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TrueMaths-Best Institute for Eleven Plus Examination

TrueMaths-Best Institute for Eleven Plus Examination

Eleven-Plus Examination

The Eleven Plus Examination is a selective type of entrance examination for admission to the secondary school. This result of this examination is used by several state-funded grammar schools as well as few private schools to admit the best academically-able children.

Students usually take up this exam towards the end of their 5th year of primary school or towards the beginning of their 6th year.

Subjects under the 11 Plus Exam

The structure and focus on content for the examination varies from one country to the other, but it assesses the following four subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning

Some are asking, “Are 11 plus exams cancelled for 2021?”. Well, we do not have an official answer ready for that. If you are wondering how long are 11 plus exams, they last between 45-60 minutes.

Is it compulsory to take this examination?

No, absolutely not. The Eleven-plus exam is not a compulsory examination. It depends upon the child or the guardian if they want to take up the test. This test is ONLY IF YOU WANT TO APPLY FOR A GRAMMAR SCHOOL.

Timeline of the Eleven-plus exam 2021

Timeline of eleven plus exam 2021 is as follows-

  1. September 2020: Generally, this is the time for the parents to make a list of grammar schools they want their wards to study in. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to visit each of the listed schools with the children. It is important for the student as well as the parent to like the school since it is the children who have to spend most of their time in the school learning new things. Hence, it is important for the children to like the environment and faculty they are going to be with for a long time.
  2. April 2021: This is when the registration for eleven plus 2021 will take place. The Eleven-plus exam registration 2021 will begin in April or May. Usually, most grammar schools start the registration process in April or May and the registrations are closed between June and July. Hence, it is vital that parents keep a regular tab on the website for further information regarding the registration procedure. This is because several schools have their own dates of registration (both opening and closing dates differ), though the months for when to apply for 11 plus exam 2021 are constant.
  3. September 2021: Are you wondering, when is the 11 plus examination 2021? Well, most grammar schools conduct the 11+ examination in the month of September. This is the time when 11 plus examsare taken. Ideally, the first two weeks of September is when 11 plus exams 2021 will be held. However, we advise patents to check individual schools for the exact date.
  4. October 2021: This is when 11 plus exam results are declared. For most of the grammar schools, the results are published in the middle of October 2021.
  5. March 2022: The allocations of school will be declared on 1st March 2022.
  6. September 2022: New session for the 7th year begins in each of the grammar schools.

Eleven-plus examination preparation

Are you wondering about the eleven plus examination preparation? No more. We have come up with certain points you should focus on, other than getting admitted to a coaching institute.

  • Success in any examination is mostly dependent on how well the student is prepared, mentally, academically, and strategically.
  • This could mean several things. It could be that the student should start preparing from his or her 4th year. It could also mean getting well educated about exam techniques, like solving the paper in time, etc, from the 5th year (since the exam is on the 6th year). 
  • Creating and maintaining a proper time-table for studying and a daily routine to follow. This includes leading a disciplined life, too.
  • We highly recommended the student or the guardian to create eleven plus examination preparation routine. This will ensure that the child is sufficiently prepared for the upcoming examinations.
  • By the time, the students reach the end of the preparatory phase they should be able to judge their strengths and weakness. They should be able to prioritize and target some important topics (which are covered by the expert team of TrueMaths). They should be able to effectively concentrate and solve papers. 
  • Another preparation tip is scheduling the exam timing and practicing developing more exam skills that are required to pass any examination.

General Tips

Below are a few eleven plus exam tips

  • Do not overload children with theoretical knowledge. Help them develop other skills too.
  • Focus on increasing the attention span of children.
  • Parents should promote active revision since it is one of the best ways to learn. The parents should arrange for past year papers or plenty of sample question papers of the exam. In this case, we at TrueMaths will take off that burden from you and do it ourselves.
  • Creating mind maps is another great way to boost preparation. There could mind maps on separate topics or on a complete chapter.

TrueMaths- Best Coaching Centre for Eleven Plus Examination

We, at TrueMaths, concentrate on covering all the areas of the Eleven-plus examination. The areas include subjects like English, Reasoning, especially Mathematics. Our team of skilled tutors will assess the weaknesses of each student under each of these subjects. The Eleven-plus exam consists of four different subject papers and each of them carry high importance. Therefore, we at TrueMaths understand this and thrive to succeed in effectively tutoring your ward.

Here, at the TrueMaths, we first try to know our students better. We assess their strengths and weakness on a particular topic or the entire subject. Our experienced teachers concentrate on building a new foundation of learning skills on their pre-existing knowledge. This helps them understand and in turn, they become an individual with desired traits for being suitable as one of the best academically advanced students for the grammar school. Our teachers stresson our students gaining in-depth knowledge, sound mind, developing rational and logical thinking.

The later helps in the exam for the verbal and non-verbal reasoning parts. The TrueMaths tutors abide by the 11+ Maths Curriculum and teach students how to study maths for the eleven plus exam. We give extra effort on tricky portions like Fractions and Decimals. In English too, our experienced teachers take regular spelling and comprehension tests. They assess students by conversing in English that helps them develop communicative skills. Along with that, we at TrueMaths create a revision schedule for the examination. We work out which topics a particular child needs more time to work on.

The teachers are highly experienced and have an idea of the selection procedure. They have learned this by virtue of all the time spent tutoring various sorts of students to pass this examination and other ones. The administrative team of tutors in TrueMaths takes the pain to carefully understand each student and the amount of pressure they can sustain in order to achieve the goal.

The motto of TrueMaths is to ease the path of the students to achieve success in getting admitted to the best grammar school. Our teachers’ vivid experience and wisdom help in bringing out the best in our students. We are equipped with all the required facilities to provide the students with a comfortable and conducive environment.

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