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Eleven Plus Examination Maths Coaching | Best Tips

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 22 Jun, 2023    7 min read

Eleven Plus Examination | Best Tips

Truemaths is the best Eleven plus examination Maths coaching for your child. Actually, not only Maths, but we have experts who are specialized in all the subjects needed for 11+ Exam preparation. Are you wondering why we have chosen specifically Mathematics? Let us tell you, Maths is the most important component in the syllabus of the Eleven Plus Entrance Exam.

Crack Eleven Plus Examination Entrance Exam

Eleven Plus Examination Maths Coaching

To ace, the most important component of the entrance exam to Grammar Schools is very important. Yes, we are talking about Eleven Plus Examination Maths. The subject of Mathematics is there with the highest weightage to check the reasoning power of your child. If you are preparing your child at home, no doubt you can excel but we are not sure about the time period. Maybe, it will take a year or two. That is why we recommend coaching. Taking some external help to prepare your child for Eleven Plus Examination Maths can make the process quick, easier, and more viable. 

Truemaths has everything for your child preparing for this exam. Not only, we are known for our Mathematics experts in the country. But, we also have some treasure for you. Yes, the previous year’s papers and sample papers of Eleven Plus Examination Maths. More on this at the end of this article. For now, let’s understand the exam in detail. 

Stuck in Admission Process?

What is Eleven Plus Examination?

The Eleven Plus Examination is a selective type of entrance exam for admission to secondary and Grammar schools. The result of this examination is used by several state-funded grammar schools as well as a few private schools to admit the best academically-able children.

Students usually take up this exam towards the end of their 5th year of primary school or towards the beginning of their 6th year. Eleven Plus Examination comes under the Tripartite System of secondary education in England. There is approximately a fourth part of all children who clears the eleven plus exam to get final entry to grammar schools. This can be the most important exam for your child if you want him to get entry into one of the grammar schools of England.

The purpose behind conducting Eleven Plus Exam is for placing the students in Grammar Schools and other Secondary Schools. The exam got its name derived from the age group of the students who can participate in it i.e students with an age of 11 years or above, hence the name 11 PLUS.

This exam came into existence in the year 1944 in order to determine the secondary school of a pupil. This exam helps in placing students in three types of Secondary schools namely- Grammar, Technical or Modern on the basis of the performance of the candidate

As a competitive exam, it mainly focuses on the combination of the following four subjects : 

English: The English paper emphasizes the writing and formatting skills of the child. It includes writing and structuring a piece of work in English with proper punctuations, spelling, and grammar.

Maths: The candidate will be tested on his mathematical ability, mental maths, math concepts, and skills based on solving numerical problems. Eleven Plus Examination Maths is one of the important portions of the exam. And, you must consider coaching for this specific subject for better results.

Verbal Reasoning: This reasoning part tests the child’s English grammar and Vocabulary by including questions about solving problems and riddles with words and numbers.

Non-Verbal Reasoning: This section includes problems with diagrams and pictures that the student needs to solve. It also includes an element of Mathematics problems.

Among all the subjects, the Maths test varies from school to school. At some schools, a separate multiple-choice question-based paper is set, whereas some schools prefer having a combination of English and Maths based questions.

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Eleven Plus Examination Maths Syllabus

The aim of the 11 plus exam is to check the mental level of the students who have just passed the primary school. So, the Mathematics portion is not difficult for students who are in regular touch with the basic syllabus. Mainly there are algebra, decimals, uncomplicated ratios, and fractions. If we talk about the specific topics, there are:

  • Basic Arithmetic Operations
  • Fractions
  • Percentage
  • L.C.M. and H.C.F. of 2 numbers
  • Prime and Composite Numbers
  • Bar/ Pie/ Line Graphs and Data Tables (Data Analysis)
  • Basic Algebra
  • Area and Perimeter of Squares, Rectangles, and Triangles
  • Problem Sums involving direct relation
  • Points and their co-ordinates
  • Symmetry
  • Dice and cube visualization

Why Mathematics is Important For 11+ Exam?

Eleven plus examination mainly aims in accessing the child’s logical thinking and understanding of the subject. As an eleven-year-old prodigy, the children are expected to have ordinary Math and Logical skills instead of complex problems to solve. There are several different topics included in the Eleven Plus Examination Maths and that also differs from school to school. 

Mathematics is one of the core subjects to test the mental ability of a child. And in the case of Grammar Schools, the subject is one of the most important components. Even in the Verbal and non-verbal reasoning section, acquaintance with Mathematics is very necessary. 

Also, in one corner of your heart, you know that all this struggle to get your child to Grammar school is because of his future. A good career and job for their child is every parents’ dream. There are so many job profiles that only entertain smart people and not those with big degrees. Your child’s command of the Mathematics subject will allow him to get there eventually. 

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?

How To Study Maths For Eleven Plus Examination?

Studying Maths for Eleven Plus Exam is a task in itself. As a child, it depends a lot on the mental ability and time management skills to pass the Eleven Plus Examination Maths. But, don’t worry, we have got you sorted here. We have some amazing ways to help you get through it. 

First things first, make sure that the child is well versed with the basic fundamentals of Maths, after that focus can be shifted on complex topics. As the use of Calculators is strictly restricted in the examination hall, make sure the child can cope with mental calculation within a limited time period. For this, make sure that the child is comfortable with tables and can add and subtract on the go.

