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Score 90+ in Board Exams | Hacks for Average Students

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 17 Jun, 2023    4 min read

Score 90+ in Board Exams

Last year, a student came up to me, and with so much glow in his eyes, he asked, “what is that one hack by which I can score 90+ in Board Exams?” I was flabbergasted by this question. Though the question was simple I was not expecting it from the student standing in front of me.

A chill, not-so-concerned about marks, regularly participating in extra-curricular activities kinda student asked me this question. I sat with him for the next 15 minutes and gave him some golden hacks. Proud to say that he has scored 95% in his board exams this year.

Score 90+ in Board Exams

To my amazement, he got 100/100 in Mathematics. Never seen this remarkable transformation in my 15 years of teaching career. Thought of sharing the same hacks with you all. Let’s start with it!

Want to Score 90+ in Board Exams but so much Syllabus? Here’s the Best Hack

Let’s get started with the hack which is most effective. Declutter the unimportant. Do you know the difference between a topper and an average student? I think, only the clarity of thoughts. The topper knows what is important and what is not, be it life or syllabus.

You do the same. First of all, figure out the things or activities that are only distracting you to reach your goal. They might be your friends, or your Instagram and Snapchat handles, your favorite anime series, or all of them. Take them one by one and start discarding them from your routine.

Seems to be impossible to you? Who told you that scoring 90+ in Board exams is a piece of cake? Only a student with guts can do that. Challenge yourself and you will be doing it in a while. It is not that difficult, believe me!

Want to score 90+ in Board Exams?

Declutter the Syllabus to Score 90+ in Board Exams

The biggest fear that I have seen among average students is the vast syllabus. I don’t know why they start studying all of it in the last six months before their board exams. Why? What are you up to? What is your strategy? Make one. Board exams are a lot different from your school exams. They come up with a pattern.

Understand the pattern of board exams or find a platform that has everything already decluttered. Important topics, specific notes, chapter-wise important questions, and mock tests to practice are the key. If you really want to score 90+ in Board exams, then don’t mess up your brain with the whole syllabus. Study what is important.

Trouble Concentrating for Long Hours? Hack 2 is for you!

Being an average student you have to walk an extra mile to score 90+ in board exams. The topper in your class is already in the practice of studying for long 6-8 hours. For you, it’s new and that is why a little bit more challenging. I am not saying that start studying for 6-8 hours straight. It is impossible. Instead, follow this life-savior hack. Solve cbse sample paper for 10th class and other mock tests, it will help you with your focus and concentration.

Pomodoro Technique for Average Students

This hack is specifically for you if you find it difficult to concentrate on your studies for a long period of time. There are some basic steps that come up with this technique and you are good to go.

*Disclaimer: Only for students who are passionate to score 90+ in Board Exams.*

Step 1: Choose the subjects, chapters, or topics you want to study in a day.

Step 2: Sit at a quiet place where you can concentrate and set a timer for the next 25 minutes. Start studying.

Step 3: After 25 minutes, take a 10 minutes break. Yeah! Go get something to eat or have a walk around your room or scroll down through Instagram (Though it is not right, don’t worry I am not going to tell anybody).

Step 4: Your 10 minutes are over. Get back to your seat to start studying again. It will be very difficult in the beginning. But, every time your brain suggests you continue with leisure, remind it of your 90+ score goal. You can do it!

Step 5: Repeat it for at least 3-4 hours a day to get the most out of it.

Note: You can download CBSE sample paper for 10th class and also start solving them to make your preparation even better.

What are the important Entrance Exam Questions?

Shy to Ask Questions? Try Hack 3

I don’t why some students always underestimate their own questions. Even before asking, they consider their questions irrelevant. As a result, they never ask those questions. This creates a lot of knowledge gap between you and the topper of your class. No question is big or small, if it is there in your mind, then it is relevant. To all the students out there, stop acting average. Be confident while asking questions. Ask as many questions as you can.

There should not be any limit to inquisitiveness. If you really want to remove this tag of ‘Average’, then become curious. And more than that, don’t shy away to ask questions from your teachers. You can also practice with CBSE sample paper for 10th class to sharpen your time management skills.

Ask Questions – As many as Possible

Imagine that you have somebody with you to answer your questions 24*7. Yes, some expert knows all your answers and is ready to answer instantly. You are getting your problems solved in a jiffy, which is no less than a dream come true. Isn’t it? Now stop imagining, because we already have that solution for you. Ask questions, clear your doubts and talk to our experts 24*7 to get it solved.

If you really want to score 90+ in board exams, then we can help you there. Our educators are always ready to answer your most difficult questions. You can grab 10th class question bank and solve them to be more proficient.

Pro-Tip to Score 90+ in Board Exams

The one tip that can become a savior for you to score 90+ in Board Exams is to focus on mathematics the most. Maths is the only subject where you can easily score 90+ in Board exams. They will give you full marks if your solutions are correct and to the point. So, focus the most where you can get the best results. We hope, these hacks can help you throughout your preparation journey. We wish you all the best!


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