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CBSE Sample paper for 10th class 2022-23: Download Sample Papers

By Truemaths Tech,    Last Updated 6 Jul, 2023    4 min read

CBSE Sample paper for 10th class 2022-23: Download Sample Papers

The CBSE sample paper for 10th class and marking scheme is available in PDF format on the CBSE website. The subject-specific CBSE sample paper for 10th class for 2022–23 are available for students to see and obtain directly from

CBSE sample paper for 10th class 2022-23: To give students a better understanding of the question paper, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) annually publishes sample question papers and the marking scheme for each subject. The CBSE sample paper for 10th class board exams has been released for the academic year 2022–2023 From the official websites, and, students can get the CBSE sample paper for 10th class 2022–2023.

The links below will take students to the Class 10 CBSE sample papers for 2022-23.

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CBSE 10th Latest Previous Question Papers 2023

The 10th Public Exam tests were administered by CBSE in July. Over 97,000 students registered for the public exam. Candidates who took the CBSE exams are looking for the Matriculation CBSE 10th IOP Previous Question Papers 2023. We are giving you the most recent details about CBSE 10th Model Question Papers 2023. This week, the CBSE will release the CBSE SSC Latest Previous Question Papers 2023. The CBSE sample paper for 10th class has already been released. The deadline for the CBSE SSC Latest Previous Question Papers PDF is August 6, 2023.

CBSE 10th Model Question Papers 2023

The CBSE abbreviation stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. It is a government department. It’s a board for secondary and higher secondary education. The CBSE offers a number of exams. Additionally, it makes available the tests’ cbse previous year question papers 2023. 

  • CBSE Sample Paper for 10th class
  • Run by: Central Board of Secondary Education
  • Exam Name: CBSE 10th Exams 2023
  • Category: Model Paper
  • Previous Question Papers 2023 PDF
  • Official website:

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How cbse sample paper for 10th class Can Help you Score More

It is time to answer sample questions when you have finished your course and revision. Let’s first define model papers before talking about how solving them can increase your score.

What is Sample Question Papers?

Sample papers are complete curriculum examinations that, in terms of question types and degree of difficulty, are identical to real examinations.

Who Creates Sample Papers?

Sample papers are also produced by the same exam board that administers your annual exam. It implies that sample papers and annual exam papers are both produced by the same authority.

How Sample Papers are created?

Model papers and annual exam papers are created using the same methodology. Both papers are written by the same team of specialists. One set of test questions, among many others, is published as a model paper, so to speak.

What does it suggest?

It implies that the sample paper and the actual question paper are exact replicas of one another, each with a distinct collection of questions but with the same type and degree of difficulty.

Why should you solve Sample Papers?

Now that this is understood, it is safe to assume that if you are doing a sample paper, you are also answering a collection of real exam questions. As a result, you should take it seriously and give your sample paper answers your all. 

Preparation Tips for CBSE Sample Paper for 10th class 2022-23

  • Try to respond to any prior or published exam sample paper in a test-like environment. To finish all the questions within the specified time limit, set up a clock and record yourself.
  • Avoid looking at the answers while completing the practice exam. Try each question first. Take a peek at the answers after you’ve finished the test on your own.
  • You must constantly be aware of the marks associated with the question. Avoid spending too much time on the brief questions.
  • In the unlikely event that the question requires you to create a table or graphic, do so and practice. Some students might have forgotten to do that and weren’t able to execute it perfectly on the test.
  • Review the written responses later and evaluate your performance. Find out where you are strong and weak.

CBSE Sample Papers for 10th Class Board Exams 2023

Truemaths offers students CBSE Sample Papers for 10th class to help them get ready for their final board examination. Our topic experts created these 10th sample papers in accordance with the most recent curriculum. The sample papers are all in PDF format, making it simple for students to download and use them for offline studying. For physics, chemistry, math, biology, English, Hindi, and other topics, these cbse sample papers for 10th class are given here.

One of the best tools for helping students study for exams is cbse sample papers for 10th class. These assist students in gaining significant experience prior to taking the final exam. Additionally, they will be able to assess their level of exam readiness. They can quiz themselves on all of these topics to gauge their understanding and gain assurance in their responses. If there are any inconsistencies in the written responses, they should concentrate more on those questions to ensure that there are no errors in the final paper. Additionally, they can mark their own responses as correct or incorrect.

Features of cbse sample papers for 10th class: The purpose of the CBSE Sample Papers is to satisfy all of the needs of students who are currently enrolled in classes and taking summative assessments (SA).

  • Specifically created using the most recent CBSE “Question Paper Design”
  • Over ten sample questions with answers that highlight key ideas in the context of exams.
  • CBSE has released the most recent 10th sample question paper (solved) and marking scheme.
  • Types of questions that the CBSE specifies for exam success.
  • answers from the CBSE marking scheme that include thorough justifications within the board-specified word limit for self-evaluation.


For the board classes 10th and 12th of the academic year 2022–23, CBSE has implemented a specific evaluation system due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In these circumstances, preparation for the board exams might be challenging, but thanks to TrueMaths’ CBSE Sample Paper for 10th class, learning the topic is made incredibly simple. By using the sample questions on, students may easily focus on important subjects like math, science, social science, English, Hindi, and others.


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