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Welham School admission

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 6 Jul, 2023    5 min read

Welham Girls'- Admission, Fees, Alumni


The Welham School is an all-girls independent boarding school. It is located in Dehradun, in Uttarakhand, India. The admission for various grades is conducted for students residing in different states of India. The Indian nationals from every part spread across the globe can apply for the same. The Welham School is affiliated with the CICSE board. This residential school boasts in imparting premium-quality education to the girls and promoting a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The guardians who are interested in knowing the Welham School admission process thoroughly should have a look at this segment. In this segment, we will also discuss the Welham School fees and other admission details.

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Every year, the new academic session in Welham School begins in March. The age range eligibility for each class in each academic session has been specified below- 

  • For admission in Class BII (which is also termed as 6th Grade), the age range is between 10½ – 12 years old
  • For admission in Class BI (which is also termed as 7th Grade), the age range is between 11½ – 13 years old
  • For admission in Class AIII (which is also termed as 8th Grade), the age range is between 12½ – 14 years old
  • For admission in Class AII (which is also termed as 9th Grade), the age range is between 13½ – 15 years old
  • For admission in Class AI (which is also termed as 10th Grade), the age range is between 14½ – 16 years old
  • For admission in Pre-SC Class (which is also termed as 11th Grade), the age range is between 15½ – 17 years old
  • For admission in Class SC (which is also termed as the 12th Grade), the age range is between 16½ – 18 years old
  • Note that the Welham School Admission is offered for students who will be studying in Grades VI, VII, and XI only. If the admission is for 11th Grade, the choice of stream selection could be based on the number of seats available under it. Hence, to be clearer, the lower age limit for admission in Welham School till the 1st of April is 10½. Years old on the year of getting admission in the school in the 6th Grade (Class BII).
  • For further information about Welham School’s Admission and Entrance Coaching in Dehradun, you can reach us at Truemaths Academy.


The first step towards admission to the school is filling up an application form for the process of registration. Along with this, a registration fee should also be submitted. This is required for the official registration of the girl to get her admitted to the class she will be admitted for the year. This registration fee is not adjustable or refundable under any circumstances and will remain valid for the specified academic year. However, being successful in registering the girl’s name does not guarantee her admission to the Welham School. 

Stuck in Admission Process?


  • A recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant 
  • The filled registration card along with an attested copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate and Registration Fee are to be sent. 
  • Please note that the candidate’s Birth Certificate must be issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths of the area where the candidate was born. Any other form of affidavits or certificates will not be entertained. 


The following documents are to be produced for the Welham School admission procedure-

  • Original Birth Certificate– 
    The original birth certificate of the girl should be produced at the time of admission to the school. The original birth certificate will be returned to the guardian after the verification process is over. The admission of a child will be canceled if the authority finds any form of misrepresentation or falsification of the date of birth of the student. 
  • Transfer Certificate and the Character Certificate– 
    For the Welham School admission process to take place, the production of the transfer certificate and the character certificate is vital. The transfer certificate should be valid and from the school last attended by the student. It should be issued by the Principal of the school along with the character certificate. Both these documents must be submitted on the day of the girl’s admission to Welham School.  
  • Additionally, the applicant is required to submit the Report Card of the last exam she appeared for and proof of her attendance percentage to all the classes for her last class. 
  • Medical Certificate– This is another essential document required to be submitted for Welham School admission.
  • Photographs– Three recent passport-sized photographs must be submitted by each new girl.
  • Migration Certificate– This is required for admission to Class XI in the case of students from Boards other than the CISCE.

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Students must obtain a minimum average of 80% in all examinations conducted by the earlier school. This would include the Half Yearly as well as the Annual Examinations for 9th Grade and the and Half Yearly and Pre-boards for the 10th Grade. It is vital to note here that these requirements are pre-requisite for the students to sit for the Aptitude Assessment conducted by the Welham School. For further notification on the aptitude test details, guardians are requested to keep a tab on the official website of the school. The selected candidates will be expected to join the school by April (after their Board Examinations are over). As mentioned earlier, the documents will be essential at the time of admission. 


Every applicant who has registered for getting admission in Welham School to Classes VI & VII will have to appear for the Aptitude or the Proficiency Assessment. The entrance test will be conducted at a specified center that is closest to each of the applicant’s place. The Aptitude or Proficiency test is usually held in November or December of the year preceding to which students get admitted. 

Details of the test will be sent to the guardians from the school well in advance. Admission to Welham School will be given based on the scores obtained in the test and the availability of seats for each class. However, certain preferences are given to the daughters of the transferable Government officials and those who are serving the nation as Armed Forces personnel. You can contact us at Truemaths for all the enquiry about Welham school.

Girls whose mothers have studied in this school before for four years minimum or those who have passed out of the school after their Class XII Boards are given preference. Girls whose siblings have previously studied in this school or those who are currently studying in the school are given preference. However, for admission to 11th Grade, the Board Examinations is the only means to be selected. No preferences are given under such conditions.

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?



Below is the Welham School fees structure. The interested guardians are to send a Demand Draft addressed to “The Principal, Welham Girls’ School”. 

  • Students in Classes VI & VII are to pay Rs. 1200/- (who live within India) and Rs. 1500/- (for those who live abroad).
  • Students in Class XI are to pay Rs. 700/- (who live within India) and Rs. 1000/- (for those who live abroad).
  • The registration fee structure is as follows:
  • Registration fee: Rs. 20,000/- 
  • School fee: Rs. 6,75,000/-
  • Admission fee: Rs. 50,000/- to be paid at the time of admission
  • Security Deposit: Rs. 3,37,500/- is refundable and adjustable
  • Imprest Deposit: Rs. 40,000/-
  • Uniform Deposit: Rs. 20,000/-

For more details, you can visit our other segments.


Address: Welham Girls’ School,
NO. 19 –Municipal Road, Dalanwala,
Dehradun -248001.
Phone No.: 0135-2657223, 2659690
E-mail: [email protected][email protected]


E-mail: [email protected]
Phone No.: 0135-2658605
Address: Admissions Office,
Welham Boys’ School,
5, Circular Road,
Dehradun -248001.


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