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COVID-19 Precautions Taken in Top Boarding Schools of India

COVID-19 Precautions Taken in Top Boarding Schools of India

The top boarding school provides a sanitized environment for the student. The campus and the hostel building of the Schools are sanitized once a day. Every classroom, laboratory, and mess has a Sensitization Machine for all students. Due to Covid 19, They are arranging all of the classrooms with only 20 students in each to facilitate social distancing. They provide a tiny bottle of sanitizer for students and teachers to sensitize themselves before eating and after blowing their nose. To maintain a safe distance from students and teachers during interactions, They establish a one-meter guideline for everyone.

Let’s Discuss the Covid 19 precaution in top boarding schools of India.

Covid 19 precaution in The Doon School

Hand Wash: They have advised all students to wash their hands with soap in a timely manner. The administration recommended all students wash their hands, even if they seem to be clean. Every restroom on campus contains a hand sanitizer and a hand wash.

Sanitization: The Doon school administration gave each student a small sanitizer bottle and advised them to keep it with them at all times. Sanitizer is available in restrooms and public spaces throughout the campus. They use a sensitization machine to sanitize all of the hostel buildings including the dining hall on a regular basis.

Face Mask: In the Doon, schools to help stop the virus from spreading, all adults and children over the age of 12 wear face masks that cover their nose and mouth. Because face masks are comfortable to wear and are effective and safe to wear for long periods of time, such as in the classroom.

covid precaution at the doon school

Physical Distancing: They make sure that the students remain at least 3 feet apart from each student while also wearing face masks at school. Teachers and staff also talk to the student about maintaining a 6 feet distance. To maintain physical distance, they’re using outdoor spaces and unused spaces for classes and dining.

Classroom Routines:

  • They are adopting Block scheduling classes for all of the students because of Covid.
  • They have made it possible for students to eat lunch at their desks or in their hostel rather than in packed lunchrooms.
  • After each class, they always remember to sanitise the classroom.

Covid 19 precaution in Mayo School

Safe Distancing: Steps to promote social separation in Mayo school during Covid 19 have included:

  • Instruction, lunches, and recess are held outside.
  • The desks are evenly spaced and aligned.
  • They make sure student interaction is limited.
  • To keep educators and students separate, They use physical barriers like plexiglass shields and partitions.
  • During the period of Covid19, all unescorted outings are canceled for all students.
  • Under the supervision of the staff and nurse, They take temperature for all students on a daily basis.

Face Mask: They advise students to wash their hands before and after handling his or her mask. There is strict Instruction for every student to never share masks with others. They provide and stressed the importance of wearing a face mask and model to all students and staff.

Quarantine Room: They are providing a quarantine Room for any student who has symptoms and cannot leave the hostel immediately. A resident doctor and staff have been assigned to the quarantine room specifically to monitor the students. Students with illness/symptoms can take complete rest at the quarantine room.

Sanitization: In the Mayo School to help stop the virus from spreading, all the campus and hostel are sensitized twice a day. They use sanitization equipment to protect every student’s hostel room and classroom.

Wellness Centre: The Wellness Center provides health services to all of the School’s students. There are always helpful and dedicated staff members available for students, along with a full-time resident doctor.

Covid 19 precaution in The Welham School

Hand Wash: In compliance with COVID-19 prevention protocols, the Welham Schools have several hand wash basins located throughout the campus. They provide handwashing stations at all campus entry points. Every restroom on campus has a hand wash and an automatic hand sanitizer. Because the management at Welham School advises all students and staff to wash their hands often, even if they appear to be clean.

Ultra-Violet Sanitization Room: They have Ultra-Violet Sanitization facility for laundry. There are a number of microphobe ultraviolet sanitizer machines on Ultra-Violet Sanitization Room that kills 99.9% of mould, germs, and viruses.

Social Distancing: To establish social distance among students, They place social distancing marks on walkways. They make sure that each student is at least 3 feet away from the other. To create social separation, They are using outside places for instruction and meals.

covid precaution at welham school

Sanitization: Covid 19 messages are displayed on posters throughout school to create awareness among all students. All students on campus have access to a sanitizer machine, which is located at each access point. Every day, the entire campus and hostel are sanitized.

Testing & temperature checks: They take students’ temperatures at school and in the hostel on a regular basis under the supervision of staff. If a student has a temperature of 100.4 degrees F or above, or if they show any signs of illness, the resident doctor will monitor their health.

Covid 19 precaution in The Scindia School

Safe Distancing: The dormitories, classrooms, and lunch rooms at the Scindia school have been redesigned to follow COVID protocol. SOP’s have been put in place to avoid close physical interaction, for example, split in morning assemblies, extended meal timings, split classrooms and a ban of all contact sports. There is an exhaustive list of daily SOPs are also put in place which included all washrooms and touch points such as desks, doorknobs, taps, floors, and switches, which is sanitized 3-5 times a day.

Quarantine Room: Students who are sick or have symptoms can relax in the quarantine room. The resident doctor and team monitor the student’s temperature on a daily basis and provide medical care.

Sanitization and Handwash: All washrooms and contact points such as desks, doorknobs, taps, floors, and switches are cleaned 3-5 times per day, according to a detailed list of daily SOPs. A sufficient number of soap dispensers and handwashing equipment have been put around the campus. They are also monitored personal cleanliness, ensuring intake of healthy environment.

covid precaution at the scindia school

Nutrition: The Scindia school provides a nutritional diet for each student, ensuring that they consume a balanced diet and closely monitoring the quality and hygiene of every meals. The Housekeeping Supervisor ensures that the cafeteria/canteen is clean at all times.

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