Over and above this, lay stress on the following matters while preparing the child for the Mathematics examination.

  • Early preparation is the key. Start early and finish the curriculum as early as possible so that enough time can be devoted to revision.
  • Practice. Practice and Practice. Use workbooks that help in sharpening the skills so that it can be fun with learning.
  • Upon books, include interactive games, puzzles and activities that can help in developing the child’s accuracy, speed and confidence. Such activities help in passive learning.
  • Don’t ignore the Practice papers and Mock tests. It improves critical thinking ability and aids in time management during actual exams.

We hope that this will help you a lot while having the preparation for Eleven Plus Examination Maths. In case, you need more help, talk to our experts right away. 

Top 6 Books For Eleven Plus Examination Maths

Maths is a diverse and critical subject hence, the preparation also needs to be on the point. With proper paper tests and relevant books, the preparation can be made stronger to pass the exams. Some of the highly recommended books for preparing Mathematics are ISEB and Galore Park Books, Bond Maths Books, CGP eleven plus books, Letts 11 plus books, Schofield and Sims, Peter Robinson- Maths practice and Revision.

Truemaths – The Best Eleven Plus Examination Maths Coaching?

Truemaths is the best Institute for Eleven Plus Examination Maths coaching. Lets us tell you why our experts at Truemaths concentrate on covering all the areas of the Eleven-plus examination. The areas include subjects like English, Reasoning, especially Mathematics. Our team of skilled tutors will assess the weaknesses of each student under each of these subjects. The Eleven Plus Examination consists of four different subject papers and each of them carries high importance. Therefore, we understand this and thrive to succeed in effectively tutoring your ward.

We have specialized faculties for Mathematics who have more than 15 years of experience in the subject. They are not just subject-matter expertise but they also have other skills to prepare your child for Eleven Plus Examination Maths. They have short tricks and Vedic Maths skills to help students in quick mental calculation. 

Here, at the Truemaths, we first try to know our students better. Our faculty members assess their strengths and weakness on a particular topic or the entire subject. Our experienced teachers concentrate on building a new foundation of learning skills on their pre-existing knowledge. 

This helps them understand and in turn, they become an individual with desired traits for being suitable as one of the best academically advanced students for the grammar school. Our teachers stress on our students gaining in-depth knowledge, sound mind, developing rational and logical thinking. We give extra effort on tricky portions like Fractions Decimals, etc. 

Along with this, we at Truemaths create a revision schedule for the examination. We work out with particular topics, a child needs more time to work on. The teachers are highly experienced and have an idea of the selection procedure. They have learned this by virtue of all the time spent tutoring various sorts of students to pass this examination and other competitive examinations. 

Eleven Plus Examination Maths – Online Coaching

If you are not sure about taking our online classes for Eleven Plus Examination Maths prep then you must go through the perks once. After this, you can decide whether it’s good for you or not.

Due to this Covid-19 situation going on the planet, your child’s well-being is our top priority. So, we offer good quality online classes for students who are not able to join Truemaths, Dehradun, and Gwalior academy.

We have dynamic teachers for our online batches, who will keep you focused on the preparation. They believe that distance does not matter if a teacher and a student have the same goal and they are equally passionate about it.
Along with this, we provide regular mock tests, practice papers, sample papers online to keep you prepared.

Your progress is also being checked weekly by regular tests and assignments. This also helps you to be on track for a longer period of time. Our experts will tell you chapter-wise short tricks, and mnemonics that will be very beneficial for your Eleven Plus Examination.

The administrative team of tutors in Truemaths takes the pain to carefully understand each student and the amount of pressure they can sustain in order to achieve the goal.

We want to ease the path of the students to achieve success in getting admitted to the best grammar schools. Our teachers’ vivid experience and wisdom help in bringing out the best in our students. We are equipped with all the required facilities to provide the students with a comfortable and conducive environment even in online classes. 

Mathematics is that sort of subject where continuous guidance might be needed by your child for Eleven Plus Examination Maths prep. 

Why Choose Us? 

Still, thinking that whether Truemaths is the best for Eleven Plus Examination Maths Prep? Then, we have got your answer. We have the best lot of teachers, and faculty members in India to prepare your child for this exam. Not only this, we have experts to guide you in every step of the registration and application process. And on top of that, we have mock tests, previous year papers of Eleven Plus Examination Maths, sample papers, practice papers for the preparation of your child.

Our weekly tests strategy to track your child’s progress can be the cherry on the top of the cake. So, if you are willing to join us for your child’s Eleven Plus Examination Maths preparation, call us right away.


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    In the beginning, when I came across The Doon School Entrance Exam coaching, I was not very sure about it. Later, when I read the testimonials and contacted these people in person. Then, I got the required trust. I started the classes with a firm belief and see, now I have cleared the exam. Thank you so much.

    doon school result

    Aayansh Pandey

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    The day I was sitting in the examination hall and took the paper in my hand, I was surprised. Most of the questions, I have already studied while my preparation. Thanks to the Experts who with their sheer hard work have made my journey so smooth.

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    It was my immense luck and fortune to get the coaching from Truemaths for the preparation of Welham Girls'. All the teachers leave no stone unturned to shape my future.

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    Huge respect, love, and devotion to entire teachers, mentors, and experts for their blessings and hard work towards me. It's their efforts that make me to count myself into better professionals.

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    Madhav Ramesh

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    Truemaths has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management, and team skills and to get the Final selection in The Doon School.

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