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Mahindra International School Pune(MISP) Admission, Fee Structure, Alumni

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 18 May, 2023    8 min read

Mahindra International School Pune(MISP) Admission, Fee Structure, Alumni

A school has the greatest impact on a child’s ideology, future, and behavior. This is the reason parents are crazy about International schools in India. They want the perfect place for their kid to learn, explore and grow. If you are one of those parents, then consider Mahindra International School Pune.

Yes, the school has recently changed its name. It was formerly known as Mercedes-Benz International School. With its high-quality education and diversity in other activities, MISP has everything for your child.

Crack Mahindra International School Entrance Exam

The school curriculum is designed in such a way that it provides opportunities for students. This helps them to explore their potential and develop their skills. You will be amazed to see its infrastructure and facilities. It is India’s first IB World school with 3-Programmes.

As stated by the Director, MISP has a mission to promote learning. This will encourage them to take up responsibility, and celebrate diversity.

Mahindra International School Pune – A Brief Intro

Mahindra Internation School Pune is the oldest International Baccalaureate (IB) school in India. The school offers all three programs – IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme, and IB Diploma Programme.

The school has a vision of creating an empowered, agile, and innovative community of learners. It wants them to be willing to contribute within and beyond the school in a positive manner. The school tops every list in a parent’s book to get their child admitted. It is no doubt, one of the finest schools, apt for gaining knowledge and celebrating life.

How do I Contact Mahindra International school Pune?

Address: P-26, MIDC, Hinjawadi Phase 1 Rd, Phase 1, Hinjewadi Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411057

Call: 91 – 20 42954444

Email: [email protected]


Join Truemaths – Prepare for MISP Entrance Exam

The Mahindra International School hosts a small student population. They provide top-quality resources, unlike their competitors. The school expects educators to be dedicated and passionate about teaching. The educators must be aligned to the mission, vision and all the other general principles set by the school or the board of IB Education.

With such high education bars, the school becomes a lit bit more difficult to approach. It gets difficult to get admission for students in MISP. Proper preparation for the written exam and the interview is required by your child to become a part of the school. MISP selects the child on several criteria. This includes his subject knowledge, verbal ability, his body language, and communication skills. But don’t you worry.

Truemaths is there to help! It can help your child to get into the most prestigious school in the country. If you are seeking admission of your child to MISP, then talk to our experts. Our councilors would help you make an all-around and well-defined curriculum vitae. This will highlight the most pleasant aspects of your child.

We help students to have a well-defined Personality and work towards being marvelous. That is too in all of their academic and extracurricular pursuits. Fill out the form and get a callback.

DAIS – Facilities and Infrastructure

Mahindra International School Pune makes sure that all students enjoy the classroom atmosphere. And, develop collaboration skills, experimentation, and innovative thinking among the students. To top all this, the Mahindra International School Pune has set up a Professional Development program. This provides world-class professional learning experiences.

The Mahindra International School careers of the students are very bright in every aspect. It is due to the help from the highly skilled staff who put in the immense effort and share their experiences. This enriches the knowledge and thinking of students around the globe.


The curriculum, textbooks, instructional materials, and teaching methods of the school are among those found in the top international and independent schools worldwide.

The students, not only excel in theoretical knowledge to get admission to top universities. But, also excel in other fields and activities. Some successfully build a bright future in certain competitive sports teams. The school has a diverse student body that is actively engaged all the time to interact and learn more.

Truemaths tries to emulate the same kind of students who are passionate about learning and try to excel in all fields of learning.


Mahindra International School has fourteen lecture rooms, laboratories, a library, and a media center. The school has music rooms, a cafeteria, sports grounds, and a pool.

A well-equipped medical area is there in the boarding house. A registered doctor visits the premises twice a week. In cases of emergencies, the college is connected to The Aditya Birla Hospital, which is twenty minutes away.

The boarding school with the accommodation of forty boarders has a home-like atmosphere. It has spacious rooms, and computer systems with Wi-Fi access.

Stuck in Admission Process?

