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Mussoorie International School Admission 2024, Fees, Alumni

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 1 Jul, 2023    8 min read

Mussoorie International School Admission, Fees, Alumni


Get set go to find out if you are able to secure the final selection to your Dream School or not!

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1. Imagine, you are a student at a top international boarding school. Your roommate comes from a different cultural background, leading to conflicts. What would you do to resolve the situation and foster harmony?

2 / 18

2. How many squares are there in the following figure:


3 / 18

3. When is Earth Day celebrated?

4 / 18

4. You can see the doctor _____ 8 am and 12 noon.

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Find the number of squares formed in the given figure:

6 / 18


Pointing to a photograph, a woman says, "This man's son's sister is my mother-in-law". How is the woman's husband related to the man in the photograph?

7 / 18

7. Can you count the number of Triangles in the given figure?


8 / 18


If ENGLAND is written as 1234526 and FRANCE is written as 785291, how is GREECE coded?

9 / 18

9. Pick the right meanings of the idiom:

"At the drop of the hat"

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10. Identify the figure of speech used in the sentence: "It was an open secret".

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In a row of boys facing North, A is sixteenth from the left end and C is sixteenth from the right end. B, who is fourth to the right of A, is fifth to the left of C in the row. How many boys are there in the row?

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12. Find the number of Rectangles in the following figure:


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13. If '-' stands for 'division', '+' stands for 'multiplication',   ÷  stands for 'subtraction' and   ×  stands for 'addition', which one of the following equations is CORRECT?

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14. How many triangles are there in the following figure?


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15. Which one of the following gases is used in combustion?

16 / 18

16. The bees were buzzing outside my room.

17 / 18

17. The doctor gave me a prescription _____ my cough.

18 / 18

18. Count the number of triangles in the given figure:


Your score is

The average score is 34%


Mussoorie International School can be the best choice for you if you want to give your girl the best education. The school has everything to groom your child’s personality and make him confident enough to face the world. This 1984 established school is an all-girls residential school in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India.

Crack Mussoorie International School Entrance Exam

So, if you are nearby and seeking to get your girl’s admission to the school then we are here to help you. Right from registration to preparation, we have all the information sorted for you. Just a few scrolling and you are good to decide whether MIS will be suitable for your child or not.

About Mussoorie International School

Spread across a 40-acre campus in the hills of Mussoorie, MIS is on the top choice list of elite class parents. MIS is guided by the blessings of an eminent philosopher, a social reformer, and a visionary of the New Golden Era, Gurudev Pandit Shri Ram Acharyaji.

The school believes that education should empower children. It should motivate them to live a balanced and happy life. The school builds strong character that helps students to appreciate the right values.

The school is providing global education braced by a strong foundation of Indian traditions, cultures, and values. MIS has set an example that how quality education can be catered to by becoming a leading Residential School for Girls.

The school is affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, University of Cambridge International Examinations, and IBDP. Mussoorie International School is imparting traditional values with a modern outlook.

Address: Sri Nagar Estate, Polo Ground, Charleville, Mussoorie – 248179, Uttarakhand, India

Call: 9058309069

Email: [email protected]


Mussoorie International School – Facilities and Infrastructure

The school with more than 38 years of legacy believes that getting admission of your girl in some school is the most important decision you are taking on her behalf. She will always look up to you when there will be any discussion about her school life. So, you must be well aware of the facilities, the school is going to provide for your little girl.

Mussoorie International School has everything for her, right from good academic background to amazing boarding school facilities.

MIS Academic Facilities

The campus of Mussoorie International School has around 500 girls, guided by more than 100 teachers. The school has 50 classes and approximately 15 labs for different types of research.

Mussoorie International School is known for providing value-based education since 1984. The school is continuously striving to achieve a new milestones. Be it in holistic development or facing learning opportunities, the school is on the top. At MIS, the girls are taught to aim high by keeping up their morals and values. The school serves to make students adaptable to the best teaching and learning practices.

Mussoorie International School focuses on activity-based experiential learning. Here the girls become active participants in the learning process and curriculum. Not just learning, the school emphasizes a lot on the Emotional, Intelligence, Technological, and physical Quotient of its children.

The curriculum of Mussoorie International School is child-centered. It encourages children to see linkages across various curriculum areas. The curriculum aims to develop High order thinking skills in the lesson plan.

To be very honest, the school does not have one strategy for all students but it follows different strategies for different children with different learning abilities. The school emphasizes on completion of the syllabus well in time and continued self-evaluation. MIS is so much focused on both oral, written, and performance enhancement plans that help them to create toppers.

