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Best RMS Coaching | Online & Offline

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 24 Mar, 2023    8 min read

Best RMS Coaching | Online & Offline

Best RMS Coaching

Crack RMS Entrance Exam

Before going into why Truemaths is the best for RMS coaching, let’s understand why in the first place you need RMS coaching. Isn’t it possible to study at home to prepare for RMS CET? What sort of exam do they conduct that requires the right kind of preparation? We have all the answers sorted for you here.

Rashtriya Military Schools were earlier known as Kind George’s Royal Indian Military Schools when the RMS Bangalore was established. In 1952, the school started providing admissions to the sons of Defense Service Officers and civilians. In 2007, George’s Royal Indian Military Schools got its name as Rashtriya Military School (RMS). There are many students of RMS who have got various positions in the Indian armed forces and serve their country with the best services. According to Wikipedia, Chail Military School is the oldest military school in India.

Every year thousands of students apply for the common entrance test (CET) across the country to get admission in RMS. It is not that easy to get through this entrance test. You need proper preparation to qualify for the RMS Common Entrance Test. For proper preparation and guidelines, Truemaths can be the best choice.

Why do you need RMS Coaching?

It is amazing if you are thinking to prepare for the RMS Common Entrance Test on your own. But, did you check the syllabus and the exam pattern? Go through the syllabus once to have a better understanding of your decision. We are not saying that it is not possible to prepare for the exam at home, but it can get tedious in comparison to RMS coaching. They ask various subjects in the written exam, right from English and Mathematics to Current affairs, everything is there. On top of it, there are interviews.

Without proper guidance, a little blunder can cost you so much. So, take the decision wisely. We, at Truemaths, not only prepare you for the written exam but also guide you throughout the selection process. This helps them to relieve a little bit and focus on their learning.

About RMS Entrance Exam

The RMS Entrance Exam is known as Common Entrance Test (CET). To take admission to Rashtriya Military Schools, you are expected to sit in this exam. The exam is conducted in various exam centers throughout the Nation. There are three stages to get the final selection: Written exam, interview, and medical test.

Stuck in Admission Process?

RMS Entrance Exam Eligibility Criteria

  1. For admission to class 6, the students should be between 10 to 11 years of age.
  2. For admissions to class 9, the age of the students should be between 13 to 14 years.
  3. Relaxation in age will be provided to the children of personnel killed in the war.
  4. To get admission to class 9, the students must be appearing or passed the 8th standard exam from a recognized school.

Rashtriya Military School Exam Pattern

You should know the exam pattern of RMS CET before starting your preparation. It helps you to understand the pattern of the question paper and also to make a proper study plan to prepare for the exam. Well, one of the best options to prepare for RMS CET is joining truemaths as we give the best RMS coaching in Dehradun.

As far as the preparation under the guidance of a coaching institute is concerned, Truemaths prepare its students as per the examination pattern of RMS. Hence, you can join Truemaths to get proper guidance for RMS coaching in Dehradun. As RMS provides admissions to class 6 and class 9, here you must check the exam pattern for both grades.

RMS Exam Pattern – Class 9

Subjects% of marks to qualifyTotal marks
General Knowledge & Current Affairs40%50
Intelligence Test40%50
Interview 20
Subjects% of marks to qualifyTotal Marks
Social Science50%100
Interview 50

RMS Exam Pattern – Class 9

Subjects% of marks to qualifyTotal marks
General Knowledge & Current Affairs40%50
Intelligence Test40%50
Interview 20
Subjects% of marks to qualifyTotal Marks
Social Science50%100
Interview 50

5000+ Students got through Interview with us. You too can!


The coaching institutes of Dehradun are known to provide the best classes for defense preparation. Be it NDA, CDS Airforce, SSB, Sainik Schools, RIMCs, or RMSs, the city is full-fledged with the best institutes in the country. Not only written exam preparation but we are also known for the best interview and SSB preparation. So, when it comes to preparation, students usually come here to get the best guidance. Truemaths is one of these institutes having the best faculties and provides the best services to students preparing for RMS schools in India. 

Still, there are so many aspects where Truemaths outshines all these coaching institutes for preparation to get into these schools. We not only cater to the individual academic needs of our students, but we also prepare them for the bigger challenges of life.

Why Truemaths is the best RMS Coaching?

You must be thinking that why are we so much bragging about Truemaths providing the best RMS coaching in our country. What is special about Truemaths? Why choose only Truemaths for RMS coaching? We have got all your answers.

At Truemaths, you will get proper guidance, the best study material, and experienced teachers to prepare for the RMS Common Entrance Test. Well, good preparation needs good guidance that you can get by joining Truemaths. Truemaths will provide you with the best RMS coaching or the entrance test and prepare you for the interview stage in RMS admissions. RMS CET is one of the toughest entrance tests at the school level, so you must join RMS coaching to crack it in your first attempt.

You might come across so many coaching institutes promising the best guidance for the RMS entrance exam. No doubt, there are so many good platforms to get the best RMS coaching. Here, we will tell you why Truemaths outshines among them to give the best RMS coaching.

  • Truemaths was created with a vision that students should get rid of the fear of weakness in a particular subject. The students always feel like running away from the subjects in which they are weak, so we tackle that weakness.
  • The more the students practice and do the assignments at Truemaths, the more they will understand the topics of each subject.
  • A successful coaching center is best known for its teaching staff and so is “Truemaths”. We are quite popular in Dehradun because of our efficient faculty members. The methodologies they use to make the students understand are very effective.
  • The faculty members at Truemaths give equal focus to every student whether he is a weak student or a sharp one. The teachers do not treat the whole class at the same bar. Each student has its own weaker areas that may differ from other students.
  • The teachers at truemaths focus on the weak areas of a student more specifically so that he should not feel uneasy in the class. The teachers at truemaths are very compatible that students do not feel hesitate to ask their queries again & again.

