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RMS Coaching in Dehradun

Rashtriya Military School (RMS) coaching in Dehradun


Before going into why Truemaths  is best for RMS coaching in dehradun, lets understand overview of this school. Rashtriya Military School was earlier known as Kind George’s Royal Indian Military Schools when it was established. In 1952, the school started providing admissions to the sons of Defense Service Officers and civilians, before that it used to take care of the study of defense personnel only. In 2007 George’s Royal Indian Military Schools got its name as Rashtriya Military School (RMS). There are many students of RMS who have got various positions in Indian armed forces and serving their country with the best services.

Every year thousands of students apply for the common entrance test (CET) across the country to get admission in RMS. It is not that easy to get through this CET. The students need proper preparation to qualify the CET of RMS. For proper preparation and guidelines, you can join us.

Truemaths provides one of the best RMS coaching’s in Dehradun. Here you will get proper guidance, best study material, and experienced teachers to prepare for the entrance test. If you are also appearing for RMS CET this time then Truemaths  is the best option for you to get the Rashtriya Military School coaching in Dehradun.


No. of Rashtriya Military Schools in India


Rashtriya Military School is located in five cities across India that provides the best education to eligible students. RMS has the best schools at-


  • Rashtriya Military School at Chail, Himachal Pradesh
  • Rashtriya Military School at Ajmer, Rajasthan
  • Rashtriya Military School at Belgaum, Karnataka
  • Rashtriya Military School at Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Rashtriya Military School at Dholpur, Rajasthan


These RMS schools conduct CET every year to select the best students for admissions in 6th and 9th standard. The students need to work hard to qualify for the CET. Hence, the students appearing for RMS admissions can join Truemaths to get good RMS coaching in Dehradun.


Facilities at Rashtriya Military Schools


When we think about the facilities provided at RMS, the first thing comes to our mind is the hostel facility. RMS provides the best living accommodations to its students well equipped with spacious & well-ventilated rooms. Apart from this the students also get,


  • Well equipped laboratories
  • Huge and spacious library
  • Well equipped computer labs
  • Sports facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Hygienic cafeteria


Selection Criteria of Rashtriya Military Schools


RMS is affiliated with CBSE that provides admissions to only boys in 6th and 9th standards. English is the medium of instructions at RMS, however, Hindi is a compulsory subject starting from 6th standard to 10th standard. RMS prepares its students to get the entry in Indian armed forces on officer’s level. Well, good preparation needs good guidance that you can get by joining Truemaths. Truemaths will not only provide you the best RMS coaching in Dehradun for the entrance test but also prepare you for the interview stage at RMS admissions. RMS CET is one of the tough entrance tests, so you must join RMS coaching in Dehradun.


The Eligibility Criteria are as given below:


  1. For admission in the 6th standard, the students should be between 10 to 11 years of age.
  2. For admissions in the 9th standard, the age of the students should be between 13 to 14 years.
  3. Relaxation in age will be provided to the children of personnel killed in the war.
  4. To get admission to the 9th standard, the students must be appearing or passed the 8th standard exam from a recognized school.


Rashtriya Military School CET Syllabus


Every student should know the syllabus of RMS entrance test. You can go through this page to get the syllabus of the 6th and 9th standard CET of RMS admissions. Truemaths will also help you in getting the syllabus of RMS CET. Truemaths not only provides you the best RMS coaching in Dehradun but also provides the syllabus, examination pattern, study material, etc. The syllabus of RMS entrance test is as follows-


RMS Examination syllabus for 6th standard


Mathematics Syllabus

Mathematics is one of the important parts of CET to get admission in the 6th standard at RMS. The syllabus of Mathematics will cover these topics-

Time & Work, Profit & Loss, Simple Interest, Decimal & Fractional, Menstruation, Number System, Percentages, Degree Fahrenheit, Arithmetic Mean. Geometry, Measurement of Temperature in degree Celsius.


English Syllabus

The syllabus of English for 6th standard CET includes these topics-

Composition, Articles, Affirmative & Interrogative, Spelling Check, Para Jumbled, Error Correction, Synonyms & Antonyms, Prepositions, Framing Questions, Comprehension Passages, Fill in the blanks, Types of sentences, Construction of Sentences etc.


