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An Year of Achievement at TrueMaths Consultancy

An Year of Achievement at TrueMaths Consultancy

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A year of achievement at Truemaths

Truemaths is one of the best coaching centres for mathematics subject. Truemaths has always prepared its students to get good command over the fundamentals of mathematics. Mathematics is an important subject of our academics. This subject will be a part of your academics even if you are a student or preparing for competitive exams. This is the reason, Truemaths mainly focus on mathematics fundamentals. You always need to have good control in mathematics to get success in future grades.

Truemaths has a dedicated team of experienced teachers who are always keen to teach their students. Our teachers give their best to teach the students. Unfortunately, this year the teachers were not physically present to help the students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, they provided their guidance to the students through online classes. Despite providing online classes, everyone has to pay a lot during this COVID-19 situation. Students and teachers both have to face a big loss in studies. This is why Truemaths has open new coaching centres for the smooth study of the students without any hindrances.

New Centres of Truemaths

Truemaths is known for its quality education and teaching methodologies. Every year many students join Truemaths to improve their mathematics skills. Now, Truemaths have open new centres in different locations so that we can reach more and more students to help them in their studies. We have opened,

  • One new centre in Meerut
  • One new centre in Delhi
  • Three New centres in different locations in Dehradun
  • One new centre in Dubai

Truemaths want to reach the students beyond our country. As a result, we have inaugurated maths tuition in Dubai for mathematics coaching. The students who want to learn mathematics can join our new Truemathscentre in Dubai.

Join Truemaths for Boarding School Preparations

Truemaths is one of the best places for mathematics tuitions for sure but we also prepare the students for admissions at boarding school in Dehradun-Mussoorie. Dehradun is known as an education hub. There are many well-known boarding schools such as Welham Girls, The Doon School, Woodstock School, etc. These schools conduct entrance examinations to select the best candidates for admission. We prepare the students for the entrance examination by providing the best coaching such as the Doon school admission preparation.

Our mission is to strengthen the weak fundamentals of students in order to get them rid of the fear of Maths. TrueMaths is the best on-line maths learning medium for students on a regular basis as the classes are available 24 hrs. a day & seven days a week. You can access them any time & anywhere. Thus, we offer the best platform to share knowledge and everything about Maths.

Every year, many students appear for the entrance examination to get admission to these boarding schools. The qualifying entrance exam is the basic criteria of the boarding schools, hence the students need to perform quite well in the entrance test conducted by the schools. Those who want to get admission to such a big school can join the best maths tuition at Truemaths to prepare for the entrance examination.

We also have started preparing the students for half a dozen new international schools in India along with the boarding schools in Dehradun-Mussoorie. We have dedicated teaching staff who are experienced enough to teach the students for upcoming competitions in their academics. For more details and any further queries, you can visit our official website.

Truemaths Online Assistance for the Students

As you know that this year was very tough for every individual in all the fields, whether you are a student or an employee. Looking at the education scenario, it was a tough time for both students and the teachers to overcome the barriers in education caused due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, with everyone’s support and cooperation, we managed it with the help of online classes.

In the outbreak of COVID-19, everything went on digital and so did Truemaths. We tried all possible efforts to reach our students to help them in their studies. We have launched “Ask Truemaths” for the benefit of our students. Ask Truemaths is a forum that helps the students in solving their doubts and queries. You can get in touch with Truemaths at any point in time through Ask Truemaths whenever you feel you are stuck somewhere. Truemaths is always ready to help its students with an easy understanding of the subject, especially when you do not have your school teachers and tuition teachers with you.

Learning Mathematics has never been easier. As you all know, at TrueMaths we teach students from class 6 – 12 in the subject of Maths ONLINE. Our mission is to strengthen the weak fundamentals of students in order to get them rid of the fear of Maths. TrueMaths is the best on-line maths learning medium for students on a regular basis as the classes are available 24 hrs. a day & seven days a week. You can access them any time & anywhere.

What is the goal of Truemaths next year?

Truemaths do not want to get restricted into Dehradun only, rather we are planning to spread our wings in the other cities, other states, and even other countries as well. We have already started providing eleven plus examination preparation in the United Kingdom. We are successfully running various coaching centres in Dehradun and other cities like maths tuition in Meerut & Delhi as well. Apart from this, we have started providing maths tuition in Dubai.

Well, this is not the end of our journey. We are planning to go beyond these achievements. Truemaths is planning a little bigger, to have the best maths tuition in all the metropolitan cities of India like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. Truemaths is also approaching to start maths tuition for almost all the international schools of India like we provide tuitions for Welham girls school admission, Woodstock school coaching, etc.

Talking about the future goals of Truemaths coaching academy, it also includes a couple of tuition centres in the middle-east and one in the UK. The ultimate goal of the academy is to reach almost every student in India and beyond the country also to understand their weaknesses to provide them with a good scope of improvement. We want to make a better tomorrow to have a better future for the world.

How to get in touch with Truemaths Coaching Academy?

We have got great success this year in teaching our students through online mode. We have touched 90k subscribers on youtube and hoping to get more than 1 lakhs next year. Our youtube achievement itself tells the success story of Truemaths coaching academy. Every year many students join our coaching centre to get the best education, even this year also we have many students who have joined the academy.

What makes TrueMaths better

we understand a student’s psychology and as such our teachers are mentors as well. We are professional, supportive & friendly. Our methodology is scientifically proved & focuses on an understanding of concepts, we offer 3-Tier On-line Assessments & Tests, Free Video Courses & Guaranteed Improvement.

Hope all of you will keep holding us to high standards. Stay tuned as a part of the TrueMaths family. Visit us at and subscribe for free Maths Courses. We also provide the facility of Free Consultation at home.

Truemaths coaching academy has given many precious years in teaching the students for various entrance examinations and many different grades of different schools. If you want to join the academy then you can contact us on these details.


17 – A, Race Course, Near Guru Gobind Singh Chowk,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand,

Ph: +91 – 8477885599

Email: [email protected]

For any maths doubt relating to CBSE/ ICSE/IIT /Olympiads / Boarding School Preparation Exams, Go on to-

You can also ask us your doubts related to maths on Whatsapp. We guarantee to provide you with the solutions within 24 hours.

For Downloading our Android APP from The Google Play store

This app helps students to get our detailed videos in one place. Helping them to study in a very simple and straightforward way. This app also allows students to ask us their doubts relating to maths and their exam-preparation.

Youtube Channel from Truemaths

We provide free online classes every day on Youtube for our students and give them free NCERT Video maths solutions. This helps the students to understand the concepts of maths. We also help students understand how to apply these concepts in their daily life and while shopping and travelling.


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