Boarding School

Mussoorie International School is a home for girls outside the home maintaining traditional values with a modern outlook. Boarding life is the core of the school and the staff here plays the most important role in the social, and emotional well-being of their students. There is highly qualified and skilled teaching and residential staff, having housemothers, Assistant Housemothers, and a range of support staff.

At Mussoorie International School, a purely vegetarian diet is served to the students. The school takes good care of the health and well-being of girls. The kitchen staff takes special caution and care for students with food allergies.

Rooted in Indian ethos and values, the school starts all meals chanting ‘Gayatri Mantra’ to radiate positivity and inculcate gratitude. The school believes, “what you eat is what you become”.

Sports and Co-curricular Activities

The students at Mussoorie International School develop a sense of appreciation for the arts. This is done through Music, Visual Arts, and aesthetic vocational courses. There is an abundance of musical groups, choirs, and instrumental classes to learn. The school caters to multiple activities for students according to their interests and hobbies.

There are activities even on Sundays that assist the personal, social, and cultural development of each student. Inter-house competitions, instrumental and vocal music, drama, speech and debate, theatre visits, festivals, talent fiesta, formal dinners with the Principal, overnight cultural trips, camping, trekking, and outward-bound experiences.

There are sports like cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, snooker, billiards, TT, badminton, weight training, and athletics for girls.

Stuck in Admission Process?

MIS 6-Steps Admission Process

Dear parents, you must be very excited to admit your child to MIS, but keep in mind that it is strictly selective based. The Admission is only open to girls between the ages of 5 to 17. Along with this, it will be based on the assessment test conducted by the school and of course, the previous year’s class result. There is a simple 6-steps admission process that you must be well aware of.

First of all, you have to fill out the registration form available on the official website of the school. Secondly, submit all the documents along with the filled admission form. This has to be done via courier.

The school admission desk will verify the documents and the form and revert you if your student is eligible for admission. Next, you will be informed about the online aptitude test. And this will be followed by the general interaction with you and your child.

Now, if your child passes the exam, you will be required to complete all the admission formalities within 15 days to keep the seat secured for your child.

The new session of MIS begins in February and ends in the mid-week of December. You must schedule your visit on any working day that is Monday to Saturday, between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please note that school visits may not be available on select days, during holidays, or on select occasions.

Documents Required

At the time of registration, there are a few documents that you must require. We suggest you keep them ready in advance to prevent yourself from chaos at the last moment. We have listed these documents down below. Have a look:

  • Aadhar Card of the student
  • 6 Passport size photographs of the student
  • Parent’s passport photographs
  • Duly attested photocopy of last school final examination report card
  • A copy of the Passport of the Student (if applicable).
  • A copy of the birth certificate

Once your admission is confirmed, you will be required to submit the following documents:

Medical Form, Visitor form, School- Parent contract letter, Information record form, Measurement form, and Transfer certificate (original).

There are certain age criteria for girls to get admission to Mussoorie International School. Keep them in mind before filling out the registration form.

Class I5 Years – 6 Years 
Class II6.5 Years – 8 Years
Class III7.5 Years – 9 Years
Class IV8.5 Years – 10 Years
Class V9.5 Years – 11 Years
Class VI10.5 Years – 12 Years
Class VII11.5 Years – 13 Years
Class VIII12.5 Years – 14 Years
Class IX13.5 Years – 15 Years
Class X14.5 Years – 16 Years
Class XI15.5 Years – 17 Years
Class XII16.5 Years – 18 Years

Mussoorie International School Fees

Now, it’s time for your biggest concern. MIS fee structure. Parents must know the structure in detail. There is good news that you may avail fee concession of 5% on the Annual Fee if you submit when the full year’s fee at the time of joining by the new students.

You also have an option of paying the Annual Fee in two equal installments:

1st Instalment – At the time of joining by the new parents
2nd Instalment – By 31st July 2024

Mode of Payment:
Registration fees can be paid by Demand draft or online banking. Demand draft to be made in favor of “MUSSOORIE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL”. Now go through the fee structure given below:

Indian and SAARC Nationals Fees 2024-2025

Grade1 – 56 – 8 9 – 1011 – 12
Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)₹ 35,000₹ 35,000₹ 35,000₹ 35,000
Admission Fee (Non-Refundable)₹ 1,00,000₹ 1,00,000₹ 1,00,000₹ 1,00,000
Security Deposit (Refundable: Interest Free)₹ 2,50,000₹ 2,50,000₹ 2,50,000₹ 2,50,000
School Fee (Annual)₹ 6,65,000₹ 9,25,000₹ 9,85,000₹11,10,000

