How To Study Mathematics For Eleven Plus Examination?

How To Study Mathematics For Eleven Plus Examination?

Eleven plus examination or Transfer test is conducted for the students studying in the last year of primary schools in the western countries such as England and Northern Ireland.

What Exactly Is Eleven Plus Examination?

The purpose behind conducting Eleven Plus Exam is for placing the students in Grammar Schools and other Secondary Schools. The exam got its name derived from the age group of the students who can participate in it i.e students with age of 11 years or above, hence the name 11 PLUS.

This exam came into existence in the year 1944 in order to determine the secondary school of a pupil. This exam helps in placing students in three types of Secondary schools namely- Grammar, Technical or Modern on the basis of the performance of the candidate.

As a competitive exam, it mainly focuses on the combination of the following four subjects : 

  • English: The English paper emphasis on the writing and formatting skills of the child. It includes writing and structuring a piece of work in English with proper punctuations, spellings and grammar.
  • Maths: The candidate will be tested on his mathematical ability, mental maths, math concepts and skills based on solving numerical problems.
  • Verbal Reasoning: It tests the child’s English grammar and Vocabulary by including questions about solving problems and riddles with words and numbers.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning: This section includes problems with diagrams and pictures that the student needs to solve. It also includes an element of Mathematics problems.

Amongst all the subjects, the Maths test varies from school to school. At some schools, a separate multiple-choice question-based paper is set, whereas some schools prefer having a combination of English and Maths based questions.

How To Study Maths For Eleven Plus Examination?

Studying Maths for Eleven Plus Exam for a child is a task in itself. As a child, it depends a lot on the mental ability and time management skills to pass the Math Exam.

First things first, make sure that the child is well versed with the basic fundamentals of Maths, after that focus can be shifted on complex topics. As the use of Calculators is strictly restricted in the examination hall, make sure the child can cope up with mental calculation within a limited time period. For this, make sure that the child is comfortable with tables and can add and subtract on the go.

Over and above this, lay stress on the following matters while preparing the child for the Mathematics examination.

  • Early preparation is the key. Start early and finish the curriculum as early as possible so that enough time can be devoted to revisions.
  • Practice. Practice and Practice. Use workbooks that help in sharpening the skills so that it can be fun with learning.
  • Upon books, include interactive games, puzzles and activities that can help in developing the child’s accuracy, speed and confidence. Such activities help in passive learning.
  • Don’t ignore the Practice papers and Mock tests. It improves critical thinking ability and aids in time management during actual exams.

Why Is Math Important For Eleven Plus Examination?

Eleven plus examination mainly aims in accessing the child’s logical thinking and understanding of the subject. As an eleven-year-old prodigy, the children are expected to have ordinary Math and Logical skills instead of complex problems to solve.

There are several different topics included in the Math examination and that also differs from school to school. Yet, these topics can be divided broadly into six categories such as,

  1. Numbers
  1. Fractions
  1. Measurements
  1. Algebra
  1. Geometry
  1. Problem Solving
  1. Data handling
  1. Statistics
  1. Ratio and Proportion

Top 10 Maths Books For Eleven Plus Examination

Maths is a diverse and critical subject hence, the preparation also needs to be to the point. With proper paper tests and relevant books, the preparation can be made stronger to pass the exams. Some of the highly recommended books for preparing Mathematics are,

  • ISEB and Galore Park Books
  • Bond Maths Books
  • CGP eleven plus books
  • Letts 11 plus books
  • Schofield and Sims
  • Peter Robinson- Maths practice and Revision. 

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