Mahindra International School Pune Admission Process

Mahindra International School comes up with a smooth process for your child’s admission. All admissions to the school are on a first-come-first-served basis. The admission procedure for the new session starts in January. You are advised to contact the school admissions office as early as possible.

All admission applications are accepted through the online application portal the school. [email protected]. Once you visit the website, create your own login.

The school will take the decision to admit your child on the basis of prior school records, and their diagnostic placement test. Admissions will be determined at each divisional level. This will be based on an evaluation of whether the school can meet the learning needs of the student or not.

Documents Required

Before giving admission to your child, the school asks for certain documents. Note them down so that you can keep them prepared in advance.

  1. School records for two years in a single PDF file.
  2. Copies of parent’s passport.
  3. Confidential Recommendation Form from the current school.

Once the school receives your child’s application form and documents, you will get an invoice for the application fee via e-mail. The school will review the admission form and documents after receiving the application fee. After this, diagnostic assessments, meetings, or skype interactions (for students not in the country) will be scheduled for admission.

These assessments and meetings will test your child’s ability and knowledge. The interview is conducted to make sure that the student has an up-to-the-mark persona. Truemaths can prepare your child for the whole process.

Important Dates

  • The admission procedure for the session at MISP starts in January.
  • The International students whose school year calendar finishes during December-March (ie. Southern Hemisphere, Japan, and Korea). The school makes them continue for an additional semester in the last grade.

Mahindra International School Pune Fees

Before starting the admission procedure of your child in MISP, get aware of the fee structure. These International schools charge a good amount of money but at the same time, provide such premium quality to students, too.

  • Application Form Fees: Rs. 5000/- (This you have to pay within 7 days of invoicing)
  • Admission Fees – Rs. 2,00,000/- up to a maximum of two children per family (This you have to pay within 10 days of invoicing)
  • Admission Fees – INR 20,000/- for Early Years. The balance of INR 180,000/- is payable to the school when the student enters year 1 of the Primary Programme.
CategoryTuition Fees (Annual)Tuition Fees (Quarterly)
Early Years classes – EY 1Rs. 3,88,300/-Rs. 1,06,900/-
Early Years classes – EY 2 & 3Rs. 7,19,000/-Rs. 1,97,800/-
Primary Classes 1 to 5 (Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 9,39,000/-Rs. 2,58,000/-
Middle Years Programme – MYP 1 to 4 (Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 9,93,000/-Rs. 2,73,100/-
Middle Years Programme – MYP 5 (Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 1049000/-Rs. 288500/-
Diploma Programme – DP 1 (Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 1537000/-Rs. 422700/-
Diploma Programme – DP 2 (Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 1642000/-Rs. 451600/-
Primary Classes 1 to 5 (Non-Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 1416000/-Rs. 389400/-
Middle Years Programme – MYP 1 to 4 (Non-Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 1517000/-Rs. 417200/-
Middle Years Programme – MYP 5 (Non-Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 1572000/-Rs. 432300/-
Diploma Programme – DP 1 (Non-Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 1995000/-Rs. 548600/-
Diploma Programme – DP 2 (Non-Indian Passport Holder)Rs. 2098000/-Rs. 577000/-
  • MISP Transportation Fees 2023-2024
    For the students residing within a 15 km school radius, the amount is Rs. 40,000 annually.
    For the students residing beyond a 15km school radius, the amount is Rs. 60,000 annually.
  • Extra Participation
    In case your child wants to participate in some sports team, Model United Nations, or International excursions by outside providers, then you will have to pay an additional cost.
  • Late Payments
    The school charge 2% per month of the payment due for late payments. This charge is calculated monthly.
  • Late Enrollments
    A student who enrolls late has to pay the remaining part of the term with an additional 12%.
  • Students leaving Early
    Students leaving early has to pay the balance of the fees for the quarter and other levied charges.

The school offers a 10% sibling discount for the first sibling (family with 2 children). And an additional 20% for the second sibling (family with 3 children).

Keep note of the fact that the fee is collected in Indian Rupees and is payable to the school bank accounts.