GK & Current Affairs Syllabus

Well, GK & Current Affairs is a vast area to cover for RMS preparation. This section of RMS entrance test will include these topics-

Sports, Science & Health, States of India, Atomic Power Station in India, Books & Authors, History, Awards, Committee & Commission, Our Defense Forces, Classical Dances of India, International Organization, Important Dates & Days, Famous Persons & Places, Geography, Famous Rivers, Union Territories, National Park & Wild Life Sanctuaries of India, Countries, Capitals & Currencies, Important Towns on River, Some Abbreviations, Invention & their Inventors, Important Events of World History, General Science, Environment & Pollution, Indian Constitution etc.


Syllabus for Intelligence Test

The intelligence test will judge your IQ level. This part of the CET will cover the topic such as,

Decision Making, Relation of Analogy, Analogy Test, Same Class, Coding & Decoding, Sequence, Puzzle, Verbal & Non-Verbal, Direction Sense, Jumbled Spelling, Relationship, Completion of Series etc.


RMS Examination syllabus for 9th standard


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Mathematics Syllabus

Mathematics is an important part of CET for the 9th standard at RMS admission. This subject includes the topics-

Circle & its parts, Lowest form & equivalent, Ratio & Proportion, Comparison of Numbers, Number system, Roman Numeration & Rounding Off Numbers, Greatest & Smallest Numbers, Area of triangle, rectangle, square, etc.

Unitary Method, The volume of cube & cuboid, Time, Work, Distance & Displacement, Area of circle, Profit & Loss based problems, Conversion of units of area & volume, Interior & exterior of given figures, Place value & face value of numbers, Angle sum property of triangles & quadrilaterals, Temp measurement in degree Celsius & degree Fahrenheit, Basic geometrical concepts such as point, line, line segment, ray, etc.


English Syllabus

English syllabus for 9th standard covers these topics-

Fill in the blanks, Grammatical Structure, Affirmative & Interrogative, Comprehension & Passage, One word substitution, Antonyms & Synonyms, Articles, Vocabulary, Framing Question, Prepositions, Homonyms, Composition, Spelling Check, Error Correction, Grammar etc.


Science Syllabus

The students also have to prepare for Science subject to get admission in 9th standard in RMS. This subject covers these topics-

Material, Natural phenomena, Solar system, Energy, Reproduction, Electroplating, Living/ Non-living, Food, Light, Chemical effects of electrical current.


Hindi Syllabus

The students have to prepare for these topics to cover the syllabus of Hindi such as –

भाषिक अनुप्रयोग और व्याकरणिक कुशलताए, अपठित बोधात्मक प्रश्न, वर्ण विचार / वर्तनी विवेक, शब्दभेद (स्त्रोत / उत्पत्ति), लोकोक्ति, पद परिचय, पर्याय/विलाम, मुहावरा, वाक्य रचनान्तरण (सरल/संयुक्त/मिश्र), शब्द विवेक (शब्द प्रयोग में सूक्ष्म अंतर), अशुद्ध वाक्य को शुद्ध करना, पद भेद (व्याकरणिक कोटि) की पहचान


Social Science Syllabus

The students can prepare for Social Science by referring to the book of the 8th standard from the NCERT syllabus because the questions will be set based on the 8th standard book.


Examination schedule at Rashtriya Military Schools


Common Entrance Test (CET) is the first stage to qualify to get admission at RMS. The school conducts its CET in December, whereas the application procedure generally starts in September month of every year. However, it is advised to start preparation as early as possible by joining a good RMS coaching in Dehradun.


The students who will qualify the CET will be called for the interview stage at respective RMS. Once the interview is completed the final merit list will be prepared based on the performance of CET and interview of the students.


Examination pattern of Rashtriya Military School


The students should know the examination pattern of RMS. It helps you to understand the pattern of question paper and also to make a proper study plan to prepare for the exam. Well, one of the best options to prepare for RMS CET is joining truemaths as it gives best RMS coaching in Dehradun. As far as the preparation under the guidance of a coaching institute is a concern, Truemaths prepare its students as per the examination pattern of RMS. Hence, you can join Truemaths to get proper guidance for RMS coaching in Dehradun. As RMS provides admissions in 6th and 9th standard, so here you can check the examination pattern for both the classes.


Examination pattern for 6th standard admission in RMS


Subjects % of marks to qualify Total marks
English 35% 50
Mathematics 40% 50
General Knowledge & Current Affairs 40% 50
Intelligence Test 40% 50
Total   200
Interview 20


Examination pattern for 6th standard admission in RMS


Subjects % of marks to qualify Total Marks
Mathematics 50% 100
English 50% 100
Science 50% 100
Hindi 50% 100
Social Science 50% 100
Interview 50

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