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Frequently Asked Questions

You can schedule by first creating a timeline. Mark the chapters you don't understand and cross out the ones you do. Sit down to study and start reviewing the chapters you are already familiar with. After that, go to Truemaths.com to obtain chapter-by-chapter answers to the challenging subjects. Once you've read through all the chapters, sit down with the example exam questions from this page, solve them, and then compare your answers to the ones given. You can effectively prepare for maths in class 10 by doing this frequently.

Sample papers are a great resource for studying for board exams. It aids in enough practice as well as helps pupils assess their own exam readiness. One's chances of performing well on the board exam increase with the amount of practice one receives. The ability to quickly solve questions that are asked in papers like mathematics is also improved by using sample papers. Students will also gain an understanding of the paper's level of difficulty with the aid of example papers. So solving practise exams helps with excellent exam preparation.

If a student has a solid understanding of the subject, obtaining a perfect score on the Class 10 Math exam is not that challenging. Regular practice is necessary for the topic of mathematics. It is possible if a student puts in the necessary practice and develops a firm understanding of the NCERT textbook. But doing this calls for dedication and effort. Students who want to do well on the math test should practice by working through sample papers and previous year's test questions as well as using some other reference materials. Don't skimp on the practise if getting a perfect score in math is your goal.

Not sure. It's really difficult, as Sample Papers are for practice and analysis of your performance. These are not meant for studying and rote learning. The actual exam will have a different set of questions with the same difficulty level. So, study from NCERT books and check your performance with sample papers. Now analyze the outcomes and focus on your weak areas. You will definitely score good marks in your class 10 board exams.

The entire curriculum is covered by the new CBSE class 10 exam pattern, which will be used in 2022–2023. There is only one exam per year, and terms 1 and 2 are not included. Prepare for your tests while keeping in mind that you must complete the entire syllabus and show up for just one annual exam in 2023.

You cannot say it is easy or hard. But it will moderate with all types of questions. For example, class 10 maths will carry 54% easy questions. 24% of application-based questions have a moderate difficulty level and 22% of analyzing-type questions have a bit difficult questions.