Mahindra International School Pune(MISP) admission structure

Mahindra International School Pune(MISP) admission structure

Mahindra International School Pune(MISP) admission structure

Mahindra International School (MIS) was formerly known as Mercedes-Benz International School. It is India’s first IB World school with 3-Programmes. As stated by the Director herself, the Mahindra International School’s (MIS) mission is to promote learning, encourage taking up responsibility and celebrating diversity. Their vision or motto is creating an empowered, agile, and innovative community of learners who are willing to contribute within and beyond the school in a positive manner. Mahindra International School, Pune tops every list in a parent’s book to get their child admitted. It is no doubt, one of the finest schools, apt for gaining knowledge and celebrating life.

Mahindra International School Pune

Moreover, the school is certified by the following well-known organizations:

  •  Council of International Schools (CIS)
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • The International Baccalaureate (IB)

Being India’s oldest IB school, Mahindra International School is authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB) and is offering all three programs, which are the PYP, MYP, and DP.

Contact the Mahindra International school, Pune

Mahindra International School, Pune is located in Hinjawadi, a suburb of Pune in Maharashtra, India. The Mahindra International School’s address is P-26, MIDC, Hinjawadi Phase 1 Rd, Phase 1, Hinjewadi Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411057. You can also contact them via the Mahindra International School phone number available on their website.

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The Mahindra International School hosts a small student population. They provide top-quality resources, unlike their competitors. The school expects educators to be dedicated and passionate about teaching. The educators must be aligned to the mission, vision and all the other general principles set by the school or the board of IB Education.

Mahindra International School, Pune revolves around the idea that all students and educators enjoy the classroom atmosphere and develop collaboration skills, experimentation, and innovative thinking among the students. To top all this, the Mahindra International School, Pune has set up a Professional Development program that provides world-class professional learning experiences.

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The Mahindra International School careers of the students are very bright in every aspect. It is due to the help from the highly-skilled staff who put in the immense effort and share their experiences with the students to enrich their knowledge and thinking around the globe. The students, not only excel in theoretical knowledge to get admission in top universities but excel in other fields and activities. Some successfully build a bright future in certain competitive sports teams.

The school has a diverse student body who are actively engaged all the time to interact and learn more and Truemaths tries to emulate the same kind of students who are passionate about learning and try to excel in all fields of learning.

Mahindra International School Pune Admissions.

How to join the Mahindra International School, Pune?

Mahindra International School entrance exam is not conducted for all batches of students. Though under some conditions an exam might be conducted for the entrance of a student or a group of students for a particular class. Other than that, the previous term report of test marks is to be uploaded along with other documents for admission of the child to his or her senior class. Also, an interview is conducted with the headmaster of the school to make sure that the student has an up to the mark persona.

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But to gain admission into the school, you would have to show the student’s past academic records and have a distinctly great conspectus. Our councilors would help you make an all-round and well-defined curriculum vitae that highlights all of your most pleasant aspects. We at truemaths help your student have a well-defined Personality and work towards being marvelous in all of their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

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The faculty at truemaths are highly skilled and at par with all kinds of National and International Schools. The institute provides an excellent team of tutors who invent innovative learning skills and promote growth-oriented practices among the students. In this way, the students get the enthusiasm to grasp more knowledge. The active learners at truemaths are equipped to be 21st-century global citizens with a passion for all-encompassing and life-long learning.

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    All About Admission of Students in the Mahindra International School, Pune(Eligibility Criteria)

    About the Mahindra International School placement, the age and grade would matter for the admission.  If your ward needs admission into the international school, He must become:

    • 3 years old for joining the Preschool 1.
    • 4 years old for getting admitted into Preschool 2.
    • 5 years old for joining Preschool 3.
    • 6 years old for selection into the PYP 1 or the 1st grade.

    Moreover, all the dates will be seen according to the month of September, i.e. all birth dates to be seen starting the first of September.

    Why join the Mahindra International School, Pune?

    Mahindra International School, Pune or Mahindra World School or the Mercedes-Benz International School was founded in the year 1998. It has successfully become a well-established school that serves Pune’s expatriates, distributing knowledge to those who dream their children receiving an International-based education.

    As of this year, the school represents 30 nationalities with approximately 360 students. The Mahindra World School ranking is reaching higher levels with every passing year. This year, they ranked as the best day school in Pune. Throughout these 22years they have expanded their community in unimaginable ways.

    Fee Structure in the Mahindra International School, Pune

    Mahindra International School Tuition Fee amount usually varies, depending on the child’s age, category, and other factors. Additionally, the tuition fee structure varies for Indian students and expatriate students. For a family with 2 children, a 10% discount is given to the second child. However, the School reserves the right to alter the existing fee structure.

    The annual tuition fee unexpectedly covers the majority of a child’s school expenses

    • The IB Programme and exam fees
    • Educational field trips
    • Learning resources
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Other educational activities like the Model United Nations
    • Various picnics, National and International excursions

    Who is the Director of Mahindra International School, Pune?

    The Mahindra International School Principal or Director is Eileen Niedermann. Ms. Pushpinder Rana is the Head of Secondary School whereas and Ms. Helen Sharrock is the Head of the Primary School.

    The school does not provide its students with a full-service hostel facility. Mahindra International School hostel facilities do not exist.

    Mahindra International School, Pune Alumni.

    The Mahindra International School, Pune Alumni arrange a huge meet every year. The school has a mass of famous and active Alumni members, who interact and participate on various occasions.

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