Doon School Entrance Exam Sample Papers

Doon School Entrance Exam Sample Papers

Are doon school mock test papers important?

Mock tests of any entrance exam are really important as the sample papers are exactly like the real question paper. They are very helpful for all the aspirants with sky-high hopes. Students have to know their syllabus properly while appearing for the exam. Students should begin their preparation atleast a year before the day of the exam. Before giving any competitive test one should know the exam pattern.

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Doon school Entrance exam Mock tests help the students to

  • Improves speed and accuracy
  • Motivation and self-confidence
  • Strength and weakness

Why truemaths Mock tests for The Doon school Entrance exam?

Only if the students take mock tests, they will be confident to give the exam. The Doon school mock test gives them an idea about how the real examinations will be conducted. They will be able to know their weaker points in particular subjects and will be able to improve. The Doon School sample papers are designed and published by our experienced faculty members for their students. This gives them the idea of what level of questions will be asked.

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Why The Doon School sample papers are so important?

The Doon School is one of the best schools in India. However, the admission procedure is not that easy. The students have to qualify for a challenging entrance exam to get admission to the well-known school. Though the question paper is designed based on the level of the standard, mostly it is beyond the capacity of most students. So, the students are advised to study the whole curriculum from a Competitive standpoint and then practice a whole lot of Doon School Entrance exam sample papers. To get more information about these schools, go to our blog posts :-

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  Preparing for the boarding schools’ admission is an excellent decision but it is advised to prepare for the Doon school entrance exam with complete seriousness. If you want to get admission to The Doon School then you should start preparing for the entrance exam right away. You can also join Truemaths preparatory institute, the best place for The Doon school preparation. You might fill the form given below:-   

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Sample Questions for the doon school Entrance Exam:

Part 1: English

Study the paragraph and answer the questions that follow:

We should preserve Nature to preserve life and beauty. A beautiful landscape, full of green vegetation, will not just attract our attention but will fill us with infinite satisfaction. Unfortunately, because of modernization, much of nature is now yielding to towns, roads and industrial areas. In a few places, some Natural reserves are now being carved out to avert the danger of destroying Nature completely. Man will perish without Nature, so modem man should continue this struggle to save plants, which give us oxygen, from extinction. Moreover, Nature is essential to man’s health.
Q1. Why a beautiful landscape ‘will fill us with infinite satisfaction’?

(A)- We love beauty

(B)- It is full of green vegetation

(C)- It will ensure our future existence

(D)- It will show our command over Nature

Q2. Find the correctly spelled word:

(A)- Mountainous

(B)- Mountaneous

(C)- Mountenous

(D)- Mountainous

Q3. Find the Correct one out of the following:

A: Once the formalities are done, you can start using your account and save time and money.

 B: Opening a bank account can seem intimidating.

C: Getting your account opened is just a matter of providing certain details and funding your account.

D: Fortunately, most banks follow a standardized process.





Part 2: Reasoning

(Q4.-Q5.) A word given in Capital Letters is followed by four answer words. Out of these only one can be formed by using the letters of the given words. Find out that word.





(D)- MAN






Part 3: Maths

Q6. In a triangle the sum of two adjacent angles are 60o and their difference is 30o. Find the angles of triangle.

(A)- 10o, 20o, 150o

(B)- 15o, 45o, 120o

(C)- 20o, 50o, 110o

(D)- 20o, 45o, 105o

Q7. Find the area of a square park whose perimeter is 320m.

(A)- 6500 m2

(B)- 6400 m2

(C)- 6300 m2

(D)- 6200 m2

Q8. Solve the given equation:-  (7y + 4)/(y + 2) = -4/3

(A)-  y=2/5

(B)-  y=4/5

(C)-  y= 3/5

(D)-  y=-4/5

Can’t do these Doon school Sample questions?

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If you want admission to the top boarding schools of India, want home tuitions, RIMC/RMS preparation, fill this form now and get a callback soon.

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