5000+ Students got through Interview with us. You too can!

Mahindra International School Pune Eligibility Criteria

To get admission to Mahindra International School Pune, there are strict age and grade criteria. If your ward wants to get admission into this international school, he must be:

  • 3 years old for joining the Preschool 1.
  • 4 years old for getting admitted into Preschool 2.
  • 5 years old for joining Preschool 3.
  • 6 years old for selection into the PYP 1 or the 1st grade.

Along with this, the school committee will consider the following things before giving admission to your child:

  • Student’s academic preparation.
  • The Social, emotional, physical, and cognitive readiness of your ward.
  • They expect the student to meet all the admission procedures and qualifications.
  • Availability of space in the grade the parent is seeking admission to.

Mahindra International School Entrance Exam: Syllabus and Pattern 2023-24

Now that you know the admission procedure and fees, it’s time that you start preparing your child for the entrance exam of MISP. This will be the deciding factor for your child to get admission to the school. MISP is an International school with all the opportunities and facilities for your child.

So, it can be expected that this elite school will have a tough competition for the students in its entrance exam.

The Entrance exam will be in two phases: The first is the Diagnostic Placement Test and the second is a personal interview.

Written Exam

The placement test will be a written paper comprised of Aptitude questions. These questions are expected to be from major subjects: Maths, English, GK, and general reasoning. Prepare your child in these subjects from the textbooks of previous classes. This will help the student a lot.


This will be a personal round of interviews of your child with the headmaster of the school. He might ask your child his interests, his hobbies, and other general questions. The clear aim of this interview is to test your child’s ability to think and act. His perspective on various issues will be checked.

Truemaths can help you with this. The faculty here are highly skilled and at par with all kinds of National and International Schools. We have an excellent team of tutors who invent innovative learning skills. This promotes growth-oriented practices among the students.

Mahindra International School Pune Alumni

The Mahindra International School Pune Alumni arrange a huge meet every year. The school has a mass of famous and active Alumni members, who interact and take part on various occasions.

Formerly known as The Mercedes-Benz International School caters to students from approximately thirty nationalities. The population ranges from expatriate families, non-resident expatriate Indian families, and local Indian families. The parents who wish to provide global education to their kids generally opt for this elite school of Pune.

The students at MBIS come from a varied range of cultures and nationalities. They bring with them past experiences, different methods of learning, and unique learning styles.

The alumni group of Mahindra International School Pune comprises big businessmen, civil servants, military officials, journalists, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

Mahindra International School Pune Ranking

The best thing you can do for your child is to give him the best education. The right school will do this for your ward.

Mahindra International School Pune is one such school. It is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The school is one of the best International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in the Hinjawadi area of Pune. It ranks among the top schools in Pune.

The school is known for giving exceptional results in the academic sphere as well as in extra co-curricular activities.

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?

Mahindra International School FAQs

Why join the Mahindra International School Pune?

Mahindra International School Pune was founded in the year 1998. It has become a well-established school that serves India’s expatriates. The school is providing premium quality knowledge to students. Those who dream of receiving an International-based education.
The school has represented 30 nationalities with approximately 360 students.
The Mahindra World School ranking is reaching higher levels with every passing year. This year, they ranked as the best day school in Pune. Throughout these 22 years, they have expanded their community in unimaginable ways.
So, it is worth getting your child admitted to the school.

Who is the Director of Mahindra International School Pune?

According to Wikipedia, The Director of Mahindra International School is Eileen Niedermann. Ms. Pushpinder Rana is the Head of the Secondary School. And, Ms. Helen Sharrock is the Head of the Primary School.
According to the director, the mission of the school is to promote learning, encourage responsibility, and celebrate diversity.

Final Advice

We hope that you have got the clarity of your child’s admission to Mahindra International School Pune. Now it’s time that you start preparing the student for the admission process and entrance exam of Mahindra International School. Take our help. Truemaths is there right from registration to preparation. Also, we will help you to find the top boarding schools in India.


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