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Our Students Ace Doon School Entrance Exam with Confidence

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 9 Oct, 2023    2 min read

Students Shine Bright with Confidence in the Doon School Entrance Exam

[India, 1 October 2023] – In a remarkable turn of events, the recent Doon School entrance exam has left students of Truemaths brimming with confidence. With thorough preparation and unwavering dedication, students who enrolled in our program have managed to excel in the examination.

90% Syllabus Match

One of the most significant highlights of the Doon School entrance exam was the striking resemblance between the questions asked and the material our dedicated teachers had covered. A staggering 90% of the questions in the paper were directly aligned with the content taught by our educators. This synergy between the curriculum and the examination was a testament to the effectiveness of our teaching methodologies.

Mock Test Insight

Furthermore, students who took our mock tests found themselves exceptionally well-prepared for the real examination. One notable example was the English comprehension section, where the questions from the mock test were virtually identical to those featured in the final exam. This uncanny resemblance reflects the precision and accuracy with which our courses are designed to cater to the specific requirements of these prestigious boarding school entrance exams.

Student Confidence

The success of our students in the Doon School entrance exam underscores the confidence and competence they have gained through our programs. Many of them expressed their satisfaction with the preparation and the ease with which they tackled the examination. This achievement reaffirms our commitment to delivering quality education that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in such competitive environments.

The Future Beckons

With this recent triumph at the Doon School entrance exam, [Your EdTech Company Name] continues to make strides in the field of education. We remain dedicated to empowering our students and helping them achieve their dreams of gaining admission to esteemed international boarding schools.


    Parents Reviews

    Student Reviews

    In the beginning, when I came across The Doon School Entrance Exam coaching, I was not very sure about it. Later, when I read the testimonials and contacted these people in person. Then, I got the required trust. I started the classes with a firm belief and see, now I have cleared the exam. Thank you so much.

    doon school result

    Aayansh Pandey

    Doon School

    The day I was sitting in the examination hall and took the paper in my hand, I was surprised. Most of the questions, I have already studied while my preparation. Thanks to the Experts who with their sheer hard work have made my journey so smooth.

    Doon school result

    Hridit Rohit Surana

    Doon School

    It was my immense luck and fortune to get the coaching from Truemaths for the preparation of Welham Girls'. All the teachers leave no stone unturned to shape my future.

    Welham girls result


    Welham Girls' School

    Huge respect, love, and devotion to entire teachers, mentors, and experts for their blessings and hard work towards me. It's their efforts that make me to count myself into better professionals.

    the doon school result by truemaths

    Madhav Ramesh

    The Doon School

    Truemaths has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management, and team skills and to get the Final selection in The Doon School.

    Sahil Truemaths

    Sahil Patil

    St. George's School



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