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Want to Study Abroad? Join the best SAT Coaching in Dehradun

Want to Study Abroad? Join the best SAT Coaching in Dehradun

SAT is an opportunity for those students who want to study abroad. It is a standardized test administered by the College Board. It is better if you take some pro-advice and if you are searching for the best  SAT coaching in Dehradun. Truemaths provides the best available online lectures and study material prepared by faculties with 20+ years of experience.

The students who wish to appear SAT will have to undergo a skill test that consists of writing, reading, and mathematics sections. Qualifying SAT is a must in order to get admission to the Colleges in Abroad like the US, Canada, etc.

It must be noted SAT is a challenging exam to qualify, hence you need to prepare thoroughly for this exam. The students need proper guidance to practice and give their best to qualify SAT and other exams like GMAT, GRE, etc.

Best SAT Coaching in Dehradun

You must be thinking that why are we suggesting only Truemaths as a go-to stop for SAT coaching? What is special about Truemaths? Why choose only Truemaths for SAT coaching? We have got all your answers.

At Truemaths, you will get proper guidance, the best study material, and experienced teachers to prepare for the Scholastic Assessment Test. Well, good preparation needs good guidance that you can get by joining Truemaths. Truemaths will provide you with the best SAT coaching for the entrance test. SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States and is one of the toughest entrance tests after school. So, you must join SAT coaching to crack it on your first attempt.

You might come across so many coaching institutes promising the best guidance for the SAT. No doubt, there are so many good platforms to get the best SAT coaching. Here, we will tell you why Truemaths outshines among them to give the best SAT coaching.

Want to Study Abroad? Join the best SAT Coaching in Dehradun

Why Truemaths is best for SAT Coaching?

  • Truemaths was created with a vision that students should get rid of the fear of weakness in a particular subject. The students always feel like running away from the subjects in which they are weak, so we tackle that weakness.
  • The more the students practice and do the assignments at Truemaths, the more they will understand the topics of each subject.
  • A successful coaching center is best known for its teaching staff and so is “Truemaths”. We are quite popular in Dehradun because of our efficient faculty members. The methodologies they use to make the students understand are very effective.
  • The faculty members at Truemaths give equal focus to every student whether he is a weak student or a sharp one. The teachers do not treat the whole class at the same bar. Each student has their own weaker areas that may differ from other students.
  • The teachers at truemaths focus on the weak areas of a student more specifically so that he should not feel uneasy in class. The teachers at truemaths are very compatible that students do not feel hesitate to ask their queries again & again.

How to Register for SAT?

The candidates interest to apply for SAT will be able to submit their applications through two modes. The candidates can register to choose any of these registration modes at their convenience. Join SAT coaching in Dehradun to start preparing for the exam. The modes of registration are given below:

  • The candidates willing to appear for SAT need to create a student profile at the first step.
  • Then you need to select the examination date and venue (however the exam date is on Sunday and the facility to select the option for an exam venue near your place is not offered).
  • On completion of the registration procedure, you will get instant confirmation.
  • The candidates also have to pay the requisite amount of registration fee which can be paid through Debit/Credit card or through Net banking.
  • The last date to register for SAT will be about 2-3 weeks prior examination date.

    Registration through Mail

  • To register for SAT through emails, the candidates require to get “The Student Registration Guide for SAT & SAT Subject Test” first. The candidates can get it from the schools.
  • The Registration Guide contains a Registration Form and a Return Envelope.
  • The candidates have to send the Registration Form along with a Demand Draft.
  • In India the local representative of the SAT is USIEF. The mailed Registration Form will be navigated to their regional office.

Get admissions in the best SAT coaching in Dehradun to get coaching from experienced teachers.

Want to Study Abroad? Join the best SAT Coaching in Dehradun


  • Registration Fee– $52.5 (approx) and $42 (Non U.S Regional Fee)
  • Subject Test Fee– $26 as a basic subject test fee
  • For Subject Tests, some additional fees may also be included.

Join the best SAT coaching in Dehradun to get proper guidelines from experienced teachers. According to Wikipedia, The test is intended to assess student’s readiness for college.

SAT is conducted to examine the knowledge of the students about reading, writing, and mathematics. These are the common subjects that everyone learns and practice in their school time. The duration of this test is 3 hours and 45 minutes. Most of the students appear for SAT when they are appearing in You can also join SAT coaching in Dehradun to qualify for this exam.

This test is a content-based test that will take one hour to complete. The Subject Test includes these subjects- History, Science, English, Mathematics, and Foreign Languages. Not all colleges take the subject test, it depends on college to college whether they take a subject test or not.

Join the best SAT coaching in Dehradun to get good study material to practice for the exam.

