The Problem ?

There is no denying that Maths is undoubtedly one of the most important and widely studied subjects today. One can truly vow on this fact that no competitive exam of the present times, at any level excludes maths as a criterion of testing aptitude. It is also true that a large number of students across the World struggle to pass with flying colors in the subject. The root cause for this problem lies in the comprehension of fundamentals. Often, at school level the basics of a concept are not clear to students following which they cannot solve complex questions. Consequently, Arithmophobia or fear of maths keeps many students from achieving their desired results. It is with the solution to this problem that TrueMaths l with.

Why TrueMaths?

TrueMaths is created with the mission to strengthen the weak fundamentals of students in order to get them rid of the fear of maths. An analytical science, maths can be manipulated in various ways. TrueMaths seeks to bring a change in the way students learn mathematics. The conventional methods of mathematics taught at school level are lengthy and hence more susceptible to errors. Also they fail to prove useful in competitive exams where time saving tricks are needed. Hence TrueMaths comes up with a practical approach to maths different from its interpretation as mere formulas and theorems of the textbook. Maths is an everyday phenomena, and hence can be best learned through activities of routine life. Taking cue of the same, a thought process can be generated in brain which follows process of analytical thinking. Using unconventional techniques to explain a concept, the work of TrueMaths is to speed up the thought process of pupils while increasing their ability to grasp complex notions. This process is a sure method not only to improve their ability to analyse but also to score higher in all key areas of maths.

The Team 

Well-known mathematician Mr. Himanshu Goel is the visionary behind this concept. He has served as the Director of Options Coaching Academy, a dedicated institution for preparation of IBPS, SSC, PO and CDS examinations from 17 years. An ardent mathematics enthusiast, he believes that maths is beyond the axioms and formulas of textbooks. The right way to learn maths is through incidents of daily life. And this is what he seeks to impart to every young mind today. The first step towards change is awareness. And to promote this awareness, he has come up with this unique idea to introduce to students the non-conventional methods of learning maths. Over the years, he has trained many students to master the art of logical and analytical approaches to maths, many of whom are successful teachers today. He aspires to inculcate a practical approach of solving maths in every student through his methodology.

The knowledge imparted at TrueMaths is through teachers who have created a niche for themselves in the arena of maths. Since each child is different, so the criteria to teach each student will differ too. The medium of teaching is available both in English as well as Hindi. In the offline mode, a maximum of five students will be assigned to teacher whereby greater focus can be laid on each child.  TrueMaths endeavours to create a global approach, i.e., easy accessibility from any place in the world. For a student experiencing difficulty in maths in any part of the world, one may connect with TrueMaths online. TrueMaths would be glad to offer any kind of personalized assistance required.

How TrueMaths will help ?

TrueMaths will initially work by handpicking a significant number of weak pupils in maths from various schools and train them in any area of weakness of their choice. The training however, shall not be as per the conventional approaches of maths and will aim to develop an analytical and logical temper in students to perceive a given set of problems in alternative ways. It seeks to highlight various aspects of Vedic mathematics as well. Students may initially enroll in a week long paid demo class and see the results for themselves. The curriculum is set in a way that guarantees marked improvement in the demo class itself. Certified teachers who excel in the art of analytical maths shall be assigned to take up the problems of pupils. A teacher student ratio of 1:5 is taken to optimize troubleshooting to the maximum.

Our Team

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