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Get the finest coaching at “Truemaths” for The Doon School Boys Admission- Doon School Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehradun

Dehradun is an education hub and has many finest schools in the city. The Doon School is one amongst the finest Boarding schools in Dehradun that came into existence in 1935. This school has a reputation of having great personalities of the country like Rajiv Gandhi, Naveen Patnaik, Abhinav Bindra, Sanjay Gandhi and many others. The Doon School, Dehradun provides education to boys as it is a Boys’ Boarding School. To get The Doon School focuses not only on education but also in sports, cultural activities, music and other extra-curricular activities. At Truemaths we provide the finest The Doon School entrance exam coaching in Dehradun.

Below Given is the list of Doon School Admission (Final Selected students) who studied at Truemaths Academy.

2020 selection 1

Doon School Dehradun famous alumni list

Doon School Dehradun Admission Process

The admissions happen every year only for 2 standards- VII standard & VIII standards. The admissions carry out on a yearly basis in the month of January for standard VII and in the month of April for standard VIII. The students have to qualify for the entrance examination to doon boys’ school admission. The admission will be completed in 2 stages- written examination and personal interview. The qualified students of the written examination will call for a personal interview and the final selection will be carried out on the basis of the interview.

Doon School Coaching Institute

Doon School Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehradun

The first thing which plays an important role in a student’s life is the coaching classes. Hence, to get admission in the Doon School also good coaching classes are needed. The right place for doon school entrance exam coaching in Dehradun is “Truemaths”. Truemaths is known for its quality coaching classes. It provides proper guidelines to the students so that they can crack the entrance examination with good scores. Truemaths prepare the students as per the syllabus of the entrance examination of the Doon School. Let’s have a glance at the syllabus of the entrance examination.

Doon exam updated

Truemaths Team:-

At Truemaths we have the most experienced and dedicated faculty. We have designed a comprehensive curriculum best suited for The Doon School Entrance Exam. Teachers at Truemaths ensure student understand the core of the topic taught to him/her and practices similar questions which may come in the entrance exam. We take regular tests and test reports are shared with the parents on a regular basis.


Coaching Classes for Doon School Entrance Examination

For the student to secure a seat in the Doon School, it is absolutely essential to get him admitted to a coaching center that would prepare him for the entrance test. When speaking of coaching center, the first name that would top every list is Truemaths Academy.

Over these few months, Truemaths has emerged for conducting the best coaching classes for Doon School Entrance. The teachers focus on preparing each student as per the guidelines of the Doon School Entrance Exam. We coach the students as per the provided syllabus. The students are guaranteed to get appropriate tutoring from a team of highly experienced faculty. At Truemaths Academy, we organize weekly tests at regular intervals, conduct interactive sessions to share and impart knowledge among all the students. We prepare all our students with immense care for every examination. Hence, the students excel in every entrance with flying colors with our guidance and support.

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Entrance Examination Pattern:

The papers that applicants have to sit for in the Entrance Examination are English, Mathematics, Hindi, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning which are a part of General Knowledge. Hindi is a compulsory language for every student to appear in. However, an exception may be given only to those students who have not studied the subject Hindi for 5years prior to the Doon School Entrance test. The English, Mathematics, and Hindi papers are for 1 hour each. The Verbal Reasoning is conducted for 50 minutes and the Non-verbal Reasoning has a duration of 30 minutes. The admission will be based on the total evaluation of all 5papers.

Online Classes:-

We are also preparing students through Online Classes for Doon Scool Entrance. 

Key Features:-

  1. The curriculum is designed according to the latest exam question papers.
  2. The live classes are very interactive.
  3. Small group in Each class.
  4. Personalized attention to each and every student.
  5. Regular Worksheets are given at the end of each class
  6. Regular tests are conducted to check the performance of the students.
  7. The performance report is shared with the parents.

Doon school entrance exam syllabus 

There is no formal syllabus for the entrance examination at the Doon School. The reason for not providing syllabus is that the kind of questions asked in the examination is from the subjects already taught in the previous schools. The question paper is set in a manner so that it is accessible to the students from all backgrounds, whether he is from CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE or any State Board. However, the students get guidelines for mathematics and also a copy of the sample question paper to get an idea about the pattern of the Doon School entrance exam 2020. The parents can contact the school to collect the sample question paper & mathematics syllabus as well to prepare for the examination.

The entrance examination will have 4 papers- English, Mathematics, case study and 2 abstract reasoning tests (Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning). The first three papers will be of one hour each and the two papers of abstract reasoning test will be of 50 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. All the 4 papers will be taken into count for final evaluation

Preparation for Doon School Dehradun Admission

If a student wishes to get admission into the Doon School then the foremost thing is to search a good coaching centre to get prepared for the entrance examination. If you are residing in Dehradun then your search for coaching centre has come to an end. “Truemaths” is a perfect place for Doon school entrance exam coaching in Dehradun. Sitting into an examination without preparation is just worthless rather it requires good preparation to score well. Truemaths prepare the students thoroughly in all the four subjects that are covered in the syllabus of the entrance examination of the Doon School. At Truemaths the students get practice tests, mock tests, online tests etc. on a regular basis. Weekly tests are very important because the students get to know their weaker areas so that they can practice more to get perfection.