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?

RMS – Offline Classes

RMS Coaching – Offline Classes

  • For offline mode, we have different options available. There is a 1-year course for extensive preparation, revision, tests, etc. There is 6 monthly course for students who are confident about their preparation. And, 3 months crash course for students who are already in preparation and seeking some revision guidance. In all three courses, we have excellent teachers catering to the individual needs of a student.
  • We also provide school and hostel facilities to our students, which can become a win-win situation. As if you enroll as a day-boarding student with us, you will get a better environment for studying. This can discard your distraction to help you in RMS admission.
  • We have a full-fledged infrastructure with a dedicated library, computer labs, 24*7 wifi connection (restricted to educational stuff), sports field, infirmary, etc.
  • We have housemasters and security guards who will make you feel at home. They will take care of your safety and well-being.
  • We are well aware of the fact that a written exam is not enough for your selection in RMS So, we have dedicated sessions for interviews. Here, we invite military officials to give you the right guidance.
    We have specialized teachers for Physical training to get you selected for the medical test which is a deciding factor for RMS admission.

RMS Online Classes

RMS Coaching Online Classes

If you are not sure about taking our online classes for RMS admission preparation then you must go through the perks once. After this, you can decide whether it’s good for you or not.

  • Due to this Covid-19 situation going on the planet, your well-being is our top priority. So, we offer good quality online classes for students who are not able to join Truemaths, Dehradun academy.
  • We have dynamic teachers for our online batches, who will keep you focused on the preparation. They believe that distance does not matter if a teacher and a student have the same goal and they are equally passionate about it.
  • Along with this, we provide regular mock tests, practice papers, and sample papers regularly to keep you prepared.
  • Your progress is also being checked weekly by regular tests and assignments. This also helps you to be on track for a longer period of time.
  • Our experts will tell you chapter-wise short tricks, and mnemonics that will be very beneficial for your RMS admission preparation.

RMS Coaching – Entrance Exam Question Papers

The RMS question papers are more or less similar to the CBSE/ICSE/State Board. The question paper will be divided into 3 sections- English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. At truemaths, there will be separate faculty members for RMS Coaching in Dehradun to teach these subjects. They will also discuss past year’s papers, mock tests, and sample papers with you regularly. The faculty at truemaths will focus on each and every topic until the students are through with the topics.

This will help you to clear the RMS entrance exam easily. Through RMS coaching, you can plan your studies as per the requirement of the RMS entrance examination. Proper guidelines, hard work, and practice will help the students to succeed in RMS admission.

RMS Coaching FAQs

Almost every student who is preparing for the RMSs follows the same books and study materials. Where does the difference lie? What is the most important factor which decides a student’s success?

This one is a very good question that we have got from our students, and the answer might be very helpful for other students too. So, including it here. 
First of all, try to understand that there is the same RMS CET pattern and syllabus for every student. So, this is obvious to have the same books and study material in the market. 
What makes you different is your preparation strategy to crack the exam. If you are consistent and dedicated, nobody can stop to get the final selection. In course of your prep, you have to practice daily. Every day counts. There is so much information on the internet, don’t mix all of it. Be Cautious while making notes and choosing books. It’s better if you work under the guidance of an expert or a coaching institute has so many experts in the subject matter.
Keep track of your preparation and learning. We, at Truemaths, give you regular mock tests and practice papers to examine your progress.
All this will count in your final selection and make you different from others preparing for the same exam.

Which Boarding school should I prepare for – RMS, RIMC, or Sainik Schools?

This is one of the most common doubts among students and parents who dream of defense services. All these schools are best known for preparing students for defense services at a very early age. 
In an order of preference, parents generally choose RIMCs as they are best known for the exposure they provide for the students. For sports and co-curricular activities, no school can maths RMS Bangalore. Thus, this can be your independent choice. All three prepare students for military services at their best.

We suggest

We Suggest

We asked our RMS coaching experts and they told us that the preparation of CET requires a lot of consistency and dedication. There is no way to get the final selection without tough work. Even, if you do it solely, no doubt, it is possible. But, very tedious and challenging. So, we suggest you take experts’ guidance. At Truemaths, they not only provide you with the best classes for the written exam but also take regular sessions for the interview procedure.

By the end of the RMS coaching, you will be all set to face the written exam, interview, and medical test. Isn’t it great?

If you are still in one percent doubt, talk to us right away. We will clear all your doubts and give you the required advice as per your individual need.


    Parents Reviews

    Student Reviews

    In the beginning, when I came across The Doon School Entrance Exam coaching, I was not very sure about it. Later, when I read the testimonials and contacted these people in person. Then, I got the required trust. I started the classes with a firm belief and see, now I have cleared the exam. Thank you so much.

    doon school result

    Aayansh Pandey

    Doon School

    The day I was sitting in the examination hall and took the paper in my hand, I was surprised. Most of the questions, I have already studied while my preparation. Thanks to the Experts who with their sheer hard work have made my journey so smooth.

    Doon school result

    Hridit Rohit Surana

    Doon School

    It was my immense luck and fortune to get the coaching from Truemaths for the preparation of Welham Girls'. All the teachers leave no stone unturned to shape my future.

    Welham girls result


    Welham Girls' School

    Huge respect, love, and devotion to entire teachers, mentors, and experts for their blessings and hard work towards me. It's their efforts that make me to count myself into better professionals.

    the doon school result by truemaths

    Madhav Ramesh

    The Doon School

    Truemaths has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management, and team skills and to get the Final selection in The Doon School.

    Sahil Truemaths

    Sahil Patil

    St. George's School



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