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Top 4 best boarding school in Dehradun

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 17 Jun, 2023    5 min read

Top Boarding Schools in India

It is no surprise that Dehradun is one of the most beautiful cities in India. With a glorious past, the city takes immense pride in hosting the Top 4 best boarding school in Dehradun is far more than just scenic beauty, lush green meadow, and the rustic air of India. It is a well-known educational home to several boarding schools.

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Best boarding School in Dehradun

The tiny city that rests at the bottom of the valley is rich in greenery as well as knowledge. Other than being a major attraction to tourists from across the globe, Dehradun or the Doon Valley offers a wide range of boarding schools, some being an international school in Mussoorie. In this segment, we will have a look at the top 10 boarding school in Dehradun and discuss the Top 4 best boarding school in Dehradun.

Many of you may wonder, “What is a boarding school in Dehradun, India?” Well to answer this question, with increasing technology and population in the entire world, the competition to excel in any field of interest is also increasing. Every parent wants the best for their children and will do anything to watch them grow into successful human beings. With all this, the rate of getting children admitted to boarding schools is increasing effectively. In boarding schools, children are under constant vigilance of several teachers and other staff members to impart proper knowledge and skills to them.

The children learn to be disciplined and value relationships apart from learning other skills. In this fast-paced world, parents are unable to give time and take proper care of their children. Hence, to reduce their stress, boarding schools are there to make sure that each child shall derive an equal amount of attention and time to grow and nourish them into complete human beings. Dehradun being the ‘School Capital’ of India, has several boarding schools. There are boarding schools for girls/boys in Dehradun.

Below is the list of boarding school in Dehradun.

Top 10 boarding school in Dehradun

  1. The Doon School
  2. Welham Girls School
  3. Welham Boys School
  4. Woodstock School
  5. Kasiga School Dehradun
  6. SelaQui International School Dehradun
  7. Ecole Globale International Girls School Dehradun
  8. Unison World School Dehradun
  9. Hopetown Girls School Dehradun
  10. Rashtriya Indian Military College

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Top 4 best boarding school in Dehradun

The Doon School

The Doon School is considered one of the best boarding schools in Uttarakhand. You can contact them on 0135 252 6400 or via their email id- [email protected]. The fee structure is ₹1,025,000 for home students and ₹1,281,000 for international students. Founded in the year1935, this boarding school has the motto of providing the Indian ‘lads’ with an overall educational system. Their method of teaching is somewhat influenced by the British technique. Having said this, it is important to note that their primary essence of tutoring and nurturing stresses the roots of India. The Doon School is affiliated to ICSE, ISC as well as the IB Boards.

The school aims to develop a complete, able human being who is empathetic and determined. The facilities that the boarding school provides are absolutely out of the box and are worth a mention. The school maintains its reputation in Dehradun, by ensuring excellent grades and participation from almost every student in the school. They ensure that the students learn all sorts of activities and sport and never back-off from new adventures. Here is a special mention of the ‘Art and Media School’ at Doon School. It is advised that everyone in town must visit this institute. It is home to their students’ some of the best works and some in collaboration with the visiting artists. 

Welham Girls’ School

One can contact the school via the phone number, 0135 265 7223 or the email id, [email protected]. It is one of the boarding schools in Dehradun with less fees. The annual fee of Welham Girls School is Rs. 50000. The boarding school is affiliated to the board, CISCE. The boarding school with its glorious history was founded in the year 1957. The Welham Girls’ School stresses providing premium-quality education to the young girls of the nation.

Along with imparting knowledge to them, the girls are taught to be compassionate and sharp-witted. Young girls from various economic and cultural backgrounds are welcomed and educated here. The school teaches students how to develop several skills in a diverse population.

The school is well-known for its magnificent hues of academic and non-academic success. The girls are encouraged to participate in several extra-curricular activities in the school that challenges major gender roles. The institute hosts multiple domains of activities and sports, like classical Dance domains, the music of a wide range of genres to choose from, a domain for other forms of art, etc. The school has several well-known alumni members from different fields, some from the academic line, a few well-established art-enthusiasts, from commerce, and the list goes on. No wonder the school is regarded as the best all-girls boarding school in India.

Welham Boys’ School

One might contact them through the phone number, 0135 265 7120 or via their email id, [email protected].This is a boarding school in Dehradun with a fee structure, Rs. 650,000 per year. It is a CBSE boarding school in Dehradun. Founded in 1937, Welham Boys School aspires to make a difference in our society. Often regarded as one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun, it gives 5 exclusive seats to the children of the Martyrs who serve the Indian Army. Additionally, education is free for children whose parents are in the Armed Forces.

Alike the previous ones, the boarding school is immensely proud of excelling both academically and non-academically. Being one of the best all-boys’ boarding schools in India, it has secured a runner’s-up position at the All-India IPSC under-17 football tournament.

The Debating Society is worth a mention. Each student, under it, is trained according to the World School Debating format, The British Parliamentary, The Asian Parliamentary, and the Cambridge format. The school won the trophy for the ‘Oliphant Trophy 2018-19’.

Woodstock School

Founded in the year 1854, Woodstock School, in Mussoorie, with its rich cultural heritage is an International school in Mussoorie. In fact, it is ranked as the third International School in the Education World-C for India School Rankings Survey in 2012. This boarding school in Mussoorie is located within a protected forest. The school offers education from primary levels of the kindergarten to appearing in 12th grade Board Examinations. Overall, it houses around 500 students.

The motto of Woodstock School is to excel in tutoring the students by offering a unique method of education in a community of a diverse population. Inspired by the early Christian tradition but keeping in mind the strong roots of India, the school aims at developing visionary, potential, and enthusiastic individuals who are beaming with curiosity for every new approach to life.

It is affiliated to the IGCSE and College Board AP (that is Advanced Placement). Some of the facilities to boost upon are the well-developed science laboratories with the latest equipment, a library full of books and important materials, and an auditorium that offers the best possible lighting, the latest sound modulation, and stage equipment. Woodstock School is an official Cambridge International Examination Centre that offers students with the IGCSE exams (or the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education) on all the subjects. As some of you may be unaware that the IGCSE exams are accepted worldwide in clearing assessment of 10th level students. 

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