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Hostel Life in the Top Boarding Schools of India

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 18 Jun, 2023    5 min read

Hostel Life in the Top Boarding Schools of India

The top boarding school offers a comprehensive hostel life for students. Some of these schools are all-boys schools, some are all-girls schools and others are co-ed schools. The hostel life is really very good at these schools with extraordinary facilities. Caring wardens and attentive security ensure a pleasant stay. They allow students to focus on academics at its core. The air-conditioned residential suites feature the best rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, as well as a sitting area with a sofa, cable TV, and refrigerator. Non-air-conditioned hostel rooms are also available.

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These facilities differ in different schools based on the fee they take. The Doon School is a beautiful, huge, well-ventilated school and fields are full of trees. They also provide laboratory facilities in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer science. To keep the syllabus simple and entertaining, the doon school uses modern teaching methods like LCD Projectors and smart classes. Let’s Discuss the hostel life in top boarding schools of India.

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Hostel life at The Doon School

The Doon School’s focus on improving its facilities for there students. The Facilities of The Doon School are properly planned and they update it from time to time. The goal of this school is to maintain the school’s history and heritage.
The hostel life in school is across a single campus covering approximately 72 acres.

Hostel facility

In the doon school, Boys have boarding and lodging facilities. The rooms are available in two configurations: double sharing and triple sharing with Attached Washroom and Balcony. Laundry, Wi-Fi, Yoga, and a Gymnasium for guys are also among the selected category. They provide locker facilities for everyone to keep their things secure.

Dining Facility

There is Central Dining Hall, which is known as “the CDH”. It is a modern, spacious and airy building. It provides the boys and staffs their three meals a day, as well as snacks during morning and afternoon breaks. The Mess Committee is a group of boys and professionals who meet with the Catering Manager to provide feedback and make ideas, including menu selection and material.


The doon school provides a 100 seaters acoustically constructed auditorium for students. It also provides small conferences, drama, and debating events, visiting speakers, and meetings hall. A little auditorium, with its dimensions, is used for Inter House literary activities and indoor competitions organized in School from time to time.

Computer Lab

There is a Computer Lab with computers in the ratio of 2: 1. Each and every student prepares PowerPoint presentations to deliver seminars under the guidance of IT Professionals. The school has well-equipped facilities to teach the boys the latest terms of technology in the computer lab.

Sports Facilities

The doon school has a gym and fitness room, squash courts, a sports pavilion as well as the use of the multipurpose hall for boxing and badminton. It has a 25-meter pool, acres of pitches and cricket nets, as well as basketball and tennis courts. Boys can play golf at a course located just a few hundred meters from the school gates.


Music is an excellent facility of doon school for a growing student who has a love for music. Boys have individual music rooms, a music library, and a recital room for their musical preparation. There is a wide range of instruments available, including Indian and Western classical.

Hostel life at The Welham Girls’ School

Welham girl’s School in Dehradun is one of the best schools for girls in the city which provided a safe and secure environment for girls. The Welham School was founded in 1957 with ten girls and now the strength of the girls is around 600. it offers world-class education to girls. The school ground is wide, with a school building, a hostel, a dining hall, laboratories, and a large sports field. They are well-managed and properly maintained.

Hostel Facilities

There are separate hostel facilities for junior and senior girls. The rooms are available on a Double sharing and Triple sharing basis. Laundry, Wi-Fi, Yoga, and a girls-only gym are also available in the hostel.

Wellness Centre

The Welham School has its own facility for the girls’ well-being. A resident doctor is assigned to each girl’s health concerns at school. There are Routine checkups of all the girls at the start of the session.

Dining Facilities

The mess of the Welham School is wide and well equipped with comfortable dining furniture. It provides students with hygienic and nutritious food.

Sports Facilities

Welham Girl’s School believes that, in addition to academics, athletics are an important part of a student’s life. Students at the Welham Girl’s school have huge playgrounds where they can develop their skills and bring out the best in them.

Music and Dance

This music and dance facility was created to give girls the opportunity to practice their singing skills. Only Indian classical music and dance are provided at the school. Bharatnatyam, Kathak, and folk dance are available in Welham school.

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Hostel life at The Welham Boys School

The Welham Boys’ School campus is beautiful and spread over 30 acres, with an outstanding spiritual environment which is located in the center of Doon valley. The campus of Welham boys school is divided into two buildings first building is for Senior and Middle school and the second one for Junior school. It is a Boys Boarding School that provides education to students from classes IV through XII. The classes in Welham Boys School Dehradun for every academic year starting from April.

Hostel Facilities

There are four hostels are available at Welham boy’s school. And the students of the Middle and Senior School reside house wise in the following buildings:

  • Cauvery House
  • Ganga House
  • Jamuna House
  • Krishna House

In addition, the hostel offers laundry, Wi-Fi, Yoga, and a gym.

Sports Facilities

The Welhamboys school has basketball courts, squash courts, a skating rink, badminton courts, as well as shooting range, and volleyball court. There are three types of fields are available for sporting activities. The Main Field, Lower Field, and the Orchard Field are the hubs of sporting activities.

Dining facilities

There is Central Dining Hall, which is known as “BETHANY”. Where they serve tasty and hot meals. They also take care of cleanliness and hygiene. BETHANY provides three meals a day with morning and evening snacks. It also has a tuck store(canteen) with fresh hot refreshments for boys who may be hungry after a heavy session.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center of Welham Boys School has 18 beds in general word with 5 isolation wards as well as a medical store and visitor’s lounge. Almost all medical care is provided on campus for every student.

Activity Center

The Activity Centre is a large multipurpose hall that offers a variety of academic and co-curricular activities such as drama, debate, quizzes, basketball, and table tennis tournaments. It features excellent acoustics, cutting-edge sound systems, a modern terra-flex basketball court, badminton courts, a shooting range, and a well-equipped gymnasium.

Hostel life at The Woodstock School

According to Education World India, the Woodstock School is India’s number one international school. It is located one kilometer outside of Mussoorie. The school is across a single campus covering approximately 250 acres which are surrounded by a protected forest, with a peaceful atmosphere. The Woodstock school teaches 500 kids in kindergarten to class XII. And the goal is to assist students in developing solid morals as human beings.

Hostel Facilities

The hostel life at these schools is fantastic, with excellent facilities. And a pleasant stay is ensured with caring wardens and careful security. They provide all the modern facilities like-

  • Healthy and delicious meals
  • Laundry services
  • Professional Housekeeping
  • Gym for girls and boys
  • Fast and Unlimited Wifi
  • Regular Stanza Events and a lot more

Dining Facilities

The student’s days start with a cup of chocolate milk and biscuits/rusks. There are three main meals served in breakfast for the boys and girls. The Woodstock School also has a common tuckshop for both girls and boys, and it opens twice a week to provide special treats.

Sports Facilities

The Woodstock school has badminton, basketball, cricket, football, swimming, squash, table tennis, and volleyball. Students at the Woodstock schools have access to large playgrounds where they can develop their abilities to shine. According to Woodstock school, sports and athletics are important for students because they make your day active.

Wellness Centre

The Wellness Center provides health care for all students of the School. There are friendly and dedicated staff members, including a full-time resident Doctor, who are always available for students.

Music Rooms

Individual music rooms are available for girls and boys in Woodstock school. There is also a recital room and a music library with a wide range of instruments.

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