Foreign Nationals Fee Structure 2024-2025

Grade 1 – 5 6 – 8 9 – 1011 – 12
Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)$700$700$700$700
Admission Fee (Non-Refundable)$2,500$2,500$2,500$2,500
Security Deposit (Refundable: Interest Free)$3,000$3,000$3,000$3,000
School Fee (Annual)$12,790$17,790$18,940$21,345

Mussoorie International School Entrance Exam

Dear parents! Half of your task is done. You have kept the documents, you know the fee structure and admission process. Now the other half of the task starts from here. And, that is to prepare your child for the entrance exam. This can also become the biggest hurdle to getting your child’s admission to Mussoorie International School.

So, you must start preparing your child right away. Basically, admission in MIS is granted in two factors. The first is the minimum age criteria and the second, the aptitude test for the desired class. But, note down one point that even if the child is eligible as per the age, the result of the aptitude test will be the final deciding factor for the admission.

Truemaths – Entrance Exam Prep

We, at truemaths, are working day and night to give the best exam prep for the entrance exams of different boarding schools. Right from the biggest elite school of India, The Doon SchoolWelham, to Mayo College and Sherwood. We have expert educators to prepare your child for all these schools.

Along with these, we provide students with a good facility for home tuitions in cities like Dehradun and Gwalior. Yes, now you don’t need to take your child away from the comfortable environment of the home. We will come there to educate. Also, this covid-19 situation has made us realize the importance of online education. So, we also teach online. You can even book our free demo sessions.

Our work does not end here. We also provide full-fledged notes, sample papers, previous year papers, mock tests, and practice papers to our students. This allows them to prepare for the written exam and the interview in the best possible way. In case of any query, you may talk to our experts directly.

Mussoorie International School Alumni

Whenever you think of your child’s admission in any school, the first thought must be the facilities the school provides. The second is the fee structure of the school according to your affordability and the third is to check out the alumni section of the school.

MIS has catered to so many brilliant women in past years. The alumni record of the school is amazing. And the reviews by alumnus make the school administration so proud of themselves. There are so many success stories that inspire current students in the school. Not only this, the school keeps them connected through social media platforms even after so many years. There are Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

The Mussoorie International School also keeps organizing get-togethers and reunions for these ex-students to keep them together.

Mussoorie International School Ranking

According to India’s Top School Ranking 2018, Mussoorie International School is at number 3 after Woodstock School Mussoorie and St. George’s College. Be it, Infrastructure or Innovative Teaching or Sports Education, Co-Curricular activities, the school has everything for your girl. The curriculum will make her well-learned and other activities will make her confident about her existence.

5000+ Students got through Interview with us. You too can!

Mussoorie International School FAQs

In which month does the academic year begin at MIS?

You should know that the academic year of MIS begins in March for ICSE for Grade 1 – 8. And, for Grade 9-12, ICSE as well as Cambridge IGCSE curricula, it begins in February. However, Grade 11 sessions may vary depending on dates, completion of Board exams.

What are the minimum age criteria for admission into class 1?

On the first day of the academic year, your child should have completed 5 years for admission into class 1. For more information, you must refer to the Age criteria table has given above.

What is the ranking of Mussoorie International School?

Mussoorie International School is ranked as the second best all-girls residential school in Uttarakhand, the third best in India, and the top in India for taking care of students’ needs like pastoral care.

What are some reviews of Mussoorie International School?

If you’re considering Mussoorie International School for your child, here’s what you need to know:

1. Reputation: The school holds a prestigious status among India’s girls’ boarding schools, known for its quality education and excellent facilities.

2. Location: Located in a beautiful location, the campus provides a serene environment for learning, though the weather can be quite chilly.

3. Faculty: Boasting one of the best faculties in the country, including notable educators like Akash Grover, the school ensures high-quality teaching and guidance.

4. Infrastructure: With promising infrastructure, the school offers modern amenities to support students’ academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Overall, Mussoorie International School provides a conducive environment for holistic development and promises a fulfilling educational journey for your child.

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?

Take our Suggestion

So, as you know all the ins and outs of Mussoorie International School, it’s time that you make the final decision. We suggest you not take much time as the admission for the session 2024-25 has already started. And you may also compare the school facilities and activities with other schools in Mussoorie and nearby. We have sorted down it for you. Refer to the table below and start the comparison.

Remember that the selection of school will be the most important decision you are taking for your child on her behalf. So, take all the necessary actions. In case, you need us. We are just a call away.


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