, Delhi the ICSE, and ISE boards.

Which is the best school in Nainital?

Sherwood School, Nainital is the best boarding school in not only Nainital but in Uttarakhand too. The school has given cream students to the country. As you have seen above that there are not just famous actors and celebrities in the school alumni. But, civil servants and army officials were too.

Who is the owner of Sherwood School, Nainital?

Robert Milman is the owner of Sherwood School, Nanital he has maintained this 149-year-old school, which has effectively kept up with course through the wild pre autonomy time and two World Wars into the beginning of a free India, has arisen as a good example of co-instructive private (class III-XII) foundation. The current principal at Sherwood College, Nanital is Amandeep Sandhu (2004- Present).

How can I get admission to Sherwood School, Nainital?

Admission Confirmation relies on the vacancy in each class. Just those students who are eligible according to the school models (Least age Criteria for class 3 is 8 years) and clear an Entrance Test and Interview will be allowed confirmation on the watchfulness of the School Administration through the Admission Committee. Guardians can also enlist their wards online at Online enlistments usually begin from the long stretch of September of every year and end by the fourth of December every year.

What is the dress code and school uniform of Sherwood College Nainital?

Sherwood College Nainital Uniform has green blazer, white shirt, white pants and white shoes. Along with this, there are navy blue tie. Recently, Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji in one of the episodes of KBC worn his school uniform. He told everybody that he is wearing his school uniform after 65 years.

Tell us the important books to prepare for Sherwood College Nainital?

Sherwood College Nainital is among the Top International Boarding Schools in India. The school gives admission to students on the basis of entrance exam having written exam and the interview. So, only very smart students get the final selection.
To answer your question, it is not possible to become this child by reading any book/books. To crack the entrance exam, the best way is to start with clearing your present class’s concepts, read more and more books, watch good shows and develop hobbies. The more you gain experiences, more you will have stories to tell over there. It’s better if you could connect with teachers who are already preparing students for such schools.
Truemaths is hub of such mentors who have more than 10 years of experience of preparing students for Sherwood College Nainital.

How to apply for Sherwood College Nainital Scholarship?

Every year, Sherwood College Nainital provides scholarship to deserving students seeking for financial help to provide financial stability to them.
For more details of the scholarship, you can talk to our counselor.

What are the career prospects to study from Sherwood College Nainital?

Sherwood College Nainital alumni fraternity have some amazing actors, writers, CEOs, politicians, sportspersons, etc. So, this is not even a question to ask that what are the career prospects after studying from this school. You can become anything you want. The school has got everything to cater your goals and dreams.

Why is Sherwood College considered so elite or is it just all hype?

The great actor Amitabh Bachchan ji, the writer Ruskin Bond, a prominent Indian politician, Manohar Parrikar ji has served as the Chief Minister of Goa and as the Defence Minister of India are all alumni of Sherwood College located in Nainital. So, this must be clear that the school has got something big to offer to its students.

Established in 1869, making the school one of the oldest boarding schools in India. Its long history contributes to its reputation and prestige.

So, Sherwood College is not hyped. The school is rightly considered as elite.

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?


You want to see your child climbing the ladder of success. No doubt, the school will play the most important role in it. Sherwood College can be that school for your ward. In Goodwill, legacy, and reputation ranking, the school has secured 2nd position. In academic excellence, Sherwood is number 3.

The school is the 4th best school around Nainital and it is the 30th best school in Uttarakhand. After looking at these rankings, you must be sure that Sherwood College is the best school for your child.

Now, that you know the Sherwood College admission procedure, application form details, Sherwood fee structure, school alumni, and major features. You are all set to choose the best school for your child. If you still have any doubt, we will suggest you compare the facilities and infrastructure of the school with other top boarding schools in India. After all, it’s about the future of your child. Have a happy searching and scrolling!


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