SAT Eligibility Criteria – Join the SAT Coaching

There are no specified eligibility criteria for SAT described by College Board. However, the ideal eligibility criteria to appear SAT is as given here.

  • The students must have aged between 17-18 years to get admission to a College Abroad.
  • The students of Higher Secondary can apply for SAT.
  • If a student is 12 years old or below this then he/she is allowed to register through mail only.
  • If a student is 13 years old or below this then he/she has to create a free College Board account to complete the Registration procedure for SAT.
  • As per the eligibility criteria of SAT, if a student is 21 years old or above this then he/she has to produce a photo ID proof issued by Govt. such as a Driving License and Passport etc.

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    SAT Exam Pattern – Join SAT Coaching

    • There will be three sections in the SAT- Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. In SAT Coaching in Dehradun, we cover every topic of each subject daily.
    • There will be an optional section named ‘Essay’. This section will have a long substantial passage and students have to make their own arguments referring to this passage.
    • The candidates can obtain the details of the examination pattern of SAT from the table given below.
    Sections No. of questions Score Range Duration of test
    Mathematics Total 57 questions
    (out of which calculator is allowed
    for 37 questions and for rest 20
    questions calculator is not allowed
    200-800 80 minutes
    Critical Reading 52 questions 200-800 65 minutes
    Writing Language 44 questions 200-800 (combined with
    reading section)
    35 minutes
    Essay (Optional section) One essay of 50 minutes Not scored 50 minutes
    Total Total of 154 questions 1600 3 hours (with 50 minutes
    for optional Essay section)

    Get SAT coaching in Dehradun to perform better in SAT exam next time.

    SAT Admission – Get SAT Coaching in Dehradun

    Whenever you prepare for any exam, you must collect information about the syllabus of that exam. It is essential to get proper guidelines for the preparation for an exam and so is for SAT. In this, the SAT coaching in Dehradun will help you a lot. The syllabus of SAT covers the topics which you have already studied in your school in 10th and 12th standard. Here is the syllabus for SAT that you can refer to to prepare for SAT examination. Start getting SAT coaching in Dehradun to qualify for the exam and get admission abroad.
    Mathematics has questions from these areas.

    • Algebra and functions with a duration of 25 minutes
    • Geometry and Statistics with a duration of 20 minutes
    • Probability and Data Analysis with a duration of 20 minutes

    Critical Reading

    The critical Reading section of SAT exam covers these topics.

    • Reading Comprehension with a duration of 25 minutes
    • Sentence Completion with a duration of 25 minutes
    • Paragraph-length critical reading with a duration of 20 minutes.

    At SAT Coaching in Dehradun, we work specifically on this portion of the exam to assure the final selection.

    Writing Language:

    Writing Languages contains questions from these topics.

    • Essay with a duration of 25 minutes
    • MCQ section with a duration of 25 minutes and 10 minutes

    Get admissions in the best SAT coaching in Dehradun to start preparing for the exam.

    How to Prepare for SAT? – Join the best SAT coaching in Dehradun

    • Go through the examination pattern and syllabus thoroughly before you start preparing for SAT.
    • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses to know where to focus more on improvement.
    • Focus on all the sections of SAT question paper equally to prepare and qualify SAT with good marks. If it seems to be not possible, then join SAT Coaching in Dehradun to get better results.
    • Learn simple and easy tricks to improve your speed for SAT exam.
    • Focus on improving your accuracy.
    • Practice more to get a good command of time-management by practicing more. You can practice previous year’s question papers to improve your time-management skills.
    • Join SAT coaching in Dehradun and get good study material to practice for SAT. Good study material is very important to prepare for any competitive exam like SAT.
    • Get feedback from your teacher on SAT coaching in Dehradun to improve your weaker areas.

    SAT Preparation FAQs

    Can I give SAT after class 12th?

    Yes, you can take SAT test after completing high school. SAT score is used for admission to undergraduate programs. You can take it either in class 11th or 12th or after completing high school. If you prepare for it well, then nothing can stop you from clearing it on your first attempt.

    How many subjects are there in SAT exam?

    There are 20 SAT subject tests in five general subject areas: English, history, languages, mathematics, and science. See the subjects. Each Subject Test is an hour long. They are all multiple-choice and scored on a 200–800 scale.

    At what age can I give the SAT exam?

    You can sit in SAT exam anytime between 17 to 19 years. You should opt for SAT coaching in Dehradun for at least 6 months before giving the exam.

    SAT score is valid for how many years?

    Though there is no validity period for SAT scores and it never expires, few of the colleges consider it for five years.

    For any other doubts, queries or discussions, talk to our experts. They will assist you with your every issue in seconds.


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