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Career Consultant

Choose The Right Career With an Experienced and best Career Counselor in Dehradun


The procedure of understanding a student’s state of mind & confusion about his career and giving him a solution is Career Counseling because Truemaths is the best Career Counselor in Dehradun. There are many areas where the best career Counselor in Dehradun can help you such as less concentration, time management, problems between a student and his parents about career selection etc. In short, a career consultant is a person who guides you to achieve success in your career. He will show you the right path and you need to follow his suggestion to choose the right career

A good Career Counselor or Education Counselor is a good listener, a keen observer, an efficient solution provider. An Education Consultant also has enough knowledge of different fields to provide proper guidance in making the decision to choose the right school, college or course for you. The Education Counselor will put you across many opportunities so that you can choose the suitable one for you. Working with an experienced career counsellor, the student and his family have the chance to explore numerous career options by discussing the possibilities of each career opportunity individually.

career counselor in dehradun

Best Career Counselor centre in Dehradun

Dehradun is an education hub and every year thousands of students get admission in different schools, colleges and courses. Now there are so many career opportunities available in the different field. Sometimes students get confused in choosing the right career option for them, they want guidance to show the right path. Specially, after clearing 10th and 12th standard examination, the students face these difficulties. If you are searching for an experienced career counsellor in Dehradun then contact “Truemaths” located in Dehradun. Truemaths is one of the best Career Counselor in Dehradun for a career . Truemaths always welcomes those students who have passed 10th or 12th standard examination and now unable to make a decision which course or college they should apply for.

At truemaths, you will get well qualified education consultants to help you out. The consultants will have the knowledge of various fields so that they can guide you in a proper field you are interested. In general terms Counseling means discussion and for Career Counseling also there will be a detailed discussion between a student and the Education Consultant. This discussion includes every important aspect of a student’s life, academics, career goals etc. Hence, the environment for Career Consultation should be quite safe and secure. At truemaths, you will get a complete secure atmosphere so that you can discuss anything related to career counseling without any hesitation. This type of comfortable environment at truemaths will boost you with a confidence that you can share anything what is required for deciding the best career option for you.


The most important thing needed in career counseling is the ‘trust’. We cannot show trust at one go until we feel comfortable and secure. At Truemaths, the Career Counselor are very responsible and efficient with their work. First of all, they take time to make a good relationship with the student so that he can trust him to discuss all the aspects related to career counseling. After trust building, the Career Counselor in Dehradun at Truemaths will evaluate the skills, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, personality etc. of a student to analyze the best career option for him.


Most of the students who look for Career Counselor in Dehradun are those who have passed 10th and 12th standard examination. However, people also hire Career Consultants after Bachelor’s degree or Post-Graduate degree but at Secondary and Higher Secondary level have its own importance. 10th & 12th standards are like pillars in our career, it helps to construct our future. At this stage whatever you choose will go a long way with you, so you need proper guidance to choose the right option. Hence, the meritorious and ambitious students should approach Truemaths, Dehradun to shape their future as they want with correct guidelines.

Why Career Counselor is important today as compare to last decade?

The time is moving really on a very fast pace that even people do not have enough time to think about the peaceful mind. And so is the case with career selection. The students are so confused in making a decision for their career in today’s competitive world that they are not able to find out the right option for them. Every day there is an introduction of new technology and new career opportunities which is creating the mess in students’ mind. This is why you need an expert advice and should hire an experienced Education Consultant.

The Education Consultant will not do the spoon feeding rather he will show you all the situations and the opportunities that are suitable for your education background, aptitude and personality. If you are hiring an Education Consultant then you should not choose any random career option. You should do a complete analysis on all the options available and select the best out of them that meet your expectations and desire. Always have faith in your Career Counselor in Dehradun and listen to him properly. It does not mean that you should trust him blindly even if you have some confusion. Always be comfortable to discuss on any point required for Career Counseling decision making.


Myths about career counseling

Career counseling has gained popularity as the competition level has hiked a lot but still, people have some myths about career consulting. People need to understand the actual meaning and the responsibilities of Career Consultation. You cannot mix-match Career Counseling with something else. Many of us still think career counseling in a different way.


  • Career Counseling is not a procedure that provides you prompt outcomes. It is a long-term procedure that need complete dedication and time of a student.
  • Career Counseling is not a service that gives you assurance to get admission in the best school, college or offers job in any company in future.
  • Career Counseling does not work on trial & error process rather it’s a procedure that helps students on the basis of science and methodological facts.
  • Career Counseling is not just an advice, it is a process that helps you to choose the best career option on the basis of your skills and abilities.

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We, as mentors understand the psychology of students. So, our methodology is designed in such a way that it is scientifically proven and focuses on the understanding of concepts. We offer 3-Tier online assessments and tests, free video courses, and guaranteed improvement.

Every child has a vivid approach to solve a certain query and as an educator, the best is to evaluate their approach of dealing with the problem instead of dominating them to solve the query our way.
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We aim to help students to have a distinct and well-defined character and personality. This helps students to crack entrance exams of various boarding schools and Sainik schools. And at the same time, excel in their academic curriculum. We try to become a helping hand to students to have a definitive persona and to make them commendable young men and women of aura.


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