Doon School Examination Centres:-

There are various examination centres that parents can opt for, such as Dehradun(The Doon School), Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Lucknow and Secunderabad. The students who will choose the Doon School as examination centre will get refreshment break and lunch. On the other hand, for the other examination centres, the parents have to do the arrangements for refreshment and lunch.

The examination not only ends up with the written examination. The shortlisted students of the written examination will also have to attend a personal interview. Only those students will be selected for admission who have clear the interview. For a personal interview, the students have to present personally along with their parents at the Doon School. The interview cities may also include Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. The written examination and personal interview will completely be taken into consideration to shortlist the eligible students. The applicants will not only evaluate on these parameters but the evaluation will also be done on extra-curricular activities, special qualities, and attitudes. There will be a panel of interviewers including the headmaster to interview the applicants. For more Information regarding the doon school admission form, doon school registration form, doon school Dehradun vacancy, doon school scholarship click the link https://www.doonschool.com/

Doon school admission fee structure

Doon School Registration and Fee Structure Details

Doon fee updated

The Doon School fee currently is Rs. 10,25,000 annually. The incidental expenses together are estimated to amount to near about Rs. 25,000 for each term. At the time of the Doon School admission process, guardians need to pay a refundable security deposit amount of Rs.4,00,000. At the same time, they will be charged a one-time Admission Fee of Rs.4,00,000.

There are separate amounts to be charged from the foreign nationals or the NRIs. The Doon School fees, per annum, for them, is Rs. 12,81,000. The one-term admission fee is Rs. 6,40,500. Along with these, a one-time security deposit of Rs. 6,40,500 is to be paid at the time of admission. The advance for incidentals for each term will be Rs. 50,000.

Interested guardians can download the Application form for the registration process from their official website, www.doonschool.com. The application form is to be completely filled up and submitted with a copy of the birth certificate of the applicant. This would be accompanied by a payable draft addressed to the ‘Headmaster, The Doon School’. 

Note that the Registration procedure is considered complete on completion of 2 categories- (i) on submission of the certified, scanned document of the birth certificate of the boy and (ii) The Registration fee is to be paid by the Demand Draft. This is to be done adhering to the according to the Doon School fees structure given below-

  • For the age-limit up to 3years, a fee of Rs. 12000/- is to be paid. For overseas registration, the fee is 600 US Dollars.
  • For the age range between 3-5years, the fee will amount to Rs. 15000/- and the overseas registration fee will be 850 US Dollars.
  • For students between 5-7years, the fee to be paid is Rs. 18500/- and the overseas one would be 1000 US Dollars.
  • Ages between 7-9years will be required to pay Rs. 22000/-. The overseas registration fee is 1300 US Dollars.
  • For students between 9-11years, the fee to be paid is Rs. 29000/- and the overseas one would be 1500 US Dollars.
  • For students between 11-13years, the fee which is to be paid is Rs. 36000/- and the overseas registration fee would be 1800 US Dollars.
  • A registration fee of Rs. 1000 is included for the IR (or Indian Resident) for the registration form.

Note that getting Registration done does not guarantee the applicant’s admission to the Doon School. The registration forms are available from July. The admission test for Doon School Entrance is held in the month of October.

The Doon school fee structure in Dehradun is different for Indian nationals and NRIs. For Indian nationals, the students have to pay Rs. 9,70,000/- per annum and occasional charges are around 25,000/- per term. The parents also have to pay a security deposit of Rs. 3,50,000/- which has to be paid at the time of admission. The security deposit is refundable. The doon school will also charge a one-time admission fee of Rs. 3,50,000/-.

For NRI students the fee structure of the Doon school is different for different age groups. The fee is as follows-

  • 12000/- ($ 600 US Dollars) for age group up to 3 years.
  • 15000/- ($ 850 US Dollars) for age group of 3-5 years.
  • 18500/- ($ 1000 US Dollars) for age group 5-7 years.
  • 22000/- ($ 1300 US Dollars) for age group 7- years.
  • 29000/- ($ 1500 US Dollars) for age group 9-11 years.
  • 36000/- ($ 1800 US Dolars) for age group 11-13 years.


For Information about our Mock test series and sample papers, Go to- The Doon school entrance exam sample papers.

The students interested in admission at the Doon School, Dehradun can contact the school office to know the procedure of admission. The application form for the written examination and prospectus can also be collected from the school premises. You can directly contact the school for further details.

If you have any further query about the Doon School Entrance Exam Coaching in Dehradun entrance exam you can

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