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Best GRE Coaching in Dehradun, India – Truemaths Academy

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 23 Apr, 2023    5 min read

Best GRE Coaching in Dehradun, India

To Clear GRE Exam- Join the best GRE coaching in Dehradun

Graduate Record Examination is commonly known as GRE. This is the biggest assessment test to get admission abroad in graduate programs. The students who are willing to study abroad in graduate courses have to qualify GRE. The students interested to apply for GRE must note that GRE qualification is not mandatory for all the universities and courses across the world. Every university has its own standard of selection of students for admission.

Crack GRE Entrance Exam

The students wish to appear for GRE can join the best GRE coaching in Dehradun. You need to prepare thoroughly to qualify GRE. The important details about GRE can be obtained from this page.

Eligibility Criteria- Get admission in best GRE coaching in Dehradun 

  • There is no specific age to apply for GRE to get admission in the universities of abroad.
  • The candidates are expected to be completed their under-graduation degree in order to apply for GRE.
  • Further eligibility to appear for GRE may vary from University to University.

Get proper guidelines for GRE preparation by joining the best GRE coaching in Dehradun.

Stuck in Admission Process?

Registration Fee- Get admission in Best GRE coaching in Dehradun 

EventsRegistration Fee
The registration fee for GRE General Test$205 across the world
The registration fee for GRE Subject test$150 across the world
Late Registration Fee$25
Standby Testing fee$25
Rescheduling fee$50
Changing the test centre fee$50

How to register for GRE? – Be a part of the best GRE coaching in Dehradun

A candidate can register for GRE as per his/her convenience. There are various ways to register for GRE as given below-

  • Register through Online mode

For online registration, the candidates need to create an account to register for GRE. You can also register via online mode to sit in GRE.

  • Register through Mail

In this mode of registration, the candidates have to take the print of the application form and filed it completely by entering genuine details. After completion of the application form, you have to send it to the correspondence address along with registration fee.

  • Register through the Phone call

The registration procedure for GRE can also be carried out over the phone. You need to make a call to the Regional Registration Centre situated in Gurgaon, Haryana.

  • Register through Fax

Many candidates choose to register for GRE through fax. For this procedure also, you have to take the print out of the application form and filled it completely. After completion, you need to send the application form by fax along with the requisite amount of registration fee.

Get admission in the best GRE coaching in Dehradun to qualify GRE and fulfil your dream of getting admission to a University in Abroad.

5000+ Students got through Interview with us. You too can!

Rescheduling or Cancellation of GRE- Join GRE coaching in Dehradun

  • The applicants can reschedule or cancel the date of GRE only by paying $50.
  • The applicants will be allowed to do rescheduling and cancellation minimum of 4 days before the scheduled date. 10 days time limit will be given for rescheduling and cancellation in case of students from Mainland of China.
  • The registration fee cannot be changed between the GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test.

Are you appearing for GRE this time? Join the best GRE coaching in Dehradun to prepare for the examination.

Types of GRE Test- Get classes from the best GRE coaching in Dehradun

Generally, there are two types of examinations for GRE to get admission in graduate programs in abroad.

  • General Test of GRE

The general test of GRE covers these topics for the preparation- Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Ability and Analytical Writing.  Most of the students apply for the General Test of GRE. The registration for GRE General Test is open throughout the year. You can take up the exam as per your convenient schedule. Most of the universities accept a valid score card of GRE.

For the preparation of GRE, you should search for a good GRE coaching in Dehradun.

  • Subject test for GRE

This test is conducted to test an applicant’s achievement in a specific subject. GRE subject test is scheduled for these subjects- Biochemistry (Cell & Molecular Biology), Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, literature (English) and Mathematics. The successful candidates of GRE subject test will get admission in the specialized courses.

You need to look for good GRE coaching in Dehradun for the preparation of exam.

What are the expected Entrance Exam Questions?

Examination Pattern- Join the best GRE coaching in Dehradun

The question paper is quite lengthy as compared to another competitive exam in India. Hence, it is very important that the Institute for GRE coaching in Dehradun teach their students to get perfection in time-management, accuracy and easy methods for quick calculations. The candidates should go through the examination syllabus and sample question papers to understand the pattern of exam much better. GRE is one of the toughest competitive exams in India, hence you should get admission in GRE coaching in Dehradun.

  • The question paper of GRE has three sections- Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning.
  • The duration of the exam will be 3 hours and 30 minutes for the paper-based exam.
  • For online examination, the duration of the examination is 3 hours and 40 minutes.
  • In paper-based GRE, each section has two sub-sections. The Analytical Writing has two tasks to complete within the duration of 60 minutes. Whereas Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning divided into two sub-sections for each that have 50 questions with a time-limit of 60 to 70 minutes.
  • Unscored and Research sections are not the part of GRE question paper in case of the paper-based exam.
  • These sections are also included in the online GRE or computer-based GRE.
  • Unscored and Research sections will be carried out after 10 minutes break once the Quantitative Reasoning is completed. However, the performance of these two sections will not be taken into consideration for making the final GRE scorecard.
  • Time Allotted for each Sections:-
Sections of GRE question paperPaper-Based GRE (Offline)Computer-Based GRE (Online)
No. of SectionsTime giveNo. of SectionsTime Given
Analytical WritingTwo sections (2tasks) tasks)1 hourOne section (2 tasks)1 hour
Verbal ReasoningTwo sections (50 questions)1 hour and 10 minutes2 sections (0 questions1 hour
Quantitative Reasoning2 sections (50 questions)1 hour and 20 minutesTwo sections (40 questions)1 hour and 10 minutes
UnscoredNANAMay VaryMay Vary
ResearchNANAMay VaryMay Vary

If you are really positive to qualify GRE, you should join GRE coaching in Dehradun to start preparation. Preparation from GRE coaching in Dehradun is very important for proper guidance.

GRE Syllabus- Get admission in GRE coaching in Dehradun

  • Analytical Writing

This test examines the students on the areas of complex ideas clearly and effectively, support ideas with relevant reasons ^ examples, examine claims etc.

  • Verbal Reasoning

This section covers topics like Verb Tense, Pronouns, Modifiers, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Parallelism, Idioms etc.

  • Quantitative Reasoning

This section of GRE question paper includes these areas of Mathematics- Profit & Loss, Speed, Distance & Time, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Power & Roots, Probability, Sets Theory, Triangle Polygons, Circles etc.

For better preparation of GRE, get admissions in GRE coaching in Dehradun.

Preparation tips for GRE- Join the best GRE coaching in Dehradun

  • Read the examination pattern and syllabus properly before you start preparing for GRE.
  • Analyze your stronger and weaker areas to know where to focus more on improvement.
  • Focus on all the sections of GRE question paper equally to qualify GRE with good marks.
  • Focus on learning easy tricks to improve your speed in the GRE exam.
  • Give importance to improve your accuracy.
  • Learn time-management by practising more. You can practice previous year question papers to improve your skill of time-management.
  • Do not lose your patience even if you are finding GRE quite tough exam. Prepare for GRE patiently to get good results.
  • Join GRE coaching in Dehradun and get good study material for the exam to practice. Study material is very important to prepare for any competitive exam.
  • Get feedback from your teacher of GRE coaching in Dehradun to work on your weaker areas.

Join the best GRE coaching in Dehradun to get preparation tips from experienced teachers. Follow the guideline of the teachers to qualify for the GRE exam.

If you are planning for study abroad and get best GRE Coaching in Dehradun then your destination will over at Truemaths Coaching Academy where aspirants meet quality education


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