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Maths Tuition in Dehradun


17 – A, Race Course, Near Guru Gobind Singh Chowk,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand,

Ph: +91 – 8477885599

Email: [email protected]

For any maths doubt relating to CBSE/ ICSE/IIT /Olympiads / Boarding School Preparation Exams, Go on to-

You can ask us all your doubts related to maths on Whatsapp on our phone number 8477885599. We guarantee to provide you with the solutions within 24 hours. These solutions help you understand NCERT based maths easily.

Link For Downloading our Android APP from The Google Play store

This app helps students to get our detailed videos in one place. Helping them to study in a very simple and straightforward way. This app also allows students to ask us their doubts relating to maths and their exam-preparation.

Youtube Channel from Truemaths

We provide free online classes every day on Youtube for our students and give them free NCERT Video maths solutions. This helps the students to understand the concepts of maths. We also help students understand how to apply these concepts in their daily life and while shopping and travelling. We also lay stress on Vedic Maths, Which increases the aptitude and general problem-solving ability of the students.

For more information about us and our Team, You can go on to the ABOUT US PAGE.

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    Learning Mathematics has never been easier. As you all know, at TrueMaths we teach students from class 6 - 12 in the subject of Maths. Our mission is to strengthen the weak fundamentals of students in order to get them rid of the fear of Maths. TrueMaths is the best on-line maths learning medium for students on a regular basis. What makes TrueMaths better – we understand a student’s psychology as their Teachers/Mentors. We are professional, supportive and friendly. Our methodology is scientifically proved and focuses on understanding of concepts. We offer a 3-Tier On-line Assessments and Tests, Free Video Courses and Guaranteed Improvement.

    Every child has vivid approach to solve a certain query and as a teacher it is best to evaluate to their approach of dealing with the problem instead of dominating them to solve their query in their style. It is always quite easy to learn through games and activities. We try to engage students in such activities and fabricate the school maths and english curriculum in an easy to understand and more interesting way. This would also help them have a better visualisation and grasp of verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

    Our aim is to help students have a distinct and well-defined character. This is done to help them crack admission in various International Boarding Schools such as The Doon School, Dehradun and Woodstock School, Mussoorie. We also aim to help students have a definitive persona and make them commendable young men and woman of aura.