Ecole Mondiale World School Admission Details

Ecole Mondiale World School Admission Details

Ecole Mondiale World School Admission Details and Entrance exam Coaching

Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai entrance exam

The Ecole Mondiale World School is leading since the year 2004. The English medium school fosters students right from their Play School standards, through their Early Years, Primary Years, Middle Years, to the Diploma Program. The Ecole Mondiale World School owners are the Goenka and Sarda families. The Ecole Mondiale World School address is Gulmohur Cross Road No. 9, JVPD Scheme, Juhu, Mumbai – 400049.

It is located on Juhu Tara Road. The Ecole Mondiale World School contact information is also provided here. The Ecole Mondiale World School phone numbers are +91-22-26237265, +91-22-26237266, and +91-22-26237249. For more information, you could visit their website: The Ecole Mondiale World School boards are the IB Programme and the IGCSE board. École Mondiale World School mainly teaches in the method of the International Baccalaureate (or the IB) program.

Being one of the elite schools they offer IB Curriculum which is an education of international level. The school admits and tutors students ranging from 3 to 19-year-olds. If one wonders about the number of Ecole Mondiale World School branches, there is just one. In this segment, we will discuss the Ecole Mondiale World School.

Admission and fee detail

Ecole Mondiale World School salary for teachers may range from ₹ 6.5 Lakhs up to ₹ 10.6 Lakhs. This is an estimated and updated value based upon the studies from the school. The Ecole Mondiale World School principal is Ms. Diane Lewthwaite. The EMW School, Mumbai fee structure is present below.

Ecole Mondiale World School Facilities

For students of the primary level of IB Programme and who are Indian Residents /OCI & PIO cardholders, the fee is Rs. 6,90,000. For Non-Indians, it is 1600 Euros. For students from grades 1 to 10, Indian Residents will have to pay Rs. 9,90,000. For international ones, it would be 23,000 Euros. For Indian Residential students studying in the 11th and 12th grades, the fee is Rs. 10,90,000. For Non-Indians, the fee will amount to 26,000 Euros.


The primary year program of the IB Curriculum is for students ages ranging from 2 to 11years. PYP program encourages young minds to set their foot on the way of becoming active learners in this continuous journey of life called education. For admission here, parents can request an application form from the school’s Admissions Office or directly check online. Thereafter, as mentioned send the application form attached with necessary documents.

For the middle year program, teachers focus on creating an engaging environment for the learners and shape their innovative minds. This is a gradual process. Through the Curriculum, one can promote a more innovative and creative style of education. This particular program offers an education that challenges and improves various skills of a student, like their communicative skills, or cognitive abilities as well as social skills. Teachers enhance creative minds. All this requires a lot of self-discipline. Along with that, it aids in better understanding among the young students around the world.

Ecole Mondiale World School Image
The IB diploma program is the third and final stage of the IB Education pattern. This program is for students between the age of 16 to 18 years. This program aids in preparing young minds for further higher education along with developing a personality that can deal with various sorts of situations in their lives.

The I.B. Diploma Programme is for students of 11th 12th standard. The Curriculum design, itself gives an excellent pre-university experience in terms of syllabus and topics. The examinations are conducted and checked only through the external method. Such a balanced curriculum helps in developing excellent Ecole Mondiale School careers for the students. Hence the Ecole Mondiale School ranks as one of the leading schools recognized by other leading universities abroad as well as in India. The teaching style at the school for the IB Diploma Program truly emphasizes the responsibility of the students in the learning process.

Rankings of the Ecole Mondiale World School

To this date, around twelve groups of students have graduated from École Mondiale World School. The Ecole Mondiale World School results have only increased each year, thus explaining the Ecole Mondiale World School ranking among various other schools with IB Education across the globe. It is a matter of pride that the school has been successful in maintaining a 32-point as an average over the years.

Extra-curricular Activities in the Ecole Mondiale World School

  • The Ecole Mondiale World School boasts several extracurricular features. It has a swimming pool that is maintained regularly. There is an indoor gymnasium available for students to keep themselves fit and motivated. There are separate rooms for practicing dance, rehearsing music, and doing art. There is space for the theatre too. It is important to mention here that all the above-mentioned activities are kept on strict vigilance and maintain discipline.
  • Their infrastructure also includes a spacious auditorium to hold regular as well as special assemblies. It is also used for conducting various functions and events.
  • There are multipurpose halls for conducting a wide range of sports activities.
  • There are several science laboratories, depending on the grade a student belongs to. There are separate labs for separate subjects, like one for biology, one for chemistry, so on. Each lab has the latest and updated equipment necessary to carry on with an experiment or study.
  • There are computer laboratories too, with the latest equipment necessary for students and teachers.
  • The spacious libraries house several books and relevant materials or notes for each grade. The educational magazines, or previous year question papers, or books are a huge support to the students, thus helping them in gaining better knowledge. Huge racks of books and study materials are well maintained by excellent staff. There are discipline and silence maintained in the libraries.
  • As mentioned above already, there are separate rooms for practicing music, drama and dance studios, and the art and design studio. Another room for enhancing the student’s skills is the technology studio. These studios help children being involved in positive work and activities other than just studying.
  • The classrooms are fully air-conditioned, aiding students in concentrating on their studies and other activities. This helps in creating a positive learning environment.
  • There are huge grounds and spacious rooms for the children’s play area. This helps in keeping the children (usually belonging in the nursery grade) healthy, agile, and active (both mentally and physically).
  • There is a large, spacious canteen with a range of food items. The dishes are healthy and are available at reasonable prices. Regular cleaning takes place keeping in mind the student’s hygiene.

Other Details:

The school conducts an entrance test for students’ admission. It is for students from 2nd grade onwards. On the basis of the outcome of the entrance examination, the student comes in for an interview at the school. Once again, depending on the result of the interview taken by the members of the school, they prepare a final list of students. The students from the list get an invitation letter, which asks the student to join the school. Upon receiving the letter of invitation asking the student to join the school, the parents should pay the enrolment fee for the student’s admission. Once this is done, the EMW admission procedure for the student is done.

Coaching for EMW School

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